mapreriteward: it's *one* spam email?  No need to be so triggered :)00:04
maprerithe only criteria mailman uses to identify poster is the From address, which as you surely know is easily forged…00:05
tewardmapreri: masquerading as the list itself to bypass the moderation00:05
tewardso ye a little concerned00:05
mapreriand since before my time as list admin there is a whitelist for '^(.*)ubuntu.com' ; I'll add a @ so that particular address is not allowed anymore00:06
maprerinormally the list address itself is not special cased in any way for mailman, it's an address like any other00:06
tewardah.  well i am gonna go take a nap - my "too awakeness" has worn off and i need a nap00:07
mapreriwhat annoys me the most is that removing mails from the mailman archive is a PITA, I don't know if IS wants to do that…00:07
arraybolt3bdmurray: I noticed that the Ubuntu Studio Kinetic broadcom driver bug got marked Fix Committed (back from Fix Released), and that the version of the package where the bug was fixed is somehow in -proposed. I thought certainly it had migrated to -release. Did something happen that somehow kicked it out of -release and back into -proposed?00:10
arraybolt3Er... no, wrong link00:10
arraybolt3^ right link00:10
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Launchpad bug 1993370 in software-properties (Ubuntu) "Cannot install proprietary Broadcom WiFi drivers on Ubuntu Studio Kinetic" [High, Fix Committed]00:10
bdmurrayThe bug bot marked it as Fix Released although it really made it into Lunar around the time of archive opening00:12
arraybolt3Oh, I get it. OK, I guess I'll verify it.00:12
vpa1977Hi, would it be possible to retry a couple of regressions for java-common, it is failing on old version of pgpainless and we have a newer version in lunar that does not fail: https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/request.cgi?release=lunar&arch=amd64&package=pgpainless&trigger=java-common%2F0.7400:31
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MarkPruett91Do you need sponsorship for a SRU? Or do I simply open a bug report with the diff file on the package I'm patching?02:55
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nteodosiotsimonq2, added the diff for Lunar for bug 1993191 if you would like to sponsor it. (:11:05
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Bug 1993191 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu Kinetic) "apport hook that collects snap's information is outdated" [Medium, In Progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/199319111:05
tsimonq2nteodosio: Hey! Sure, I'd be happy to sponsor a Lunar diff for you :) I'm also seeing diffs for a couple of stable releases, if you fill out the bug description to match the SRU guidelines I can review/sponsor those as well!15:02
mdeslaurSkuggen: good morning! Any news on a fix for the issue? There are more details in the bug15:04
tsimonq2In other news, the sponsorship queue is now back down to August 2022 levels. Should be slightly less daunting for other patch pilots ;)15:04
nteodosiotsimonq2, thank you! I've already updated the description to the SRU shape.15:05
tsimonq2rbasak: OOC, does the sponsorship report still run on a 12.04 server? Are there any plans to upgrade that any time soon?15:05
tsimonq2nteodosio: Sweet, I'll look in a few, thanks!15:06
rbasaktsimonq2: I'm not sure, but someone has to test ESM :-)15:22
tsimonq2Fair enough, I guess :)15:27
Skuggenmdeslaur: No, sorry. The initial fix was quick because it was easy to identify with the error message. I didn't see the added comments, though, so that might help15:54
mdeslaurSkuggen: ok, this is a pretty serious regression for users, could you please let me know if there is any progress?16:01
SkuggenYeah, will do16:18
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mdeslaurSkuggen: thanks!16:26
ogayotCan somebody trigger this autopkgtest for me please? I'd appreciate it!18:49
MacSlowGreetings everybody!19:13
MacSlowhey sarnold19:17
dbungertogayot: clicked19:18
ogayotdbungert: thank you!19:18
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MacSlowanyone present who has an all-amd laptop with working amd-sfh-hid (gyro/accelerometer)?19:33
blackboxswseb128: it looks like update-manager SRU upload got accepted into -proposed a few minutes ago related https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/1990450.  I heard this may be priority but it loooks like sil-2100 already let into -proposed. Was there anything else critical expected on this SRU review today? It looks like it needs SRU verification performed etc.20:05
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Launchpad bug 1990450 in update-manager (Ubuntu Xenial) "Show potential Ubuntu Pro updates" [Medium, New]20:05
blackboxswwrong channel20:05
coreycbSkuggen: I added the strace requested by Jan to the mysql bug20:14
Skuggencoreycb: I saw, thanks! Since he's struggling a bit to reproduce, do you have any references we could use to reproduce the setup, config, etc?20:16
coreycbSkuggen: would config files be useful?20:19
coreycbSkuggen: ok I'll attach them to the bug20:21
SkuggenGreat, thanks.20:27
coreycbSkuggen: I added some. please let me know if anything else would be useful.20:31
SkuggenWill do. If we can reproduce from that, I guess we'll need to try to more fully recreate the setup20:33
MacSlowok, bbl folks20:37
liushuyuHi there, I am having trouble issuing the retry command for the autopkgtest for the package tryton-modules-account-payment-clearing. The system said I don't have the permission to use the service21:01
jawn-smithliushuyu: You need to have upload rights for the package that you are testing in order to start the tests21:06
jawn-smithBy that logic any core dev can trigger any test for you21:06
jawn-smithIf you link the test here I can restart it for you21:06
liushuyujawn-smith: https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/tryton-modules-account-payment-clearing21:09
jawn-smithliushuyu: hmm this appears to only be failing on i386, right?21:11
jawn-smithWhat's the reason you want the test restarted? I don't see it blocking anything in the excuses report21:11
liushuyujawn-smith: That's my assigned proposed-migration last week. And yes, it was only failing on i386.21:12
jawn-smithWell it looks like that's resolved itself then, likely due to a migration-reference/0 test21:13
jawn-smithIf you look at the excuses report for foundations:21:14
jawn-smithYou'll see that setuptools is no longer blocked on that package21:14
liushuyujawn-smith: That's why I was asking that question today morning in the meeting because I did not find it on the update_excuses page21:14
jawn-smithFor further information, a migration-reference/0 test determines if the package's tests are failing regardless of any new packages. If it's regressed as a baseline, it won't block other packages from migrating21:15
jawn-smithI must have misunderstood your question in the meeting this morning, sorry about that!21:15
liushuyujawn-smith: No worries! I probably did not phrase the question clear enough. I will try to word the questions better in the future21:16
coreycbSkuggen: I've added some recreate steps to the bug22:00

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