haxnokI wonder what's the most used linux distribution in japan, for desktop computing, not servers.00:53
haxnokMacs are so popular nowdays, maybe there are many macs users ofc, and i'm surprise they don't have their own operating system, you know japan OS or whatnot, since they were so active in electronics and IC computer development with all the arcade machines of the 80s 90s the NEC, then all the consoles...00:55
JanCthere are Japanese operating systems, of course, but mostly for embedded & such02:14
JanCe.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ITRON_project02:23
oerheksi vote against the ney UI02:34
JanCthe new skin is about what the French Wikipedia has used for years really02:35
JanCyou can also change the theme when you login02:37
lotuspsychjegood morning02:39
JanCoerheks: try https://en.wikipedia.org/?useskin=vector02:42
JanChm, seems liek it forgets that as you browse on02:42
sarnoldI was hoping for CRT green02:43
JanCbut ?useskin=vector added to a page shows it using the old skin02:43
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ducassegood morning07:35
Eickmeyerleftyfb: If I see you discriminating based on someone's client of choice (Matrix in this case) I'm going to punt you to the moon.15:53
EickmeyerThat's 100% against CoC and you know it.15:53
leftyfbEickmeyer: it's an IRC channel. I'll read messages posted there and help when I can read the messages. I'm not about to click on a link to finish reading messages that get arbitrarily truncated15:55
Eickmeyerleftyfb: I. Don't. Care.15:56
EickmeyerThey don't know it's getting truncated on their end.15:57
EickmeyerSo how would you feel?15:57
leftyfbthen the matrix bridge needs to be fixed as it's a poor experience for both the user and the people reading their messages15:58
leftyfbI should not have posted that in the channel15:59
leftyfbthat was a poor gut reaction on my part15:59
leftyfbbut that doesn't take away from the fact that the matrix bridge is a very broken experience for all and should be resolved15:59
EickmeyerRegardless, being friendly trumps everything, and doing a poor job of that is bad.16:00
sarnoldEickmeyer: I think it's very friendly to tell matrix users that irc users aren't going to read their messages18:25
Eickmeyersarnold: Maybe, but it was the way it was said.18:26
sarnoldEickmeyer: ah, okay18:26
charafau[m]hi! Was told that discussions are happening here, so I joined22:42
Jeremy31Sometimes that is true22:42

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