habyshey folks, if I'm adding a local repo key via the `user-data` file, it seems to put the keys in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg, which breaks running `apt update` with `curtin in-target`. Is this a known issue?00:29
habysseems like the work around is to add the keys manually and not use the `sources: source/key' section of `user-data`00:30
habysjust curious if anyone else is running into this00:30
habysoh hey, I just saw there is a #cloud-init channel, I'm going to ask there, maybe that channel is a better match00:43
sarnoldthis isn't a wrong place, but perhaps it'll be less likely to be overlooked there, yeah00:47
habysI'm still trying to figure out the parts of the installer, so thanks for patience. I've gotta set up network booting for jammy server and desktop.00:50
habysI've got server pretty well handled, just trying to clean up some rough edges, desktop.. I'm trying to just use my same server ipxe config but install the `ubuntu-desktop` package at the end.. Not sure if that's crazy, but anyone has a better idea, I'd be much obliged00:51
sarnoldalas I've done very little install automation :(01:00
habysno worries, I'm reading examples, and code, and slowly making progress01:12
habysI did see most people are using NFS to set up desktop, and I'm going to avoid it if I can01:12
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alkisghabys: not sure I understood correctly, but if you're looking to netboot ubuntu server/desktop (not just the installer), have a look at ltsp.org05:20
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habysI have a server that allows machines to install ubuntu over the network. I was able to get ubuntu-server working pretty well with some rough edges, but I am failing to make a pxe target that installs ubuntu-desktop.11:24
habysIn the process of getting a working network install target of ubuntu-desktop my biggest hurdle is when there is an issue with my `user-data` file, the installer will crash. I will see this: https://termbin.com/rgfj and when I read the extremely long error log (in this case: /var/crash/167...install_fail.crash) it appears to provide no insight into what caused the install to crash.11:26
Guest3335Hello. Does somebody know: how to move data folder in wasabi wallet? I want to keep my wallets on SSD. I use Ubuntu 22.04.01 LTS. Wasabi for Ubuntu11:58
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tomreynGuest3335: that's a desktop application from what i read - then #ubuntu would be the better place to ask. but you'll probably be better off asking at https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/discussions/categories/support13:19
tomreynor here https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/discussions/518513:20
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Liver_KWhy isn't the bug report platform in the topic here?16:15
ograLiver_K, the "bugreport platform" is: "ubuntu-bug <packagename>"  in all *buntus ...16:30
Liver_KI was taking about launchpad16:33
ograthat is where ubuntu-bug ends up filing your bug ... 16:34
Liver_KBut you can also report them right on launchpad right?18:53
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Odd_Blokeubuntu-advantage-client is giving me a conffile prompt on upgrade because I opted out of the apt spam it produces. >.<20:09
-ubottu:#ubuntu-server- Launchpad bug 2003977 in ubuntu-advantage-tools (Ubuntu) "Disabling apt spam results in a conffile prompt on upgrade" [Undecided, New]20:19
Odd_BlokeNothing says "buy our trustworthy support" like breaking people's upgrades to troll /r/linux.20:25
ograthe diff doesnt really look like it is the prompt switch alone causing the conffile prompt though ... 20:27
sarnoldI haven't actually looked at this package yet, but the Usual Pattern is to check an md5sum of a config file and if it's different, prompt about it; otherwise just replace it20:30
sarnoldso all the spelling changes and line reorders and so on might not have been a big deal for the people who left it alone20:31
sarnoldbut if you do change the file, now you get all the random housekeeping changes to deal with, too20:31
Odd_BlokeYeah, you can't infer that it would or wouldn't have been a clean upgrade from that diff.20:33
JanCthere are ways to fix that with extra files for local overrides, of course...20:34
JanC(or just make the package removable, as suggested...)20:35
sarnoldI'm sure i suggest The Systemd Config File Layout to someone every three months, give or take :)20:35
sarnoldfor as much as I grumble about systemd, some things are just worth the complexity20:35
JanCthere are many ways to do it really: include something in /etc/default/, have a /etc/*.d/ config directory, etc.20:36
JanCor have the default config somewhere under /usr/20:37
JanCall of them depend on having multiple files  :)20:40
JanCin theory you could probably use 1 file and some more intelligent way to compare/merge them than an md5 sum & replace  :)20:41
JanC& replace-the-whole-file20:41

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