arraybolt3Currently tackling libfm-qt
arraybolt3Whoa, here's a curveball. libfm-qt is no longer LGPL-2.1+, but now LGPL-2.1.02:22
arraybolt3Wonder how that applies to things.02:23
arraybolt3Nope, I was wrong, I read the diff too fast.02:23
arraybolt3(I misread a - line followed by a + line as being two - lines :P)02:23
arraybolt3tsimonq2: I assume we're going to want these point releases to be uploaded to the Backports PPA? Also, do we need to do some no-change rebuilds in there once the transitions finish?04:34
arraybolt3*point releases of LXQ04:36
* arraybolt3 can' ttpye04:36
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arraybolt3In case no one's seen the scam/spam yet, ^15:26
arraybolt3@kc2bez, @teward001: ^15:26
arraybolt3(Sorry to not have finished libfm-qt yesterday - my Internet went unstable in the middle of the process and then I lost connection entirely.)15:27
arraybolt3blah why did my build barf on symbols when I did a local sbuild and then just work when I uploaded to the PPA :(15:30
arraybolt3Oh, weird, it gave a warning and gave me the new symbols, but didn't error out? *shrug* whatever, at least I got the data I needed.15:31
tsimonq2<arraybolt3> "Simon Quigley: I assume we're..." <- Yes please :)16:30
tsimonq2Ideally we'd have a Britney instance up so we could tell for sure...16:30
tsimonq2But yes you'll likely need some NCRs16:31
tsimonq2<arraybolt3> "Oh, weird, it gave a warning and..." <- libfm-qt is expected to fail symbols due to my lxqt-b-t upload :)16:34
arraybolt3tsimonq2: Un... is that in -release yet, or only in -proposed?16:36
tsimonq2¯\_(ツ)_/¯ looking16:36
arraybolt3Because if it's just in -proposed, we should probably NCR the whole stack **BEFORE** I upload libfm-qt, since I don't think my PPA will pick up -proposed.16:36
arraybolt3Transition fun!16:37
arraybolt3Hmm... OK. Then I guess it will just be the libfm-qt transition to deal with.16:37
arraybolt3Though that probably won't be that much of a transition because symbols were *added* but not removed.16:37
tsimonq2(Which will be extremely trivial ;) )16:37
arraybolt3It might not even trigger a transition at all, guess we're about to find out.16:37
tsimonq2Well, some standard C++ symbols will hide from you too16:37
tsimonq2Given we completely switched standards lol16:38
arraybolt3Anyway, still getting a riscv64 build to happen.16:38
arraybolt3grr... apt-cacher-ng has broken again16:40
tsimonq2teward: ^^ I say it's about time We buy a Lubuntu riscv64 porterbox :P16:41
arraybolt3tsimonq2: OK so this is weird. When I do a local sbuild, dpkg-gensymbols gripes about a TON of changed symbols.16:43
arraybolt3And it fails the build.16:43
arraybolt3But in the PPA? No such failures.16:43
tewardi assume you know where we can get one that won't break the bank?  We haven't had enough donations recently to even cover the costs of the OVH box, so I'm paying for that mostly out of pocket at the moment (but since I have a few services running there in the shadows doing nothing malicious at all except status checking a few things and yelling at a teams channel for me when services are down).16:43
tsimonq2Very good question 16:43
arraybolt3Compare https://dpaste.com/9CV26FZNW with https://dpaste.com/4F2HTX4MG16:44
tewardarraybolt3: any chance your sbuild envs are out of date or you're crossbuilding instead of native building?16:44
arraybolt3envs out of date, probably not, it updates on build.16:44
arraybolt3Crossbuilding, no way.16:44
arraybolt3amd64 build on an x86_64 machine.16:44
tewardsource / repo?16:44
tewardso i can toss *my* sbuild at it16:45
arraybolt3lunar-amd64 with libfm-qt-1.2.116:45
arraybolt3(I use the shm setup, so I'm doing "sbuild -d lunar-amd64-shm".16:45
tewardah i don't that may affect it16:45
arraybolt3wrt the riscv64 build, perhaps a StarFive VisionFive 2 board would work?16:45
arraybolt3It's a cheapo SBC with 4 GB RAM for the less expensive variant.16:45
arraybolt3We probably only need to be able to do one build at a time on it, and it's almost certainly lightyears faster than the emulators we're using.16:46
* arraybolt3 tries the build without shm16:46
arraybolt3tsimonq2: Facepalm, I know why the build isn't failing in the PPA.16:47
arraybolt3I have an old lxqt-build-tools upload in the same PPA.16:47
arraybolt3It's probably picking that up rather than the one in the archive.16:47
* arraybolt3 deletes, changes the version number, and uploads again16:47
arraybolt3Actually I'm just gonna flush the whole PPA and make a new one.16:48
tewardarraybolt3: you or Simon want to front the $$$ to place the preorder?  It's a kickstarter project and 4GB might not be enough for larger builds16:52
tewardnor do I have a riscv image i can install xD16:52
tewardarraybolt3: is libfm-qt-1.2.1 on our gitea or do you want me to pull from debian or such :P16:54
tewarderr: i'm lazy16:54
arraybolt3No need, I found the problem probably.16:56
arraybolt3teward: I might be able to do that, but due to not being able to send money (I don't have a phone or PayPal account), I would need to buy it myself off Amazon or whatnot and then host it locally where I'm at (or possibly try and mail it to you).16:57
tewardi have to invoice Simon for his stuff this year, he probably won't mind the extra $99 added to the invoice xD16:57
tewardnow, here's a consideration:16:58
teward" Ubuntu will be released later."16:58
arraybolt3Also I don't think they have an Ubuntu image for that board, they do have a Debian image though.16:58
tewardso nothing will be supported until October16:58
arraybolt3(I figured if I bought it myself, I'd throw their build of Debian on and then try and get an Ubuntu schroot on it or whatever.)16:58
arraybolt3But that might not work.16:58
tewardi mean i don't care either way xD16:59
tewardjust want to make sure it's paid for16:59
tewardand nothing happens until next paycheck :p16:59
arraybolt3(This was just a random idea I had, it's not that it's necessarily a *good* idea for the record :D)16:59
arraybolt3Aaaaaand... here come the PPA build failures. Perfect.17:03
arraybolt3Aaaaaand... my RISC-V box doesn't have sbuild. Not perfect.17:04
arraybolt3tsimonq2: I'm guessing one of us should NCR the entire LXQt stack in Ubuntu so that the new lxqt-build-tools takes effect?17:20
arraybolt3I think that's what you said in the MR.17:22
tsimonq2I did as a test in a PPA18:10
tsimonq2But there is no ABI dependency 18:10
arraybolt3libfm-qt RISC-V64 build underway! \o/18:34
arraybolt3Woot, build finished :D19:21
arraybolt3Symbols updated, final build and then it will be time to push to the archive and to Git.19:32
tsimonq2Sweet :D19:37
arraybolt3tsimonq2: Alright, symbols done, time for upload.21:29
arraybolt3(They sure are time-consuming to fight with, but no longer as tricky as before.)21:29
arraybolt3I might should wait for LP to come up first though :P21:30
arraybolt3Oh, it's up! \o/21:30
arraybolt3Bah, I forgot to check Lintian. Better do that...21:34
arraybolt3Then upload. Before I make a boffo that I hear about for the rest of the month.21:34
arraybolt3tsimonq2: Does this upload warrant a soname bump, since some symbols were removed as a result of the lxqt-build-tools change?21:38
tsimonq2Not in this case, but all reverse-dependencies should be NCR'ed21:40
arraybolt3So lximage-qt, lxqt-archiver, pcmanfm-qt, and xdg-desktop-portal-lxqt. Easy.21:42
arraybolt3Pushing the NCR versions to Git early so I don't forget that and I can just go through and upload everything as soon as I can.21:47
arraybolt3Gonna try to lump the rebuild of pcmanfm-qt into the version update :D21:52
arraybolt3Alright, ready to build like a madman once libfm-qt is all the way in -proposed. Here's hoping that doesn't take long.22:04
arraybolt3Builders are being nice today :)22:05
lubot[telegram] <lynorian> ncr means no change rebuild right22:06
tsimonq2yep :)22:09
tsimonq2also \o/22:10
arraybolt3Well, crud, the build succeeded but the package isn't migrating to the mirrors yet :(22:48
arraybolt3I'm tempted to just upload as-is and hope it works but for pcmanfm-qt that's probably a bad idea.22:48
arraybolt3Hey, it's migrated!22:53
arraybolt3And we are done! All four rdepends of libfm-qt have been uploaded. and pcmanfm-qt is now version
arraybolt3tsimonq2: Tar. xdg-desktop-portal-lxqt isn't in the Lubuntu packageset. Mind sponsoring real quick? It's in Gitea.23:07
arraybolt3(I'll ask for it to be added to the packageset next week so I can upload.)23:08
arraybolt3^ @ any other MOTUs or core devs who happen to be in here, maybe Eickmeyer can lend a hand here since I don't have upload rights23:08
arraybolt3Or teward, if he's willing to not toss me into a chasm of fire for pinging him.23:13
EickmeyerERR:OutOfOffice atm23:16

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