charafau[m]Is there a plan to make Ubuntu submit 2023?14:41
FallenYes, absoluntely. We'll be announcing the dates soon :)14:42
charafau[m]Is country decided yet?14:46
arraybolt3[m]Fallen, ilvipero, aaronprisk: wrt flavor sync meeting, it looks like my @ubuntu.com email is giving me grief trying to look at the Google Docs or the Google Meet thingy (I was trying to leave any needed notes and now realize I can't). My Google account is bound to an @gmail.com address. Any chance someone could make that work right?16:21
arraybolt3[m]I probably should have made sure this all worked a week ago but :-/16:23
aaronprisk[m]jose: would you be able to change an event details on the UbuntuOnAir Calendar?18:47
joseaaronprisk[m]: I can try, what's up18:47
aaronprisk[m]Would you be able to move today's Indaba start time to 4:00PM EST?18:48
josewhat's that in UTC?18:49
aaronprisk[m]I believe that would be 9:00PM UTC18:49
aaronprisk[m]You rock! Thank you!18:55

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