schopinI have src:rustc blocked in -proposed due to "old binaries left" from the previous version. Is there something I can do for myself in that case, or should I just ping the AA in #-release to remove the old binaries?08:51
schopinAFAIK there shouldn't be any rdeps on the obsolete package.08:52
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zhsjLocutusOfBorg: i see you merged dpkg 1.21.19, which includes my fix in upstream. you seem to miss cleaning up one small hunk. in scripts/Dpkg/Vendor/Ubuntu.pm %default_feature var is not used anymore, can be removed. (doesn't cause any problem, could be queue in your next upload)16:21
zhsjand for the changelog, why there are still 3 items for lto? i think we only have lto-disabled-list which is not in upstream?16:23
LocutusOfBorgwill maybe reupload now, or in a ppa16:29
LocutusOfBorgzhsj, please have a look at 1.21.19ubuntu216:36
zhsjLocutusOfBorg: yay, you're really quick16:40
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MacSlowGreetings everybody!17:08
mdeslaurSkuggen: hi! I think coreycb provided the info you needed in the bug...has there been any progress today?17:46
mdeslaurSkuggen: is there a public oracle bug for this issue?17:56
coreycbmdeslaur: can you remind me what the revert error was for downgrading from 8.0.32 to 8.0.31? it seems that people are working around this by downgrading so maybe that is the better approach here since everything is blocked anyways.19:22
mdeslaurcoreycb: we can't revert https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-8.0/+bug/2003835/comments/2319:22
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Launchpad bug 2003835 in mysql-8.0 (Ubuntu Lunar) "pymysql.err.OperationalError: caching sha2: Unknown packet for public key: b'-'" [Critical, Confirmed]19:22
mdeslaurcoreycb: people can revert the mysql-router package, that works19:23
coreycbmdeslaur: is that a test we can skip?19:23
mdeslaurI don't know if there are actual changes that are made to the db when you upgrade or not19:24
coreycbmdeslaur: ok so that is actually an error on start of mysqld service I assume19:25
mdeslaurcoreycb: yes, it gives that error for each database you have (I only put one in the bug)19:25
arraybolt3Well the log bot just came back so something good may have happened.20:58
coreycbmdeslaur: Skuggen: I was thinking of reverting any new patches in 8.0.32 that hit the router directory but there are 91 patches. I can't think of any other options.21:06
eestarraybolt3: btw, regarding the WWN-disk stuff, it turns out there is a patch in the works: https://code.launchpad.net/~mwhudson/curtin/+git/curtin/+merge/41570021:12
Skuggencoreycb: It's a pain, but it should still be doable even though there are a lot of them?21:17
coreycbSkuggen: maybe.. i'm looking through them to see if there is shared code with other parts of mysql21:18
SkuggenI'll float the idea upstream, too. If this becomes more drawn-out to figure out and fix, maybe we can narrow it down to fewer changes (and also get more info on whether they're independent of server code)21:24
arraybolt3eest: Oh, very nice!21:27
coreycbSkuggen: yes I'd be interested in how independent the code in the router directory is. thank you.21:37

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