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alkisgI wanted to try out lxd for chroot management. Did I understand correctly that it won't be available as a .deb anymore, and it'll be snap-only?06:16
rbox"chroot management"?06:20
alkisgrbox: yeh, to create chroots, then to install programs on them etc06:21
rboxwhat do you need lxd for that?06:21
alkisgHow can you create an alpine chroot in fedora?06:22
alkisgI'm very open to alternatives... but usually that means a pre-packaged image to be downloaded, and then the chroot command can be used to maintain it, although it'll need some cgroup handling to function properly06:22
alkisg...and mkosi doesn't seem mature and cross-distro enough yet...06:25
silv3r_m00n2hi there, i booted into ubuntu on this laptop after about a month and all my google chrome tabs and sessions are gone completely, i cant seem to recover it anyway. looks like chrome has delete old session files, is there a way to recover those files ?07:50
ducassealkisg: lxd is snap only now, yes08:04
alkisgThank you ducasse (sorry to hear that though :/)08:05
ducasseyeah, so was i :(08:05
alkisgI'll give mkosi another shot08:06
ducassealkisg: there's also lxc-utils, and systemd containers08:07
alkisgCan they download images from https://images.linuxcontainers.org ?08:08
alkisgAh, it says "In LXC, this image server can be used by selecting the "lxc-download" template. "08:10
alkisgHopefully lxc-utils won't be snap-only... trying...08:10
ducassei still have a few lxc containers i haven't migrated, it works fine08:11
hiyaHow to share VPN connection over Wifi on GNU/Linux? When using the same wifi adapter to access Internet?08:28
ChunkyzMorning all ❣️❤️08:52
riley_server testing09:15
maveWell, security updates behind a paywall...09:21
mavetime to phase out Ubuntu09:21
mavehad fun since hoary hedgehog, but this is unacceptable09:23
ChunkyzHe left. 😂09:29
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meiwhat updates?10:42
meii'm running LTS free10:42
Znevnaso I'm not the only one that finds that a little annoying10:45
ravagelimiting access to any security update is just wrong10:45
meiwhat's going on10:46
ograpro is free ...10:46
ogra(unless you are a big commercial company)10:46
Znevnanotifying users of that could've been done in a less annoying way I'm sure :p10:47
meii don't even know what this ubuntu pro thing is10:47
ograwell, these are updates you would normally not get at all ...10:47
meii'm running ubuntu server lts10:47
meihow does that affect me?10:47
ravagelibopenexr25 is a dep for gimp10:48
ograif you are using unsupported universe packages in your setup and want to opt in for security updates for these (for which canonical makes big companies pay) you can have them for free ...10:48
ravageso im pretty sure a lot of people will see this10:49
meiit seems to me10:51
meithat lts in the first 5 years include it?10:51
meihttps://ubuntu.com/pro it does a comparsion where LTS has 5 years, and Pro has 10 years10:52
amcsidoes anyone know a good screenshot taking application with which with PrintScreen I can capture a screenshot, and it does both without any confirmation windows: 1) save it to a file 2) copy it to the clipboard10:52
meii will update each new lts so i don't think im involved10:52
meihttps://ubuntu.com/pricing/pro it's free only on desktop if "infra-only" dunno what that means10:55
ogramei, univers is completely unsupported by canonical .. that packages you see being updateable would not have had any security fixes before pro existed10:55
meithey would be fixed by the community (?)10:55
meiif you use universe, you know already that it's community based10:56
meipro is going to patch security of community packages?10:56
ograright, except that the community fixes were a really rare occasion10:56
ogranow they are a regular thing offered by canonical10:57
meii wonder how they can support only security10:57
meibut generally not the package10:57
meiso if you have a bug, ask the community10:57
meiif you have security bug, we deal with it10:57
meiseems weird10:57
meithey basically pick the community package and apply some patches?10:58
ograyes, the security fixes are backported ...10:58
meibackported from where?10:58
meiif the packages exist only only in universe10:58
ograupstream, CVEs, wheerver a security patch gets offered10:58
meiand how they will manage10:59
meiif an universe package get updated10:59
meiby the mantainer?10:59
meithey build a new patch on it?10:59
meii just don't understand this overlay10:59
ogranah ... LTS packages do not get updated10:59
meisince is conflictual10:59
meii see10:59
meinot ven in the first 5 years?10:59
meii didn't know that10:59
ogra(they never did, there are special occasions, but they are rare)10:59
meiso what11:00
mei"maintenance updates" are? vs "security updates"11:00
meiby updated by a maintainer11:00
ograthis is the only way to get a package in an LTS updated11:00
meii mean that they fix a bug11:00
meinot a new version11:00
meilet me see11:00
ograa fix for a certain security hole gets backported but the package does not get updated otherwise11:01
meithis seems weird11:01
meii thought universe could patch security11:01
meiso you can update a package if 1. security 2. severe regression 3. loss of user data 4. let work with current protocols11:03
meidoesn't that apply to universe?11:03
ograit does11:03
meiso what happens if11:03
meipro add a fix for security11:03
meiand after in universe a package11:04
meiget an update by idk 4. reason11:04
ograbut if nobody does it, such a rule is pointless11:04
meithey conclift11:04
ograhow would it conflict ?11:04
meiso the mantainer11:04
meiget their package updated by canoninal11:04
meiand after that11:04
ograto add such a patch it needs to be uploaded to te archive by a maintainer11:04
meithe package is again their?11:04
meiso how canonical11:04
meican patch universe?11:04
meiif it require the maintainer?11:04
ograthe archive checks if a newer or same version exists and will refuse the upload11:05
meiso you are saying that11:05
meithe mantainer will have to patch11:05
meithe patched version11:05
ograwhat do you mean by "the maintainer" ?11:05
meiokay i see11:05
meithe one in charge of the package in universe11:05
meior the community not sure11:05
ograwho would that be ?11:05
meii have no idea11:05
ograthere are no dedicated maintainers in ubuntu11:05
ograthe majority pf packages is team maintained11:06
ograi.e. for universe this is the MOTU ... or a dedicated team for a set of packages (imagine the lubuntu team caring for all LXQT packages)11:07
meiokay so my question is11:07
meilet's say ubuntu pro patch a package security11:07
meiafter MOTU need to update the package11:07
meifor one of the allowed reason11:07
squarecirclesarnold: hey, it works quite good actually, crypting an nbd device11:08
meithey need to start from the updated package11:08
meimade by canonical?11:08
ograthen this would be coordnated beween the two teams11:08
meiokay it's a lil weird11:08
ograthat teams communicate ?11:08
meisure but11:08
meiyou don't expectd11:08
meia "community" team11:08
meito be fast as a paid11:08
meipro team11:08
meiso communication can be slow11:09
meii expect canonical to be able to push security fixes11:09
meion their own11:09
ograthat will happen11:09
meiso its' the community side11:09
meithat when have to update an updated package11:09
meihave to deal with security pro team?11:09
ograi'd guess so ... time will tell ... the process is still new i guess11:10
ograbut it will surely work out11:10
meiwhat does it mean free for11:10
ograpoint is, before you had no security updates at all for these packages, now you do11:10
meiogra: based on the rules of the page you linked, community could be patching security....11:11
ograinfra is a certain set of packages (i.e. not desktop) .... i think that is described on the pro page11:11
meiso well11:11
ograubuntu.com/pro ...11:11
meiit's not free11:11
meiit's only paid11:11
meithe rant by the user was about a lib11:11
meiused by gimp right?11:11
meithey have to pay for that fix11:11
meiif the lib is not infra-only11:12
ograhuh ?11:12
meiThe following security updates require Ubuntu Pro with 'esm-apps' enabled:11:12
mei  libopenexr2511:12
ograif you sign up for pro, this costs you nothing unless you are a big commercial company11:12
meisomeone answered that it was free11:12
meiwhere is this explained?11:12
ograit then gives you access to the security fixes in universe11:13
meihttps://ubuntu.com/pricing/pro i see only paid versions here11:13
ograubuntu.com/pro ... "free for personal use" ...11:13
meidifferent page11:14
ogra5 machines for anyone ... 50 machines for ubuntu community members11:14
meigot it11:14
meiwell we don't know if the one ranting had a 5 machines situation though :)11:14
ograwell, i doubt it 🙂11:15
ograbut we cant ask anymore anyway11:15
meimany things are anyway installed by upstream repositories...11:16
meiexample docker... nodejs...11:16
meii wonder what situation11:16
meirequire universe11:16
ograheh, i use snaps for all of these11:16
meisnaps are by upstream?11:16
meiflatpak should11:16
meioh okay11:16
ZnevnaI doubt that anyone's first thought while reading that message when doing updates will be "hey lemme see if it's free for personal use"11:18
ogranodejs surely is .. and thanks to snaps you can have ten different node vrsions in parallel (or 100 ... though i doubt anyone would need that 🙂 )11:18
ograZnevna, file a bug t improve the message11:18
meiyeah it's a weird message11:18
meii think most of desktop users11:18
meiwill wonder what is pro11:18
Znevnaogra: easier to search on how can you make it go away11:19
ograwell, if you prefer ...11:19
meiit seems a message made to push subscriptions to me11:19
ZnevnaI don't like extra useless lines in my terminal11:19
meieven if it's free11:20
meii wonder how many will not like to "register" and "login"11:20
meito get updates11:20
meiit requires ubuntu one account11:20
ograreally up to them11:20
ograyou can always ignore the message ... or find some tutorial to disable it11:21
meiit's hard to figure out what is happening11:21
ograafter all is *is* a paid service ... but fairly paid by the companies that can affrod it ... to give it freely to people that can not11:21
meiyou get that message open that page11:21
meiand what?11:21
meii would not really figure out the meaning11:21
meiit's a bit complex11:22
meialthough, if you see the message, i think you are using the terminal?11:22
meimaybe through ui you won't11:22
ograagain, file bugs ...11:22
meiso maybe it's not really pushed to consumers11:22
ograubuntu-bug ubuntu-advantage-tools11:22
ogra... is the command you need ...11:22
meiit's fine11:23
meii just dont use universe11:23
meinot involved by that11:23
Znevnathe only bug I'd report is that you can't remove it without also removing ubuntu-desktop11:24
Znevnawhich I kinda need11:24
ograonly when doing release->new-realese updates11:25
ograubuntu-desktop is just a meta package ... you can always uninstall it11:25
ogra(just make sure to re-install it before going to the next LTS)11:25
meiwhat's the difference between pro, related to main, and ESM?11:29
meithey seems to cover the same11:29
ograesm is pro11:30
ogra(or rather esm is part of pro)11:31
meiapt update already tell you how to disable it guys11:40
mei"Use 'pro config set apt_news=false' to hide this and future APT news"11:40
meiyou didn't see it!?11:40
meiapt upgrade*11:41
ogramei, that only disables the "news"11:42
ograi.e. that specific message11:43
meii think it's good they let you know11:46
meiyou have security bugs11:46
meieven if it's paid11:46
meiit's a nice allert11:46
meiwithout a message you would just not know about it11:47
meiwich is the worst situation11:47
keiserrHello, I am experiencing a weird problem in ubuntu form 20.04 to now 22.04. my left click button was not working, unless i kill X and launch again, mouse works for like 2 minutes then left click stops working, sometimes when i move the pointer, it is selecting stuffs on my desktop. I thought i would upgrade to 22.04 yesterday to hopefully fix this, but still no fix, now i am on wayland, still same issue. be it touchpad or mouse, both are acting weird. Any12:44
meii'd try to add a new user and see if you have the same issue with it12:49
ravagecould also be a hardware problem12:51
keiserrthe same mouse works on a different ubuntu 20.04, no issues there.though on that one i did not apply any updates other than just security updates12:56
ice9in 22.10: "Dark"  style is selected, however backgrounds and menus are still on the "default" style; if I switched "color", they become "dark" and then reset after relogin or sometime; any idea?12:58
keiserri shifted form wayland to x, the issue is still present.13:08
ograwell, start with creating a fresh testuser (you can delete it afterwards again) to see if some old/broken setting might be the cause of it ...13:11
ograif you ruled that out i'd leave a terminal open on the desktop and run "jounralctl -f" in it so that you can see if there are any odd log messages exatctly at the time this happens ...13:14
keiserrrebooted and logged back in as the new testmouse user, left click still does not work. I say this error with journalctl -f: "/usr/libexec/gdm-x-session[1609]: (II) event7 - TP PS/2 IBMTrackPoint: Enabling button debouncing, see https://wayland.freedesktop.org/libinput/doc/1.20.0/button-debouncing.html for details"13:27
keiserrthough i have typed this error as i can't copy paste13:28
keiserri will be going through that doc and still nothing, then i will check back here13:28
ograkeiserr, i guess that page isnt helpful to work around the issue (you should file a bug as it suggests though) ... see https://askubuntu.com/a/1201038 for a workaround13:34
BluesKajHi all13:44
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throwthecheeseHow do I get Ubuntu to detect my ES8336 audio card?14:17
lotuspsychj3throwthecheese: ubuntu should load modules for hardware automatic at boot, if not check on your dmesg14:18
throwthecheeseI had to reinstall Ubuntu as I had to reinstall Windows and my previous Ubuntu partition got shredded in the process14:18
throwthecheeseI upgraded my kernel to 6.1-rc1 (stock kernel doesn't have complete support for my device) and grabbed the relevant firmware from here: https://github.com/yangxiaohua2009/custom-kernel, but I get a dummy input in my audio settings14:20
lotuspsychj3throwthecheese: stock kernel of wich ubuntu release is not picking it up?14:22
throwthecheeseI checked my dmesg and I found something about the respective tplg not being loaded14:22
throwthecheese22.04 for your last question14:23
WaVDid you upgrade the kernel because of the audio card or because your hardware is newer?14:26
throwthecheeseI upgraded my kernel to get my tablet stylus work as intended14:27
WaVOk did it work in another kernel?14:27
WaVthe audio that is14:27
throwthecheeseI managed to get audio working after installing 6.1-rc1 and changing a configuration but this was before my Ubuntu partition was destroyed14:29
WaVDid you run the shell script that came in that repository that you linked that installs firmware/tplg and ucm?14:30
throwthecheeseI could get my device detected under a previous kernel version but I couldn't get playback working back then14:31
throwthecheeseAnd yes, I did run the shell script14:31
lotuspsychj3throwthecheese: did you file a bug on the stock kernel yet?14:33
WaVI'm not sure. Maybe pastebin the output of dmesg and paste a link here and someone can help walk you through the next steps towards resolution.14:33
throwthecheeseI followed this guide before gaining knowledge of the new kernel that supposedly has full support for ES8336: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:Vj58wxd7aR8J:https://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2022/07/fix-no-sound-issue-ubuntu-22-04-essx8336/&cd=1&hl=hu&ct=clnk&gl=hu&client=ubuntu14:33
throwthecheeseFor clarification, I'm on 6.1-rc1 at this moment14:36
throwthecheesePlayback did work under this kernel14:37
lotuspsychj3throwthecheese: there seems to be a bug on https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=21511914:37
-ubottu:#ubuntu- bugzilla.kernel.org bug 215119 in Drivers "ES8336 and AMD Renoir: no sound from speakers/jack" [High, New]14:37
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throwthecheeseTried to disable pulseaudio (as I have pipewire installed) but my audio hardware still doesn't get detected14:43
lotuspsychj3throwthecheese: another idea could be testing a higher kernel or ubuntu release as a test, see if your audio gets picked up there14:44
lotuspsychj3throwthecheese: unless you already tryed a 5.19 kernel?14:45
throwthecheesePoint is that I could get it work on my previous installation and I can't quite remember how I did it14:45
lotuspsychj3throwthecheese: well, your device should work out of the box, if not i would file a bug about it and work from there as base14:46
lotuspsychj3throwthecheese: once your bug exist, you can start testing with kernels and !mainline kernels14:46
throwthecheeseIt didn't work out of the box when I first installed Ubuntu on this device14:50
lotuspsychj3throwthecheese: you could boot back into your kernel that came with your install, then file a bug; ubuntu-bug linux14:51
throwthecheeseHowever, I could get my device detected on my previous installation14:52
lotuspsychj3throwthecheese: previous install wich ubuntu release/kernel?14:54
throwthecheeseNow that I had to start over from square one, I can't even get rid of the dummy output issue14:54
throwthecheeseWith stock kernel14:54
lotuspsychj3throwthecheese: if 22.04 was your previous working install, wich release is your current broken install?14:55
throwthecheeseAlso 22.0414:56
lotuspsychj3throwthecheese: you just mean its not working on kernel 6.1-rc1 then?14:56
throwthecheeseI already had 6.1-rc1 installed when I finally got playback working on my previous installation14:57
throwthecheeseSwitched back to my stock kernel; still have the dummy input issue15:02
squarecircleOk. stupid question: why can I access my vdisk, if I attach it via virt-manager (GUI) but it fails, if I do `virsh attach-disk <stuff>`?15:03
lotuspsychj3throwthecheese: ok, create your bug from there with; ubuntu-bug linux15:04
WaVthrowthecheese: file a bug as per lotuspsychj3 suggestion15:04
squarecircleIf I attach it via virsh, it only shows as 1.1GB, if I do it via GUI, I can access the whole 1000GB15:04
squarecircleis there a way, that I can see, which command virt-manager sends to the vhost?15:06
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ChunkyzAfternoon all ❣️❤️17:02
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p3limhi, I'm trying to give a different group access to libvirt, but I'm having trouble getting the polkit to work out, this is my current rule: https://pastebin.com/LKryrqVM17:40
alocerAnyone knows where can i get my hands on Lunar testing iso?17:40
alocerp3lim: appologies for my newb question. but should you limit the access to command itself and not he libvirt?17:41
alocerWaV: Thanks17:42
p3limalocer: I'm not intending for the group to use `virsh` locally on the machine, they'd use virt-manager on their workstation over ssh17:42
p3limwhich is why I need to use polkit, otherwise it'd be a sudo rule17:42
p3limand no, adding every single user to the libvirt group is not ok17:43
WaValocer: Np. If you have other support questions, I encourage you to join #ubuntu-next.17:43
WaV(for lunar support specifically)17:44
alocerp3lim: i don't have the answer to your problem but lets say that virsh command has the permission of '0777' how can polkit prevent it from execution? so they are always running virsh behind sudo or else polkit is pointless! did i understand correctly?17:48
zasalamelpruzenn tap in your keyboard [sudo==restart==main==serverX==youtube.com==server==last==save]17:55
zasalamelpruzenn you install in your game some game cheats17:59
arraybolt3zasalamel: Excuse me?17:59
zasalamelpruzeen tap with your keyboard [ inode==scan==your==(conputer==name)]18:12
arraybolt3zasalamel: Do you have an Ubuntu support question?18:13
zasalamelpruzenntap with your keyboard [ inode==erase==all==virus]18:13
arraybolt3zasalamel: Please stop.18:13
tesseractguys, ubuntu officially supports for universe repo now?18:39
tesseract"Every Ubuntu LTS release comes with 5 years of free security patching for Ubuntu main, the primary repository for the Ubuntu OS. With Ubuntu Pro that support is expanded to 10 years and now covers Ubuntu Universe which includes over 23,000 software packages."18:40
tesseractin ubuntu blog18:40
tesseractwas it supporting universe repo before in first 5 years?18:40
tesseractas far as i remember they weren't18:40
tesseractanyone has knowledge about this?18:41
Sarkozigostaria de saber qual o canal oficial do linux mint18:41
tesseractso, for example VLC will get security updates for 10 years?18:41
tomreyn!mint | Sarkozi18:41
ubottuSarkozi: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official !flavors. Derivatives and other distributions use different software repositories and other software. Please use their dedicated support venues, such as: Linux Mint: #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org, Pop!_OS: https://support.system76.com/ , Kali Linux: #kali-linux on irc.oftc.net, LXLE: https://lxle.net/support-options/18:41
tomreyntesseract: i don't know what you are referring to, using URLs can help18:42
tomreyntesseract: there is https://ubuntu.com/pro18:42
tesseracttomreyn: https://ubuntu.com/blog/ubuntu-pro-enhanced-security-and-manageability-for-linux-desktop18:42
tesseracttomreyn: were ubuntu supporting officially universe repo before?18:43
tomreynuniverse previously depended on commnuity support. there was the occasional security patch by the ubuntu security team18:44
tesseracttomreyn: so, now fully supported? when did it happen?18:44
tomreynnow, as ubuntu pro was updated, as you can read on the page i posted, there is free "best effort" support for "Over 23,000 packages in Ubuntu Universe repository"18:44
tesseract"best effort" kills the hype i guess18:45
tomreyni'd say "best effort" and "fully supported" are not the same thing18:45
arraybolt3tesseract: Also important to note that 23,000 packages in Universe is not the same as "the entirety of Universe".18:47
tesseracti see18:47
arraybolt3It's definitely a very good new feature, though.18:47
jhutchinsp3lim: How many systems do you know of that are actually multi-user systems?19:36
WaVIts required to have Ubuntu Pro now for security updates? Will they eventually be phased in if Pro is not enabled?19:39
tomreynthere's no change to security updates in main/restricted19:40
Habbiesecurity updates are never phased, as far as i know19:41
WaVI see. I was just notified of a package I installed from the universe repository that has an available security update. It is only available with Ubuntu Pro though.19:42
arraybolt3WaV: The Main and Restricted repos always have (and to my awareness always will) get reliable security updates. Universe packages have only gotten what the community could do, which hasn't been much in some instances.19:43
arraybolt3Ubuntu Pro fixes that for a lot of the packages (though not all).19:43
Macwinnerhi, I was wondering what the default 'sysctl net.core.default_qdisc'  and 'sysctl net.ipv4.tcp_congestion_control' are on ubuntu 22.04 servers.  They have been modified by our ansible build script on production servers. just trying to see what they would normally be.20:25
ravagestart a VM and see for yourself20:28
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burton`Has anybody in here had any success with Live Build (lb) to build a custom installable ISO for Ubuntu?21:23
burton`I've been trying for weeks but it always seems to fail in some way or another.  I can get it to work on Debian, but I need an ubuntu image.21:23
kikkomanLate good evening.21:28
kikkomanSo. I'm about to ask something, that has most likely been asked a thousand or more times..  The stuttering on Ubuntu 22.04, Windows stuttering while dragging them, CPU spiking, System dead hanging on simple renders, to the point, where i have to hard shutdown..  Whats up with this?21:31
kikkomanI see report on report, about the symptoms. But do we have any idea where the issue is ?21:31
kikkomanI had no issues on 18.0421:33
arraybolt3kikkoman: Do you know what's consuming the CPU? gnome-shell, perhaps?21:36
tomreynkikkoman: this is most likely not a universal thing, but something which is specific to the graphics server you're using (Xorg or wayland), the graphics hardware and drivers you're using, the gnome extensions you may be using etc.21:36
arraybolt3It might be related to the transition from X to Wayland, in which case logging in with "Ubuntu on Xorg" mode may resolve the problem.21:36
kikkomanI am yet to actually try with Xorg. Was just about to say, i can't say for sure, but i think it's Wayland.21:37
kikkomanNo extensions.21:38
kikkomanUsing recommended driver for an old Nvidia card too.21:38
kikkomanEven grabbing a .gif is impossible, or recording anything for that matter.21:40
kikkomanI'm 98% sure, i am down the same path, as so many others seem to be.21:40
arraybolt3kikkoman: Oh. Your older version of Ubuntu might have been giving you Nvidia proprietary drivers that no longer are supported, and so you probably are using Nouveau now.21:40
arraybolt3That would possibly cause these symptoms.21:40
arraybolt3Plus Wayland and NVIDIA don't work very well together.21:41
kikkomanNo, i installed drivers separately.21:41
kikkomanI just waited long, before seeking my way here :)21:42
kikkomanIt's been a while, since i took the step, from 18.0421:42
kikkomanWell, i have to try with Xorg instead. Because i ain't getting anything creative done, like it is now. If i'm lucky, i get a crash in style, with getting logged out.. But if i am unlucky, like i usually am haha. The whole system freezes, to the point, where even the cursor gets stuck.21:44
tomreynkikkoman: maybe the hardware you're using is so old that it's only supported by legacy nvidia driver series, which haven't seen an update - such as for wayland compatibility, or other parts of the graphics stack which does continue developing.21:55
tomreyn... in a long time21:55
kikkomanIt might be, I'm running a Gtx 680 Card.21:58
kikkomanIt's not like stoneage old. But it's nothing by todays standards :)22:00
toddc1GTX 680 launched on March 22nd, 2012.22:00
kikkomanBut it works.. And well, before these issues, it served me good 98% of the time still :)22:00
toddc1may be a issue of nvidia's support on modern linux but you could test it on a live disk22:02
kikkomanFrom what i have read, about the similar issues other have, i think i picked up, that most live sessions, were ok.22:02
tomreynhttps://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3142/ also has a statement on Kepler GPUs22:04
kikkomanGreat.. So do i need a new GPU now then too.22:06
kikkomanNot saying it's not about time or anything but :)22:06
ravageKepler (GTX 600 series) looks fully supported. NVE0 in the matrix22:06
tomreynso it should continue to be useable with nouveau, and for now it's also still usable with the properitary nvidia-470 series22:07
kikkomanI'm using the 470 series.. Alright, so there is hope still. I suppose Xorg test it is then. To begin with.22:08
kikkomanAlrighty, thanks everyone for the info. The rest is up to me now then. Have a good weekend :)22:11
tomreynyou, too22:12
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yin846hello. im on a desktop and i have a nvidia gpu(rtx 3060) and intel graphics(UHD 630). i installed the proprietary driver(nvidia-driver-525), which is the correct one according to their website. whenever i connect my 1 monitor to the nvidia gpu i get no signal. my gpu has hdmi(2) and displayport(2) but i can only use hdmi. i tried both ports. im also using xorg not wayland. what else should i try?23:38
yin846what i meant by only being able to use hdmi, is that i can only use the hdmi port on the motherbaord(intel graphics)23:39
tomreynyin846: i probably won't be able to support you there, but for others it will be relevant to know how you installed the drivers (using the ones provided by ubuntu? or downloaded from nvidia.com?) and which ubuntu version you have there.23:42
yin846provided by ubuntu. 22.0423:42
tomreynif this rtx 3060 is very new (i have not checked), you may want to use the "graphics-drivers" !PPA23:43
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge23:43
yin846okay. thank you. i will give that a try.23:44
tomreynyin846: actually, the driver version there is the same that's also in ubuntu 22.04 lts23:47
tomreyn22.04 "jammy" package in ubuntu proper https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=jammy-updates&exact=1&keywords=nvidia-driver-525 and this ppa https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa?field.series_filter=jammy23:48
tomreynyin846: something else you may want to try is to use Xorg rather than wayland (select on login screen using the "settings" icon)23:49
yin846yep. im already using xorg. im going to try blacklisting the intel graphics drivers. i found a post saying there could be a conflict between the modules.23:50
tomreynif you would instead like to try to upgrade the free (for the intel GPU) graphics driver stack, you could use https://launchpad.net/~oibaf/+archive/ubuntu/graphics-drivers23:52
tomreyni would not combine the two PPAs, though23:52
tomreynoh, gone23:53

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