stamasdhi there10:54
stamasdI'm trying to install xubuntu on an older HP thin client (VIA Nano 1GHz, 4GB, ViaChrome GPU). The install went fine, but after booting into the system I only get a CLI, not a GUI.10:55
stamasdThe installer worked fine in GUI mode, and after rebooting I do get the Xubuntu logo with the spinning circle for a few seconds, then it drops to text mode.10:56
stamasdI have the Xorg.0.log but I'm not sure how to attach it here. It looks like it's trying a number of drivers and failing.10:57
stamasdokay here we go: https://pastebin.com/ri5CG59d10:59
stamasdthat is the Xorg log10:59
xu-irc32wHi, I am trying to install xubuntu-22.04.1-desktop-amd64 on VirtualBox-6.1.40-154048-Win and right at the end of installation, I get the message: installed linux-image-5.15.0-58-generic package post installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1. I'm not sure what's going on. I have recently reset my laptop, so this is a brand new12:56
xu-irc32winstallation, but I had installed it previously (prior to reset) with no problems at all. I'm installing using all the default Xubuntu settings. Let me know if I need to provide any other details. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.12:56
gnrpxu-irc32w: you install it in a virtualbox?13:14
gnrpcould be it's failing to install the bootloader. 13:14
gnrphonestly, since it's a vm, I'd just try rebooting and doing a new installl in case. Worst case is losing five minutes13:14
xu-irc32wThank you for your response - unfortunately, I've tried that a few times and I'm still getting the same error.13:15
gnrpwhat happens when you reboot?13:25
gnrpthe vm, I mean13:25
xu-irc32wIf I keep the .iso file in the drive, the VM will reboot and go through the process of reinstalling xubuntu13:31
gnrpand if you don't?13:32
xu-irc32wI get the message: end Kernel panic: not syncing: VFS unable to mount root fs on unknown-block13:35
gnrphm. I don't have enough insight how the installer works. but it seems as if the initrd has a problem. next time you install, you should start a shell and try reconfiguring the packages to regenerate the inird13:41
xu-irc32wThat's about as much as I gleaned from my searches too - I'll see what I can do. Thank you for your help, I'll give that a go!13:45
gnrpwith dpkg-reconfigure -a13:49
gnrpbut I don't know if they get installed in a chroot or how this works exactly13:49
stamasdwell the situation with the HP thin client has got worse. :)13:55
stamasdoriginally right after install and reboot, it would drop me to a blank screen with a blinking cursor. I was still able to switch to a different virtual console (ctrl-alt-f1, f2 etc), login and do stuff in the CLI. But after I did a system update (sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade - which BTW completed fine) and reboot, it won't let me login13:58
stamasdanymore. It still goes to a blank screen with blinking cursor, but now when I switch to a different virtual console, it automatically switches back to the one with the blinking cursor within one second. I don't have time to type in my username/password before that happens so I can't login.13:58
stamasdAnd it looks like SSH access is turned off by default so I can't remote login either13:59
stamasdAt this point I don't have access to the OS anymore. I may have to pull the drive off, conenct it to another machine and chroot into it to try and salvage things13:59
stamasd... or use a live CD to chroot14:05
gabriel_conhecendo a distro18:20
xu-irc38whello! I've just install xubuntu on a VM and I'm taking a web dev course. So ill probably be using this IRC in the future. Nice to meet you all and thank you for your support18:24
* tomreyn waves18:25
tomreynconsider installing a proper irc client and getting a better nickname, too.18:25
PrinceRYlan42Hello I'm using a VM with Xubuntu installed and my second monitor isn't working properly when I drag applications over my cursor is misaligned with the program. And when I try to click on things in a program it doesnt function. How do I get my second monitor to operate ?19:46
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gnrppatrick_: hi21:13
patrick_any craic21:14
patrick_Guys how do I move a window between monitors using the keyboard? I've tried some scripts that I downloaded using pip but they weren't working properly, or at least I didn't set them up correctly. Some windows were moving, but not all of them. 21:19
gnrppatrick_: There is no built-in way for that21:37
gnrppatrick_: https://github.com/jc00ke/move-to-next-monitor - this one works for me (22.04)21:40
gnrpI put that on a hotkey and it does the job21:40

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