npmany suggestions on getting my kup & bup based backup on kubuntu working again. I get this error from "bup index" --"File "/usr/lib/bup/cmd/../bup/hlinkdb.py", line 10, in pickle_load return pickle.load(f, encoding='bytes')" .... "_pickle.UnpicklingError: pickle data was truncated"00:10
npmwhy do my updates now say "The following security updates require Ubuntu Pro with 'esm-apps' enabled: libzmq5 python2.7-minimal libmagickwand-6.q16-6 python2.7 imagemagick-6.q16hdri libmagickcore-6.q16hdri-6-extra libmagickcore-6.q16hdri-6 libmagickwand-6.q16hdri-6 libopenexr24 libsdl2-2.0-0 libmysofa1 libmagickcore-6.q16-6 libpython2.7-minimal libpython2.7-stdlib imagemagick-6-common"00:30
npmhow come these updates aren't part of regular ubuntu?00:31
tomreynnpm: which kubuntu release is this?00:43
shadowhawkI am trying to get COMPIZ to work. Wobbly windows. I applied the settings but now I cant MOVE the windows or ressize htem00:45
tomreyni don't think compiz is meant to work with the kde / plasma / qt world - but could be wrong00:49
user|60pleaase help me00:51
tomreynhi user|60, please ask your kubuntu support question00:51
user|60i would like to install linux on my laptop00:52
tomreynhave you decided on a distribution, yet?00:53
tomreynthis channel is just about the kubuntu linux distribution00:53
user|60write now i have debian distro00:53
tomreyni think you mean "right now"00:54
tomreynif you want to replace your debian installation by a kubuntu installation, looosing all data / after backing up all data, you can just download the kubuntu installer, write it to a usb stick (using e.g. balena etcher) and then boot off that and install00:55
user|60but i have multi problem00:55
user|60i dont have any importand data00:56
npm@tomreyn Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS00:56
tomreynnpm: there's #ubuntu for ubuntu support, probably the better place then00:57
npmI'm running kubuntu00:57
tomreynoh, you just said "Ubuntu"00:58
npmwhich is based on 20.04.5LTS00:58
npmbecaause i cut/paste /etc/issue00:58
tomreyni see :)00:58
user|60there is a problem whit it i have downloaded kubuntu and when i try to boot i have file is missing and else problemws00:58
npmbut i'm sure the problem would exist for regular ubuntu as well00:58
user|60anyone can tel me step by step whot shoul i do01:01
tomreynnpm: so, you have packages from universe installed, which have "best effort" support level unless you have an ubuntu pro subscription, which i think is what this message is saying. on a side note, kubuntu 20.04 LTS is supported until april this year.01:01
tomreynuser|60: this sounds like either the downloaded iso file may be corrupt, or it was not properly written to the installation media01:02
tomreynuser|60: using balena etcher you can prevent either, or at least get to know when it happens.01:02
user|60what is balena etcher01:02
tomreyna cross-platform  / multiple OS software for downloading and writing installation iso images to installation media01:03
user|60one more question01:04
user|60what linux shoud i chose01:05
user|60my laptop acer aspire 5720g01:05
tomreynwell, this channel is only about kubuntu, so the obvious answer is kubuntu01:05
user|60its very old01:05
tomreynthere is also #linux01:05
user|60thank you and good night01:06
npm@tomreyn -- 20.04.5 is supported till 2025 https://ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle01:08
npmbut yes per "comm -12 <(apt-cache dumpavail | grep-dctrl -nsPackage -FSection universe/ |sort) <(dpkg --get-selections | awk '$2 == "install" { print $1 }' |sort)" i have many packages installed from "universe"01:11
tomreynnpm: note that i was referring to kubuntu, not ubuntu. this is #kubuntu01:13
tomreyn"pro security-status" might be the easier command01:14
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npmoh i see "This machine is receiving security patching for Ubuntu Main/Restricted repository until 2025." ... "Ubuntu Pro with 'esm-apps' enabled provides security updates for Universe/Multiverse packages until 2030 and has 15 pending security updates."01:16
npmi guess i should try out my "Ubuntu Pro with a free personal subscription on up to 5 machines." and get on with it....01:17
IrcsomeBot<rcpp85> tomreyn beat me! Was about to say Ubuntu flavours have different life span support. I did the same mistake a month or so ago. Hehe!01:18
tomreynnpm: and not that many of kubuntu's packages are not in main/restricted (but universe)01:19
npmso because the KDE packages are part of "universe" is why you're saying that Kubuntu ends support in April 2023?01:20
IrcsomeBot<rcpp85> npm: be in mind these are Ubuntu related and not Kubuntu. So I'm still not sure if you are using Ubuntu, has a Ubuntu server somewhere or have a mix of Ubuntu with KDE package01:20
npmi'm using Kubuntu .01:21
IrcsomeBot<rcpp85> Kubuntu is a distro, with its own schedule and life time. (re @IrcsomeBot: <npm> so because the KDE packages are part of "universe" is why you're saying that Kubuntu ends support in April 2023?)01:21
IrcsomeBot<rcpp85> They have no support from canonical in general, so they can't keep up for too long01:22
npmok well thanks for clearing up my confusion. (but i really really don't want to upgrade to 22.04)01:22
tomreynnpm: ubuntu and kubuntu share the same foundation (base packages), but many if not most of the GUI packages in ubuntu (gnome-shell/mutter) are in main and receive 5 years of security support, whereas most of those of kubuntu are in universe and receive community support - good community support for 3 years, then none, i guess, or just if someone gets around to it.01:25
tomreynand that boils down to saying, simplified, Kubuntu LTS gets security support for 3 years, Ubuntu LTS for 5 years01:25
npmok thanks for making that clear.01:26
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BluesKajHi all14:03
shadowhawkcbc: sup14:08
cbcanyone else checking out ChatGTP this morning?14:23
ubottuThe official Kubuntu support channel is #kubuntu. Also see http://www.kubuntu.com/support.php14:35
romain331Bonjour, J'ai installé Kubuntu sur un PC asus X102b et je me rends compte que le câble HDMI n'est pas reconnu. J'y branche une TV de l'autre côté. Auriez-vous une idée de la cause racine svp?15:09
BluesKaj!Fr | romain33115:12
ubotturomain331: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:12
BluesKajfaites ARC  connection sur TV, romain33115:18
IrcsomeBot<bttrcllsaul> KE7X15:34
Roeymmikowski: o/17:48
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