xnoxif i want to run soyuz portions => i.e. init-series and operating on the queue of the primary archive, do i need the full soyuz running? do i need builders setup as well?01:03
xnoxthe docs at https://dev.launchpad.net/Soyuz/HowToUseSoyuzLocally are not very encouraging =)01:03
xnoxi guess i can try without additional setup and see how far i get01:04
xnoxwasn't too bad, i think i have it runninng.01:22
xnoxbut failing to open web interface with proxies..... wget works, but edge/firefox do not =(01:22
xnoxah, i had a typo. all good =)01:24
xnoxnice i am driver for ubuntu now =) oh well will shut this down for now, it seems like i don't have much package uploads, so will need to upload interesting things into soyuz process them / publish, and then init new series.01:39

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