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phil_azingMy 22.04 gnome settings/users does no show the fingerprint option but fprintd-* (enroll and so on) work and I can use my fingerprint to logon. How do I track down why it is not in settings/users?03:26
phil_azingI have Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS with gnome 42.503:30
LPLuigiEspenlaubNew machine, preinstalled Win11, Installed Ubuntu in dual boot, but after success message: could not find UEFI partition? Re-tryed install from USB, but at partition window [Next] is grayed out. Want to install grub2 which is not showing in the UEFI boot screen.03:53
tomreynLPLuigiEspenlaub: make sure the ubuntu installer boots in uefi mode, try with secure boot disabled03:58
tomreynthis, types into a terminal window, would tell how you booted: echo -n 'This system booted via: '; [ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo UEFI || echo BIOS03:59
Pr070cal_hi guys anyone on04:11
Pr070cal_im having trouble dual booting 22.10 and win11 after i install win11 i install ubuntu 22.10 and the win boot partition doesnt boot anymore and grub doesnt list windows04:12
Pr070cal_how can i rebuild win11 boot partition04:13
WaVWhen you installed, did you choose "Install along Windows"04:30
WaValongside* or whatever the verbage is04:31
Echelon[m]if i am not wrong it was probably the partitioning choices04:33
Echelon[m]if you want to remove the existing files and install ubuntu on it, in which case windows will be deleted04:33
Echelon[m]and the other was custom partitioning which was for dual booting04:33
phil_azingWhere should I go to get help on Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS with gnome 42.5 failing to see a working fprintd?04:41
JanCphil_azing: is it gnome failing to see it or some application?04:44
phil_azingMy 22.04 gnome settings/users does not show the fingerprint option but fprintd-* (enroll and so on) work and I can use my fingerprint to logon. How do I track down why it is not in settings/users?04:45
JanCis the settings app supposed to support that?04:46
* JanC has never used fingerprints like that04:46
phil_azingYes but the opion only shows if there is a working fprintd I think.04:47
JanCfrom a security PoV fingerprints aren't a very good replacement for passwords BTW04:47
JanC(but that's irrelevant for the issue)04:48
JanCphil_azing: was fprintd installed & started before you started your current Gnome session?04:52
JanCseems like it properly dbus initiated & such, so in theory that shouldn't be an issue, but just to be sure...04:53
lotuspsychjethink we got a good fingerprint wiki out there, but oerheks just left he knows about it04:54
phil_azingsystemctl status fprintd.service shows as loaded (/lib/systemd/system/fprintd.service; static) inactive (dead) but it starts on use and times out after 30 seconds.04:56
JanCI suppose you are trying to do something like this: https://itsfoss.com/fingerprint-login-ubuntu/04:57
phil_azingYes, that is the idea. It all works other than control via settings/users04:58
JanCdid you configure it in some other way instead?04:59
phil_azingIt worked on initial install but there have been upgrades since and a bios update so something has changed to lose the function. I was thinking apparmor or permitions elsewhere.05:01
phil_azingI now set it up via fprint-d enrol username05:02
JanCis that supposed to be compatible with the Gnome stuff?05:03
phil_azingSo it has to do with the connection from gnome to fprintd I suspect. I don't know how to track down the problem.05:03
phil_azingI assume the gnome usage is via fprint in the same way as fprintd-enrol talks to the daemon.05:05
mIk3_08hi Bashing-om05:09
mIk3_08Just wanted to know how to play this Tug of war - Community vs Mods - to 200 (or -200) Ubuntuforum - Bashing-om05:10
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JanCphil_azing: I would assume it talks the same to the daemon, but I'm not sure it configures anything for login?05:22
JanCbased on the manpage, it just stores a fingerprint in a fingerprint database, but honestly I don't know enough about this to be useful...  :-/05:23
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imprinthello everyone05:53
Jari--_I can not install Ubuntu on this machine, can not access BIOS, and can not boot from external USB hard disk I have.06:04
Jari--_So, is there a way to install Ubuntu from Windows 12?06:04
alkisgJari--_: you can install WSL, or Ubuntu in Virtualbox, or use VirtualBox to install Ubuntu on a physical partition while running from Windows 1106:09
alkisgBut... why can't you access the BIOS or boot from USB?06:10
alkisg(or boot from LAN, or whatever other "normal" way to install Ubuntu...)06:11
Jari--_alkisg: BIOS is jammed, dunno06:13
Jari--_but Windows 11 boots well06:13
JanCWindows 11 can't boot from BIOS06:13
Jari--_it just displays a message, like going to BIOS, and I wote for 30 minutes, and the message still stands there06:13
JanCso I assume you mean UEFI  ;)06:13
alkisgJari--_: go to the menu to reboot windows. While clicking it, hold down the shift button. It will show advanced reboot options, and it will allow you to boot into UEFI06:13
Jari--_alkisg: thx06:14
JanCif the firmware setup is broken, that won't help either, of course...06:15
JanCbut worth a try06:15
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coolbhaviHey buddy welcome to Ubuntu community.. you can ask any Ubuntu related queries here08:14
manjunathThank you!08:14
ellyiawhat is this room for?09:32
alkisgellyia: technical support for ubuntu09:39
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ChunkyzMorning all ❤️❣️11:48
BluesKajHi all14:03
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ice9in 22.10 dark style is selected but if I chose another item in the gnome settings then open the "Appearance" again, it will make background for right-click menu and popups to default, not dark as shown here: https://ibb.co/G7JDdWk   https://ibb.co/8M3HFCJ15:05
raubInstalling ubuntu 20.04 in a macbook. I am getting the black screen with a likke - that reminds me of NVIDIA issues15:06
raubSo during boot I added the nomodeset, deleted quiet and spash so I can see messages, and it spit out messages as expect. But I am still getting the black screen15:07
raubBooting off install USB does not lead to the problem.15:07
raubWhat else should I try?15:07
EriC^^raub: try to see which driver its using during the live usb session, "lshw -c video" might show15:09
youcefwho tried anbox15:11
respawnyoucef: try asking in #ubuntu-offtopic15:11
raubEriC^^: nvidia gk107m15:15
Linux_Curmudgeonwhy "ubuntu-advantage-tools" and other packages are held back?15:16
WaVLinux_Curmudgeon: phased updated15:18
EriC^^raub: that's what's next to 'configuration, driver=..." ?15:18
WaVraub: nomodeset to get into desktop environment then sudo apt install nvidia-driver-47015:18
Linux_CurmudgeonWaV, please elaborate.15:19
Linux_CurmudgeonThanks WaV15:21
WaVraub: Sorry I just scrolled up and saw that you already tried nomodeset15:24
raubWaV: nomodeset did not work, as mentioned before. So I was asking for options.15:51
raubEriC^: I will have to check it again; recahrging laptop right now15:52
raubWaV: And I too did nto scroll to see your comment on scrolling. =)15:53
jhutchinsraub: Did you get a console with nomodeset, or was the screen unresponsive?  Can you boot to "rescue mode"?15:55
jhutchinsraub: (That's sometimes an option on the grub boot menu.)15:55
jhutchinsLuckily in linux you don't need a working GUI to fix the GUI.15:56
raubjhutchins: I think I will boot it in full console mode and then start wifi so I can install packages. I am annoyed I cannot switch to a terminal window using ctrl-alt-fX16:12
raubBut that also happen with my other ubuntu-running MAc16:13
EriC^raub: you could chroot from the live usb to install packages16:15
jhutchinsraub: If I understand correctly, there's a kernel-level framebuffer driver that has to load for Nvidia.  The fallback to VESA graphics mostly doesn't work, and if the FB driver fails you get nothing.16:38
jhutchinsraub: If it's not present at all you might get a normal console-backed session, but I'm not sure.16:39
jhutchinsThere are people madly pushing Ubuntu down the road to full Windows compatibility, BSOD and all.16:39
jhutchinsSome of the newere users actually believe there's something bad and dangerous about a raw console.16:40
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Roeyhello all, anyone here know about setting up btrfs over luks during installation and manual partitioning?17:39
jhutchinsRoey: Sounds like you're building yourself a headache on purpose.  Why?17:39
Roeyjhutchins: sudden streak of hidden masochism17:40
Roeyjhutchins: here's how it started:  I first installed Kubuntu using the fully automated partitioning, only to find that my system wouldn't boot ("No operating system found").  Turns out that Ubiquity had installed EFI/GPT partitions.  Only thing is that this laptop is circa 2009--no UEFI17:41
Roeyjhutchins: so I got the advice to manually partition it17:42
jhutchinsRoey: I would say that _during_ installation is unlikely.  If you were to build the filesystem prior to installation, you might get there, but I suspect that the installer wants to format root, and it doesn't offer btrfs.17:42
Roeyjhutchins: so I baiscally dropped to a Konsole off the livecd17:42
Roeyand created /boot, swap (encrypted), and want to make / and /home as subvolumes of a BTRFS volume on a LUKS-encrypted partition.17:43
Roeyand I wonder if Ubiquity will undertand this setup17:43
jhutchinsAnother possibility would be to build an Ubuntu system on a nice, normal ext filesystem, then file-copy it to your btrfs/luks system.17:43
Roeyah, also an option17:43
Roeyas I do have theo riginal hard drive from my older system with me17:43
jhutchinsRoey: If you create a separate /boot you will be back here asking how to deal with /boot running out of space.17:44
RoeyI gave it 4 GB17:44
jhutchinsRoey: There is no good reason to do that on a modern system.17:44
Roeyjhutchins: yeah and I agree with you; I've encountered this before.17:44
Roeyjhutchins: so the resaon that it wsa suggested to me to put /boot on a separate partition,17:45
Roeyjhutchins: was because I wanted originally to do /boot, / and /home on one BTRFS partition that was encrypted17:45
Roeybut apparently Kubuntu has issues with that setup17:45
Roeyspecifically, btrfs and encryption for /boot17:45
Roey*encrypted btrfs for /boot, rather17:45
Roeyand this way I have unencrypted /boot as btrfs on a separate partition.17:46
jhutchinsWell, you're into it to learn, encrypted boot is possible, don't know about btrfs.17:46
RoeyI mean I just wnat my laptop to work17:46
Roeynot as much to learn17:46
RoeyI do know that I want my stuff encrypted as it is a laptop and can be stolen17:47
jhutchinsYes, that's a good idea.17:49
jhutchinsThen again, some people encrypt their data, then put the password in the boot config.17:49
RoeyYEAHHHHHH see?17:49
Roeythat's why I wanted an encrypted /boot.17:49
jhutchinsRoey: If it will boot without entering a password there's no point in encryption.17:50
Roeyright right.17:50
Roey100 agree.17:50
jhutchinsAnyway, the (on-topic) question was running the installer with btrfs and encryption, and I don't know anything about either topic, so I'll sit this out.17:51
Roeyalright. well I appreciate your input.17:51
MacSlowGreetings everybody!18:06
p0indexterwhy are packages kept back by apt and how do i restore them19:13
rfmp0indexter, usually it's phasing, and all you do is wait until your turn comes around.  run "apt-cache policy <package being held> to see if phasing is in force19:14
l0tuspsychj3!phasedupdates | p0indexter19:14
ubottup0indexter: Since Ubuntu 21.04, APT now implements phased updates. This can hold back updates on some systems while they are being phased in. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PhasedUpdates for more info.19:14
p0indexterrfm: ty19:26
p0indexterand ty l0tuspsychj319:27
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c_89Hi, I have created notify_script.sh in the path "/etc/nut/" with permissions 775 (root:nut) and add it in the "/etc/nut/upsmon.conf", but when UPS switch on battery nothing happens.20:58
c_89for testing I have write also this line, but nothing: `NOTIFYCMD "/usr/bin/notify-send \"HELLO\""`21:00
jhutchinsc_89: Do your logs show the device sending any signal?22:03
c_89jhutchins the values battery.voltage, battery.voltage.high ...etc are displayed correctly with upsc, it is strange that in addition to ignoring the EXEC directive nothing is displayed even with the SYSLOG+WALL directive... this is the log: https://bpa.st/raw/FUPOC22:05
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johnny_hi ubuntu is hanging -- 20.04.5 -- on a basic python text editor (thonny)23:10
johnny_also I have intermittant trouble with the udemy site's video player.23:12
johnny_videos don't load in a timely fashion23:12
johnny_this is on the edge browser23:13
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