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PrinceRylan42My second monitor is acting buggy. When I drag a program over to it the cursor is misaligned with the program. And sometimes the program doesn't want to leave my primary monitor. And with a program like VSCode, When I click on some of the functions. It doesn't respond.03:39
PrinceRylan42I'm using a 6-7 year old Toshiba television hooked up to HDMI. It works fine as my second monitor in Windows 1103:39
PrinceRylan42I'm running an oracle virtual machine. And I have two monitors I have 2 monitors selected in the display settings of oracle and I have the video memory turned up to max (128mg). I've tried switching the graphics controller from VMSVGA to VBoxVGA and VBoxSVGA but that doesn't help. How do I get my second monitor to function properly? Let me know if03:39
PrinceRylan42you need more information. Thank you.03:39
xu-help27whi all09:17
xu-help27wlokking for xubuntu-18.04-core-i386.iso from https://unit193.net/xubuntu/core/09:18
xu-help27wcan anybody help?09:18
nicozxu-help27w https://unit193.net/xubuntu/core/pending/09:21
nicoznot have i38609:22
gnrpxu-help27w: Heh, Unit193 is afaik also in IRC09:24
nicozI don’t think there is the 32 bit version...at least of the release 23.0409:25
gnrpI mean here on libera. So maybe you can contact him directly.09:25
gnrpnicoz: No, last one seems to be 18.0409:25
nicozfor 32bit should choose another distribution09:26
gnrpxu-help27w: You find a torrent link though on the release page. https://xubuntu.org/news/xubuntu-18-04-release/ - I don't see any traffic though when opening it quickly09:29
gnrpbut probably contacting unit193 directly will prove the most successful way09:29
nicozxu-help27w or you can try another distribution that still supports 32bit like debian09:31
xu-help27wgnrp yes, there no peers (09:31
stamasdFWIW I fixed the problem I had yesterday with installing Xubuntu 22.04.1 on a HP thin client. The problem was that the installer failed to install the openchrome xserver on this machine which needed it (it has a VIA Chrome GPU, and does not work with generic framebuffer xservers). Someone may want to look into that and fix it. What I did is boot10:14
stamasdfrom a live USB drive (happened to be a Gentoo opne which was laying nearby), chrooted into the installation and installed openchrome. I rebooted, and everything was working fine with full GUI and no more weird automatic switching between virtual consiles. Installed OpenSSH too while I was chrooted, so I can remotely login. All is well.10:14
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c_89Hi, I have created notify_script.sh in the path "/etc/nut/" with permissions 775 (root:nut) and add it in the "/etc/nut/upsmon.conf", but when UPS switch on battery nothing happens.21:03
c_89for testing I have write also this line, but nothing: `NOTIFYCMD "/usr/bin/notify-send \"HELLO\""`21:03
gnrpc_89: This channel is specific to xubuntu, but upsmon is not really a xubuntu thing. I guess if you go to a broader (or more specific) channel, you might find more help21:15
gnrpanyway, you should always just upload your upsmon.conf to help debugging21:15
c_89gnrp I also posted in the specific channel but there are few people connected21:16
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:17
gnrpc_89: Anyway, you should upload your upsmon.conf21:18
c_89gnrp https://bpa.st/raw/JVRBU21:27
gnrpc_89: Have you tried enabling exec for other events than just battery? Just to check21:35
gnrpand does it write to syslog?21:35
gnrpor wall, resp.21:35
c_89gnrp I can try with `NOTIFYFLAG ONLINE SYSLOG+WALL+EXEC`21:36
gnrpc_89: I mean, in general, you should see the notifications on any open terminal and in syslog21:37
gnrp*any* notification, actually21:37
c_89gnrp nothing the only log I see is this: https://bpa.st/raw/FUPOC21:43
gnrpand you are sure an even toccurs, i.e., you pull the plug?21:45
gnrphave you tried upsc to check whether you actually properly connected?21:45
c_89gnrp Yes the values battery.voltage, battery.voltage.high ...etc are displayed correctly with upsc, it is strange that in addition to ignoring the EXEC directive nothing is displayed even with the SYSLOG+WALL directive...21:50
gnrpactually, could it be that ' fopen /run/nut/upsd.pid: No such file or directory' is causing a problem?21:53
gnrpc_89: Anyway, the problem seems not to be in the notification, but actually upsd receiving the messages21:53
c_89gnrp how can I fix upsd.pid?21:54
* gnrp doesn't really know so much about upsd, sorry. Only used it rarely21:54
gnrpc_89: But so you already tried pulling the plug? Or disconnecting the UPS (its USB or how it is connected)?21:58
c_89gnrp yes I unplugged it and upsc shows: `ups.status: OB`22:00
gnrpand you left it longer than five seconds unplugged?22:03
gnrpah, wait. You should enter the MONITOR variables, I'd say22:03
gnrpit says you have to enter at least one...22:04
c_89gnrp tried more than 5 seconds the log is still the same!22:08
gnrpc_89: Yeah, you have to define a MONITOR22:09
c_89gnrp where do you say?22:10
gnrpc_89: It is in the beginning, just after RUN_AS_USER22:10
c_89gnrp yes it is present https://bpa.st/raw/JVRBU I wrote it at the end of the file22:15
gnrpaah, ok. So the file is not parsed in a certain order?22:15
c_89gnrp `# RUN_AS_USER nut` should it be uncommented?22:16
c_89gnrp xubuntu 22.10 is still stuck at v2.7.4 package when instead the latest version is v2.8.022:34

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