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IrcsomeBot<Mark William> What (re @IrcsomeBot: <mybalzitch> does it involve you playing in traffic?)01:09
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arraybolt3Scam attempt.01:09
IrcsomeBot<Mark William> What (re @join_captcha_bot: That is not the correct code. Try again...)01:09
mybalzitchlol, fails the captcha but irc still gets the shit by default. I love these bridge bots01:10
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EickmeyerBanned/deleted on TG01:56
Eickmeyermybalzitch: Watch your language.01:57
user|82não consigo instalar drive de cd/dvd rede aparece 0 bytes e o arquivo ta compactado e aparece não ha espaço insuficiente para extrair o arquivo02:08
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shadowhawkhow do i save my wifi password? i think it might be...but it asked me anyways when i took a look at my computer this morning11:00
shadowhawkmy wifi keeps dropping. asking for a password...12:46
DEEPAKsshadowhawk, are you sure that you entered correct password?12:59
shadowhawki am thinking about installing Linux Mint if this keeps up13:00
shadowhawki know this is a Kubuntu channel13:00
DEEPAKsi dont know why this channel is very inactive. and i don't know about your issue. for me kubuntu is working fine.13:01
shadowhawkits BEEN working fine13:02
shadowhawkand i really like it13:02
shadowhawkit just has wifi issues is all13:02
shadowhawkit hasnt asked me for a password yet13:02
shadowhawkafter i rebooted13:02
shadowhawkit could drop at any second though13:02
DEEPAKsprobably your issue is solved after the reboot13:03
shadowhawkknow what I like about Kubuntu?13:03
DEEPAKsWhat you like about it13:03
shadowhawkI got wobbly windows to work, and the genie effect (minimize)13:03
shadowhawki dont want to go back to Mint after getting this to work13:04
shadowhawkits such a joy to use13:04
DEEPAKsyep I agree. some good options like right clicking -> create new -> (there are many options like txt, word, html etc.,). which are not present in Linux mint13:06
DEEPAKsbut present in kubuntu13:06
shadowhawki like kubuntu!13:06
shadowhawki just hope the wifi will continue to work13:06
DEEPAKsAll the best for that. Lol13:07
shadowhawki might get a ThinkPad soon...13:07
shadowhawki have 4 laptops already13:07
DEEPAKsAh! thats more!!13:08
shadowhawka Mac/Gaming laptop/hp laptop/Dell Latitude for Linux (which I am on now)13:08
shadowhawkand a broken mac, but that doesnt count13:08
DEEPAKshow many years you have been into linux?13:09
shadowhawknot many13:09
shadowhawkive used it very little13:10
shadowhawkover the years13:10
DEEPAKsoh! okk13:10
shadowhawkbut this is the first time13:10
shadowhawkive used a dedicated laptop13:10
DEEPAKsHmmm... thats good. My advice is dont switch to too many distros. (I did this mistake, now I am sticking to one - which is kubuntu now). But having Linux mint as a backup(dual boot)13:12
shadowhawki might do the same (dual boot)13:13
shadowhawkthanks for that idea!13:13
shadowhawkhow does the partition work?13:16
shadowhawkset it for halfway?13:16
DEEPAKsefi partition - 500 MB, swap area- 2 x RAM SIZE, / partition - 100 GB, /home partition - your wish ( 150 GB+)13:17
DEEPAKsbetter follow the youtube tutorial , Lol13:18
shadowhawki might need help with this later13:18
shadowhawkah. can you recommnend me a good vid?13:18
DEEPAKsvid means?? I am not getting. and I am not a very good tech guy, better ask others13:19
DEEPAKsoh! you mean video??13:19
shadowhawkthat is for ubuntu13:22
DEEPAKsthis video demonstrates how to create partitions using 'something else' option. (The english doesn't sounds good in this video, the information is good)13:22
DEEPAKsthat is applicable for not only ubuntu but most of the linux13:22
shadowhawkin other new13:24
shadowhawkit would appear that i have stopped vaping13:24
DEEPAKsI have done things like deleting os and doing multi booting (both dual and triple boot) several times after moving into linux world (almost like 1 and half years)13:25
shadowhawki  like it though13:25
shadowhawkbetter than windows13:26
shadowhawki can tolerate windows 11 on my gaming compute13:27
shadowhawkbut thats it13:27
DEEPAKswindows isn't that bad either. But don't fall into Linux distro hopping trap. thats all I can say13:31
BluesKajHi all13:59
DEEPAKsBluesKaj, hi13:59
BluesKajhi DEEPAKs14:00
DEEPAKsyou have anything to ask?14:01
BluesKajno, do you?14:05
DEEPAKsneither I have14:06
BluesKajhey shadowhawk14:51
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IrcsomeBot<Сlara> Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii18:08
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