lotuspsychjegood morning03:23
ducassegreetings and salutations08:21
arraybolt3Gotta love when the trolls say they're not a troll :P14:15
arraybolt3Gotta love it even more when they're mad at someone for doing the same thing they're doing.14:16
arraybolt3re: ChunkyZ14:16
Jeremy31I wonder if they aren't using the shim signed to boot and that is the issue14:23
arraybolt3Hmm... that might also be the case (someone else has been having Secure Boot issues lately), though that message kind of looked like the BIOS to me, not shim.14:24
Jeremy31With secure boot on, it won't load from gtub64.efi and I think shim64.efi is needed14:25
arraybolt3True... maybe he was trying to boot from a file?14:27
arraybolt3I think I've had problems kinda like that before when using a Boot From File option on my Elitebook.14:27
Jeremy31I think my other laptop has the option but this one doesn't14:28
arraybolt3(fwiw, did my response to Chunkyz seem out of line? He's been doing weird stuff like that for a while and I was tired of it.)14:28
arraybolt3er, not fwiw, but you know what I meant.14:28
Jeremy31Chunkyz can be strange14:32
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