arraybolt3guiverc: I'll test it in a GNOME Boxes VM.00:19
arraybolt3It supports UEFI Secure Boot.00:19
arraybolt3zsyncing now.00:20
arraybolt3I'll also try installing Jammy, updating, then installing Lunar into the exact same VM and see if that triggers a shim problem.00:21
arraybolt3(Actually let's try a dual-boot in a Virtual Machine Manager VM and see what happens...)00:23
guivercmy zsync has completed.. gotta find my lunar lubuntu thumb-drive; you'll be faster arraybolt3 but more testing is ALWAYS useful !00:28
arraybolt3Sadly I can't even get Lunar to boot right - I'm having the same black screen problem as kgiii in a different hypervisor.00:28
guivercsorry; my last comment was intended for #lubuntu-devel (wrong room everyone else so apologies)00:29
guiverclubuntu lunar ISO isn't usable (again it turns out)... (discussion in #lubuntu-devel; issues with ubuntu desktop [login] too are currently being explored)01:26
arraybolt3guiverc: Alright, now that we have the casper and systemd mess worked out, I'm back to testing Secure Boot. I have a dual-boot UEFI+Secure Boot VM running with Jammy and Lunar and am upgrading the Lunar installation now to see what happens.04:26
arraybolt3*upgrading the Jammy installation now I mean04:28

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