arraybolt3I think it probably goes without saying that insulting someone for offering a greeting in #ubuntu is against the IRC rules. Which is exactly what Chunkyz just did, and he got seriously mad at me telling him to stop and that he was known for being a troll.14:20
arraybolt3Am I the only one who's noticed his pattern of behavior? If not, could we do something about him?14:20
tomreynthey're gone14:39
arraybolt3I saw that, I thought there was something that could be done anyway, but I see. Sorry to bother you guys.14:40
tomreynother than that, i agree he overreacted and should just accept that there are people who will send greetings to all channels. took me a while, too, and i still find it unneccessary, but that's a personal preference.14:41
tomreyni added to this in private:14:56
tomreyn<tomreyn> Chunkyz has shown bad patterns in the past, but I wouldn't consider a ban because of this very incident. if they'll return and do the same again, please bring it up again so we can point it out as bad behaviour to him.14:56
Eickmeyertomreyn: There was a separate incident that was of note where Chunkyz presented a non-solution:16:11
Eickmeyer02:44:41 AM <gordonjcp> but that's a separate issue16:11
Eickmeyer02:45:01 AM <gordonjcp> it's idiotic that multiple programs can play sounds at the same time16:11
Eickmeyer05:51:29 AM <Chunkyz> gordonjcp: don't use Ubuntu then.16:11
EickmeyerGranted hours had passed, but he still highlighted the user and no dialog had taken place between.16:12
Eickmeyer(Times in U.S. Pacific)16:13
tomreynhmm, indeed not the best response if gordonjcp was just annoyed by "multiple programs can play sounds at the same time". but that, on its own, is again not enough of a reason to intervene there - other than by asking them (chunkyz) to do better. if this keeps happening, though...16:16
EickmeyerI'm just pointing to a pattern of behavior.16:17

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