sdezielrbasak: granted but that is still only in -proposed01:43
kanashiro[m]docker.io will be released to -updates soon02:03
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sdezielthat's good news!02:52
habysSo I'm guessing in general people (in here|anywhere) aren't managing a fleet of physical machines imaged with ubuntu... There's a lot of tells in the way the installer is written.02:59
habysthat's not necessarily terrible, just a bit harder for me I suppose03:00
habystime are a-changing!03:01
mohaI accidentally removed `sudo`! What can I do? The root password has not been set.06:34
alkisgmoha, how did you remove it, with apt purge?06:57
arraybolt3moha: Boot into recovery mode and undo whatever you did.07:55
arraybolt3Recovery mode *should* give you a root shell without needing a password.07:55
habysshould I open a bug with subiquity for the errors here:  https://termbin.com/7b71 I would really like to update the OS before first boot, there are more packages I need to install as well, but this is the first step. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or upgrade isn't supported durning the install for some reason?18:03
rbasakhabys: to manage a fleet of bare metal machines for server use, use https://maas.io/. Subiquity automation isn't intended for that use case.18:24
BraveheartBSDIs entropy hardware or software based?23:33
rbasakThat's a bit of a general question. Could you expand on your question please?23:46

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