penguin42https://cdn.mastodon.org.uk/media_attachments/files/109/773/869/909/464/211/original/06f1ce03dfbf7574.png   first recovered teletext page18:22
zxmpiand someone will gather the 1000s of pages saved over decades of vhs use and release them on a floppy :-D18:26
penguin42zxmpi: Pretty much: https://archive.teletextarchaeologist.org/18:28
davefI miss teletext. especially bamboozle on channel 4.19:08
zxmpione of the great unappreciated services. what's on tv tonight. turn on tv and call up guide. subtitles. page 888. news there you go.21:00
penguin42but I need to 1) bisect a kernel bug that seems to be affecting bt878 cards, and 2) work out whether I'm going to capture whole tapes or what21:13

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