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MrMobiusthe assembler program NASM which I use has apparently been updated with a bug fix I need but sudo apt update doesnt find the new version. how and when would Ubuntu pick up the new version and update it?03:16
leftyfb!latest | MrMobius03:17
ubottuMrMobius: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.03:17
MrMobiusleftyfb: fair enough. if it's a minor bug like this though,  will I need to wait for the next Ubuntu version?03:18
leftyfbMrMobius: I would first check with Debian to see where they are at03:18
MrMobiusleftyfb: there is a list online somewhere I can check?03:19
leftyfbsorry, I don't know off the top of my head and in the middle of something right now so I can't google it03:20
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thomas25i want to run two https servers on different local ports (naturally) but i want to have port 443 for both of them externally. so i need a proxy in front of them that can proxy to different local ports based on host. what's the tool for that?06:06
thomas25nginx maybe?06:06
thomas25dafaq happened to nginx, it looks like a non foss software now06:12
arraybolt3thomas25: nginx is in the Main repository in Ubuntu 22.10 at least, which consists of Canonical-maintainable software (mostly, if not all, FOSS) as far as I know.06:17
arraybolt3You might be looking at nginx.com rather than nginx.org - the two appear to be related but nginx itself is still FOSS, the things that nginx.com had for sale look different.06:19
Bashing-om!info nginx jammy06:19
ubottunginx (1.18.0-6ubuntu14.3, jammy): small, powerful, scalable web/proxy server. In component main, is optional. Built by nginx. Size 4 kB / 49 kB06:19
arraybolt3Or it might be one of those "the software is free, but you can pay for support" things.06:19
thomas25it looked more like some important features are available for paid version kind of thing06:20
thomas25but now i'm looking at the foss versions docs, and it looks like that's not the case -- at least not to the extend i thought at first06:20
arraybolt3There's a lot of stuff out there where there's fancy enterprise features that most people have absolutely no need for that have a paywall, yeah it looks like that's what you're looking at.06:21
arraybolt3Probably most of those features are things that could be implemented yourself but a big business would rather throw money at someone else in order to make it easy.06:21
ducasseMrMobius: debian lists package versions on their site, you could also look for a third party repo08:23
ChunkyzMorning all ❤️❣️09:05
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gordonjcpis there a way to permanently disable all system sounds?10:30
lotuspsychj3gordonjcp: you can lookup tweaks for your system with dconf-editor if you like10:31
gordonjcplotuspsychj3: o_O10:33
gordonjcplotuspsychj3: there's no user-selectable "turn all sounds off" option?10:33
lotuspsychj3gordonjcp: there's a value for event-sounds10:34
lotuspsychj3gordonjcp: there's also a disable-sound-output10:35
lotuspsychj3experiment a bit with the values10:35
gordonjcplotuspsychj3: okay, event-sounds is set to false, it's still making silly noises10:37
gordonjcpeverything makes a silly noise10:37
gordonjcpwhat's especially annoying is that it goes BIDDLEBINK BIDDLEBINK about once every five minutes whether it's doing anything or not10:38
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gordonjcpit's particularly frustrating because I'm trying to listen to very quiet sounds on headphones, and then I get my ears blasted out by silly noises10:40
lotuspsychj3gordonjcp: sounds more like you got sound issues, then wanting to disable default system sounds?10:41
gordonjcplotuspsychj3: sound works normally when it's not making silly noises10:44
gordonjcplotuspsychj3: sound is fundamentally broken on Linux these days because of pulseaudio10:44
gordonjcpbut that's a separate issue10:44
gordonjcpit's idiotic that multiple programs can play sounds at the same time10:45
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Chunkyzgordonjcp: don't use Ubuntu then.13:51
BluesKajHi all13:59
ChunkyzHi BluesKaj14:05
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BluesKajhi Chunkyz14:05
ChunkyzBluesKaj: what time will you disappear today?14:06
tractelimonanyone can help me with safeboot on ? for ubuntu 20.04 LTS ? I try to integrate with mokutils but when I put safe-boot-on I recive this error https://i.imgur.com/UhXgJDV.jpg . thx14:07
ChunkyzAnd he's gone. Why oh why..........14:11
arraybolt3Chunkyz: Could we keep the room on-topic?14:13
arraybolt3tractelimon: Looking...14:13
arraybolt3tractelimon: OK, so what exactly did you do to get this error to appear? What does "try to integrate with mokutils" mean?14:14
ChunkyzYes arraybolt3, stop the greeting a support channel then disappearing and your problem is solved.14:14
arraybolt3Describe in detail what you did to get here, that will make it easy to fix things.14:14
arraybolt3Chunkyz: You are known for being somewhat of a troll, just fyi, while BluesKaj is a long-time trusted member. If anyone's looking very bad right at this moment, it's you. Stop it.14:15
ChunkyzI'm not a troll. Try again.14:15
ChunkyzI've been saying hi to prove how useless greeting a support channel is.14:16
tractelimonarraybolt3: in BIOS I have safe boot on, and I get this error. If I put safe-boot to off, Ubuntu boot normaly but still have a problem with integrity: Problem loading X.509 certificate -6514:16
ChunkyzBut I'm the troll.  K mate.14:16
arraybolt3tractelimon: The bit about integrity probably doesn't matter, that's a well-known error that doesn't affect anything.14:16
arraybolt3tractelimon: As for the secure boot error, are you able to boot a live ISO with Secure Boot enabled?14:17
ChunkyzAnyway 🤪 guess I'll just block you and that troll BluesKaj. No loss.14:17
tractelimonarraybolt3: I'm not sure, and in this moment I can't verify, but if secure boot are off, is not a problem ?14:17
arraybolt3tractelimon: Secure Boot doesn't really add that much security to a system, but it can be somewhat desirable.14:18
arraybolt3It's very odd that you're getting this error though. Did you try to change the Secure Boot keys on the system?14:18
BluesKajI've defeated secure boot for ages without any negative effects, tractelimon14:20
tractelimonarraybolt3: I'm trying but I have no succseful and I get this error with security violation14:20
arraybolt3tractelimon: Has this system ever booted Ubuntu with Secure Boot enabled before?14:21
tractelimonBluesKaj: ok, I understand, so I don't need to have problem if secure-boot are disabled14:21
tractelimonarraybolt3: I don't remeber14:21
arraybolt3tractelimon: To be fair, I'd personally just disable Secure Boot and be happy. If you really want or need it enabled, though, I'd check in your BIOS settings for anything about a "3rd party CA Secure Boot key" or something to that effect, and if it's disabled, enable it and see if that helps.14:22
arraybolt3(I don't remember what the setting is actually called but it was something like that.)14:23
tractelimonarraybolt3: ok. thank you very much, right now I will do a reboot to check if I have some with 3rd party ....14:23
kovitalhi, is there a way to force a fixed size window that does not fit my screen to the size i need, with openbox? for krita window.14:23
kovitalor another tool maybe.14:24
tomreyntractelimon: others reporting the "Problem loading X.509 certificate -65" message (which is benign while you're not using secureboot) found that this can be primarily due to the following causes: (a) buggy certificates supplied with uefi firmware -> see if a 'bios' update helps, (b) partially broken file system -> run fsck on all the root file system / (while it is not mounted writable, so from !recovery or a live booted system)14:28
arraybolt3tomreyn: I see that message on every Ubuntu system I have, I thought X.509 was related to networking or something? I could be totally wrong here.14:29
BluesKajbtw arraybolt3m thanks for your positive comment :-)14:31
arraybolt3BluesKaj: :)14:34
tomreynarraybolt3: X.509 is just a tech standard describing a data format which e.g. cyptographic certificates can be stored in.14:34
tomreynSSL certificates (https / lock icon in web browser) also use this standard14:35
ducassekovital: try devilspie / gdevilspie14:53
ducasseit can alter geometry and position plus other propertes of windows as they open14:54
tractelimonarraybolt3: thank you14:58
tractelimontomreyn: thank you14:58
FKAShinobiDuring an update, I was asked what to do about changed config files. I selected to view the changes in debconf but it did not show the changes and kept the original config. Is there a way to see the new proposed config for this version in case I want to modify it?15:48
arraybolt3There's probably an easier way to do this, but you could try looking through the source package for the configuration file in question.15:54
arraybolt3I wonder if dpkg-reconfigure could manage this though.15:55
arraybolt3hmm, dpkg-reconfigure doesn't look like the right tool, so probably nevermind there.15:55
alkisgFKAShinobi: sudo find /etc -name '*dpkg*' ==> might show dpkg-new etc files with the new contents,16:09
alkisgif not, see https://askubuntu.com/questions/66533/how-can-i-restore-configuration-files16:09
alkisgSo e.g. `sudo mv /etc/conf /etc/conf.bak`, and then `sudo apt install --reinstall -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confask,confnew,confmiss" <package-name>`, will give you the new conf, and you'll be able to compare16:10
tomreynsudo find /etc -name '*.dpkg-*' -o -name '*.ucf-*'16:10
alkisgHmm I think matrix might have converted some * into italics... the initial command was `sudo find /etc -name '*dpkg*'`16:10
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tomreynalkisg: that's how i saw it on my irc client16:11
alkisgThank you tomreyn :)16:11
FKAShinobiThank you all16:17
FKAShinobitomreyn: I do see a smb.conf.ucf-dist file. what is ucf?16:18
tomreynan "Update Configuration File"16:18
FKAShinobithat makes so much sense16:19
tomreyn"-dist" means it's version of the file that shipped with an updated package (at some point)16:19
tomreyn* *a* version16:21
FKAShinobitomreyn: that's interesting because the dist version has my shares defined in it, but 2 comments I added were not part of it. The comments were for server min version and an explanation for that option.16:23
FKAShinobiEither way - the only diffs were my additional comments. All my setup shows the same between the files.16:24
tomreynlooks like i explained it wrong then, sorry16:25
RMOTAOHeeeLLooo THERE! How can I hide(or supress) the message on GRUB Screen: "Use the UP and DOWN keys to select... eTc"?16:31
EriC^^RMOTAO: you want it to go straight to the default OS?16:34
EriC^^without showing the menu?16:34
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RMOTAONo. I still want the menu.16:49
RMOTAOI just do not want to see this message.16:50
jhutchinsRMOTAO: Try closing your eyes.16:52
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flataerth_anyone here for help?20:47
flataerth_so thers who actually aren't sell phone addicts on here?20:47
tomreynflataerth_: do you have an ubuntu support question then?20:52
flataerth_yes, i just dowloaded pidjin IM20:52
flataerth_i need to subscribe to the indiviudal program outside of pidjin to log on?20:53
flataerth_like make a gadu or IRC account to use pidjin?20:53
flataerth_then i kan IM people with goolge talks?20:53
tomreynpidgin supports different chat and communication protocols. many if not most will require you to sign up to use the communication network and get credentials you can then enter in pidgin.20:54
tomreyni think google talk is no more, but there is probably some follow-up service (possibly using a different protocol)20:55
flataerth_but once i log on to pidjin with irc or kadu, i can then IM people with other IM programs there?20:56
tomreynnote there is also the #pidgin channel here on this IRC network, which may be in a better position to support pidgin20:56
flataerth_thanks tom. so i can't kreate a log in just with pidjin account?20:57
tomreynif those other IM programs support the same communictation network / protocol, yes, otherwise no20:57
flataerth_thanks for that, can anyone make a channell here? and who runs this Xcat? linux mint?20:57
flataerth_who's the owner of xchat or main manager?20:57
tomreynxchat is a software, a client for the IRC communication protocol. you are chatting here on one of several IRC networks, called Libera. This channel is about Ubuntu support.20:58
flataerth_so i can add anyone on pidjin that uses a program listed on pidjin like irc, google, kadu, jabbar etc20:59
tomreynThere's also a #hexchat channel here (heychat is a "fork" of XChat, which i think is no longer under development)20:59
flataerth_so IRC is for windows too? not just ubuntu or linux?20:59
flataerth_ubuntu is part of linux? or vice versa?20:59
tomreynonly once you've registered accounts on thses comunication networks. IRC is special in that it doesn't require an account to get started.21:00
flataerth_so the username i use here on IRC, i can just put on pidjin?21:00
tomreynUbuntu is a Linux distribution, one of the many.21:00
flataerth_ok thanks, so linux mint is not part of ubuntu?21:00
flataerth_it's also a linx distribution?21:01
flataerth_are yu a robot human tom? jk21:01
tomreynif pidgin supports irc (i think it does) then you can just connect to the libera network using the same nickname there.21:01
tomreyni'm a human. are you actually using ubuntu?21:01
flataerth_Linux mint Mate21:01
flataerth_19.3 i think21:01
tomreynokay, then you're really in the wrong place to get support here21:02
flataerth_my graphics card doesn't work well with ubuntu21:02
flataerth_for some reason21:02
flataerth_nvidia gforce forget the version21:02
tomreynif you want to revisit that some time, feel free to come back here, and ask for support with it21:02
flataerth_well i don't need ubuntu support21:02
flataerth_i can run most stuff on ubuntu on minit21:02
flataerth_yu helpd me with the pidjin stuff tho21:02
tomreynright, so we're really off-topic for this channel21:02
flataerth_well pidjin was on topic21:03
flataerth_i'm on the ubuntu server now21:03
tomreynwould have bene on-topic if you ran it on ubuntu21:03
tomreynyou can /join #libera for help with irc21:03
tomreynalso there is:21:03
flataerth_ok well it runs the same on mint21:03
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»21:03
flataerth_oh this is ubuntu suport i got ya21:04
flataerth_thanks tom21:04
flataerth_yu get paid for this?21:04
flataerth_so irc is on windows too or just linux?21:04
flataerth_so yu just do this for free how did yu get this?21:04
tomreynwe're off topic, sorry dude.21:05
flataerth_yu said pidjin is a channell?21:05
flataerth_don't see it?21:05
tomreyntype: /join #pidgin21:05
tomreynyou are misspelling it with a j21:06
flataerth_on here?21:06
tomreynyou're welcome21:07
wjtaylorDoes anyone have a working touchscreen using 22.04? My stylus is working, but my touchscreen is not.21:09
Jeremy31wjtaylor: Mine worked even in 18.0421:15
jhutchinswjtaylor: What kind of touchscreen?  How does it identify in your hardware lists?21:17
flataerth_how do i get the channell list for ubuntu?21:23
leftyfb!alis | flataerth_21:24
ubottuflataerth_: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»21:24
jhutchinsflataerth_: irc channels?  What network?  Have you tried a web search?21:25
leftyfbflataerth_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList21:25
flataerth_anyone familiar with pidgin?21:25
flataerth_can i message someone on pidjin from another IM server that's on pidjin without having that account?21:26
flataerth_what's the % or men to women on IRC?  roughly? 10 to 1? lol21:26
leftyfbflataerth_: please stop. You've been told several times21:26
flataerth_stop what?21:27
flataerth_how do i get alis?21:27
leftyfbflataerth_: this is an ubuntu support channel. Free free to chat about non-ubuntu support topics in #ubuntu-offtopi21:27
yomama420you already got it21:27
leftyfbsorry, #ubuntu-offtopic21:27
yomama420type "/msg Alis list help"21:27
c_89Hi, why Firefox 109.0 64 bit (flatpak) does not allow to add module `/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opensc-pkcs11.so`?21:28
leftyfbc_89: you'll have to contact Mozilla for support with the Firefix flatpack21:28
leftyfbsorry, Firefox. Not on my game today21:28
c_89leftyfb I searched a lot on the web but I didn't find solutions, I also tried adding the module with NSS but nothing!21:30
flataerth_thanks yall21:31
ravagec_89: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=162169121:31
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Mozilla bug 1621691 in Release Engineering "Failed to load module / security device /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/onepin-opensc-pkcs11.so" [Normal, Resolved: Fixed]21:31
wjtaylorJeremy31: It used to work in 14.xx, not in 22.0421:31
leftyfb14.04, from 9 years ago?21:32
wjtaylorJHutchins - Ntrig multitouch. It shows in xinput list. I'm not sure what to do to troubleshoot21:32
wjtaylorleftyfb: yes21:32
wjtaylorDoesn't work now though21:32
c_89leftyfb ravage the only workaround that seems to work is to use the AppImage version: https://github.com/srevinsaju/Firefox-Appimage#readme21:32
ravagec_89: i dont use the flatpak. cant help here really21:33
AsunaMoraHi all, is there any way to use NVIDIA Optimus only for Virtual Environment by IOMMU?21:34
c_89ravage in the link you sent me: firefox 76 fixed, firefox 77 fixed, firefox95 affected21:39
wjtaylorjhutchins: https://pastebin.com/y4Si2hrb21:41
Jeremy31wjtaylor: > xinput -list-props 1121:42
wjtaylorJeremy31: https://pastebin.com/21:45
wjtaylorlet me try that again21:45
wjtaylorJeremy31: https://pastebin.com/NKbFhf6W21:45
flataerth_how many servers are on irc?21:45
leftyfbflataerth_: type:  /join #ubuntu offtopic21:48
leftyfbflataerth_: looks like you're already there. Ask your non-ubuntu support questions there, not here21:48
Jeremy31wjtaylor: Is synaptics available for install?  libinput might not know how to handle that21:49
wjtaylorJeremy31: synaptics the package manager?21:49
Jeremy31wjtaylor: search for xserver-xorg-input-synaptics21:50
wjtaylorJeremy31: It was already installed and at the newest version.21:51
wjtaylorThis is on a Dell Latitude XT2 if that helps any.21:55
Jeremy31wjtaylor: No ideas, the xinput results were from libinput and it said the touchscreen was enabled.  Is there anything in Mouse/Touchpad settings for the screen?21:57
wjtaylorJeremy31: No22:03
wjtaylorI thought there was at one time though22:03
wjtaylorSo it this functionality all in the kernel or is there userland support needed?22:03
Jeremy31wjtaylor: Something must be missing since it isn't working but it seems kernel support is there as it shows in xinput22:04
wjtaylorJeremy31: where are events captured in the kernel? I don't seem to be generating any events22:10
Jeremy31wjtaylor: you could look in /var/logs22:13
jhutchinsSynaptic touchpad drivers should be included in the kernel packages.22:22
ubottuFor a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad22:23
webchat27I added 2FA to ssh and now cannot login.22:43
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guilll31hi, I have a xubuntu 14.04 pc that don't boot anymore, I use a live usb 22.04 to access it.  What should I look at to understand why it don't boot?22:48
leftyfbguilll31: you should install 22.04 and restore from backup. 14.04 was release almost 9 years ago and went end of life 4 years ago.22:50
pinkergloopi have ubuntu studio, and i have this problem where my desktop freezes after a few hours of use but applications still run fine22:50
pinkergloopwhen i do ctrl alt f2 and try to obtain a log when it's frozen, this is what i get22:51
pinkergloopany help?22:51
guilll31I am afraid that if I install I will lose a loot of stuff, if I am able to fix it, I will be able to do my backup22:51
jhutchinsguilll31: You may be able to do adequate backups by booting to a live image.22:53
ubottuThe Ubuntu Desktop ISO is a "Live" image, which can be run without altering existing files on your hard drive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.22:53
leftyfbguilll31: that's what backups are for. I am not suggesting you upgrade since that will take exponentially longer and I don't have a lot of confidence it won't result in more problems. I'm suggesting you make a backup of your files, install Ubuntu 22.04 and restore your files and reinstall any packages you want22:54
Gallomimiaif discord simply downloads its own updates anyway, what is the point of shutting down the app to refresh the snap and relaunching?22:56
leftyfbGallomimia: because discord doesn't download it's own updates with the snap. The snap does that22:57
Gallomimiauhh reality doesn't agree22:57
ravagediscord is able to download small fixes but does not do major updates22:58
Gallomimiagot notified about the need to update, did so, still downloaded 5 updates after22:58
CailYoungHi folks; https://changelogs.ubuntu.com is returning 503s for me; where should I report that?23:03
jhutchinsCailYoung: Server appears to be down.23:06
jhutchinsCailYoung: I'd just wait for it to come back, it's monitored.23:07
CailYoungIt appears to have been down for at least 8 hours at this point23:08
CailYoung(I have a VM image build that failed that long ago, due to the inability to reach changelog to assert on some package upgrades)23:10
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