PrinceRylan42My second monitor is acting buggy. When I drag a program over to it the cursor is misaligned with the program. And sometimes the program doesn't want to leave my primary monitor. And with a program like VSCode, When I click on some of the functions. It doesn't respond.17:43
PrinceRylan42I'm using a 6-7 year old Toshiba television hooked up to HDMI. It works fine as my second monitor in Windows 1117:43
PrinceRylan42I'm running an oracle virtual machine. And I have two monitors I have 2 monitors selected in the display settings of oracle and I have the video memory turned up to max (128mg). I've tried switching the graphics controller from VMSVGA to VBoxVGA and VBoxSVGA but that doesn't help. How do I get my second monitor to function properly? Let me know if17:43
PrinceRylan42you need more information. Thank you.17:43
c_89Hi, why Firefox 109.0 64 bit (flatpak) does not allow to add module `/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opensc-pkcs11.so`?21:28
guilllhi, I have a xubuntu 14.04 pc that don't boot anymore, I use a live usb 22.04 to access it.  What should I look at to understand why it don't boot?22:46
gnrpguilll: At what point does it not boot anymore?22:51
guilll@gnrp is there a file that I can look at to see what fail when I try to boot it?22:53
gnrpguilll: There are. But you have to tell at which stage it is failing to boot22:54
gnrpgenerally, /var/log/syslog is always helpful22:54
gnrp /var/log/kern.log contains the kernel messages22:55
gnrpbut all that helps only if you get as far as to write these files22:55
guilllgnrp those two file are last modified on January 20, so it would seem that when I try to boot it don't get to the point when it write them22:59
gnrpguilll: What is the last thing you see when the boot fails?22:59
guilllI have a separated /var partition23:00
guilllI don't remember what I saw last, I would have to leave the chat to do a reboot23:00
gnrpbecause I think this would be more relevant23:00
gnrpif you have a phone, just take a screenshot and upload it somehwere23:01
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