caribouHello, me again with a new IPv6 related question : When using the EphemeralIPNetwork() class, with ipv4=True, ipv6=True, is each IP version used sequentially ?14:58
caribouI mean if I use this decorator, IPv4 will be tried first right ?14:59
acibacaribou: ipv4 first and then ipv6, both versions used: https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/blob/c273d0e9f262d61b275369ce5587151b0df0dfe6/cloudinit/net/ephemeral.py#L44215:01
caribouaciba: thanks for the confirmation15:01
caribouI also see that both the DataSourceEC2 & DataSourceOpenStack make use of the url_helper.wait_for_url() with a list of IPv4 & IPv6 metadata URLs. This is based on the assumption that either IPv4 or both IPv4 & IPv2 stack will be available as I understand it15:07
cariboufor a bit of background, I'm working on the IPv6 impleplentation of our DataSourceScaleway15:07
acibacaribou: per the documentation of EphemeralIPNetwork, if ipv4 and ipv6 are set to true then the assumptions are (ipv4 and ipv6) or (ipv6 only)15:16
caribouok, thanks for the clarification15:16
cariboubtw, which documentation are you referring to ?15:21
acibaand the error handling in the except block15:22
caribouaciba: if I read it right, it is "Only IPv4" or "Dualstack IPv4 and IPv4"15:24
caribous/and IPv4/IPv6/15:25
caribouaciba: thanks for the fix on LP: #2003562 btw15:28
-ubottu:#cloud-init- Launchpad bug 2003562 in cloud-init (Ubuntu) "network-manager renderer does not honour IPv6 default route subnet" [High, Fix Committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/200356215:28
sstoryTrying to setup on RockyLinux 8.7 for a proxmox template. Getting some errors in cloud.cfg19:42
sstoryhttps://paste.centos.org/view/1d945402 Any ideas how to make it not freak out over the colon. I am new to this.19:44
waldisstory: this is not valid yaml, it needs some ":"19:50
sstorywaldi: Wow! I could NOT see the : missing after sudo!  Amazing what another pair of eyes can do19:56
meenaminimal: current status: trying to test your patch23:30
meenastep one: build cloud-init with your patch…23:31
meenastep zero: upgrade all VMs i haven't touched in 2 months23:32
meenai also need to generate a certificate chain23:41
minimalmeena: thanks23:46
minimalyou can use openssl to create a cert23:46
meenaminimal: i know, i just need to remember the secret invocations again23:47
minimalmeena: I have scripts for that to create root and intermediate CAs ;-)23:47
meenaminimal: i have shed the need for such things long ago23:48
minimalBTW best to test using throwaway VMs, especially for testing the delete certs functionality - if it works then anything relying on the CA certs will fail (e.g wget, curl, package manager perhaps, etc)23:49
minimalmeena: rather than rely on scripts you rely on your memory? lol23:49
meenaminimal: i have shed memory, too, pretty sure my brain's gone out the window with covid23:50
meenaare we still generating RSA keys?23:53
minimalfor what exactly? certs? that depends on what the certs might be used for.23:57

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