Fallenarraybolt3: As long as you have the meet link you should be able to join regardless of which account you use. You can try by opening up the link now, it should let you most of the way in.11:30
lotuspsychj3https://discourse.ubuntu.com/tag/documentation this is the place the wiki migrations will come to? and can we start using these for ubuntu factoids on irc?12:35
leftyfbAnyone know how to activate the "Anyone can use Ubuntu Pro for free on up to 5 machines, or 50 if you are an official Ubuntu Community member."?19:50
aaronprisk[m]<leftyfb> "Anyone know how to activate the..." <- I'm looking into this right now. I'll hopefully have an answer here shortly. 19:57
leftyfbaaronprisk[m]: 👍19:58
aaronprisk[m]<leftyfb> "aaronprisk: 👍" <- There are no extra steps needed as long as you are using the email you have associated with your Ubuntu Membership. I'm also told it will still show a 5 total count, but you will still have access to the 50 you're entitled to.20:06
leftyfbhm, I hope they fix that. Not only for visibility but to help track if I'm nearing the limit20:07
leftyfbwhich I personally won't be nearing, but I'm sure it'll become an issue for some20:07
aaronprisk[m]I agree that may cause some confusion. I will pass along that feedback. 20:08
arraybolt3I wonder if anyone's actually tried it? What happens if an Ubuntu Member adds a sixth machine to their subscription? I could play with it in a VM but it would be nice to know for sure that there wasn't any tripwire that might go off incorrectly and cause legal trouble. Hopefully this is something Canonical has already tested internally.20:10
aaronprisk[m]If I'm mistaken when you hit the limit the enrollment process will fail and deliver a relevant message.20:12
aaronprisk[m]arraybolt3 This is also some good information for the Ubuntu Membership documentation that is next up to be revised and posted.20:12
arraybolt3Good point, that should be something we should add. After the Flavor Sync Meeting though.20:13
aaronprisk[m]lotuspsychj3: I have a pull request pending to update the Community Support link that's referenced in the Ubuntu gnome-help to the new page. 20:39
aaronprisk[m]In regards to your question, if the IRC documentation you're looking to add is referenced within the Community Support page, you could put it right within the Docs/Community category and we can ensure it get's linked to the top level page. 20:39
leftyfbhttps://i.imgur.com/cQSrmO9.png  looks like I'm covered21:44

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