daftykinssheesh 3 support calls all at once, what a Monday10:04
daftykinsglad one has a young enough lad that can work out the basics, had to change the subnet in use at an opticians yesterday ahead of plans to provide VPN access10:09
daftykinsi was redoing some cabling yesterday there, someone had gone off-spec with the colour coding causing both ends to be done >_<10:10
zxmpisurely you had your trusty cable tester and crimper to redo the ends? :-)11:03
daftykinszxmpi: well not a crimper, i refuse to put solid core into 8P8Cs... preferring wall socket modules to make a trusty and reliable connection!12:09
daftykinsbut it was between those + the patch panel that had to be redone12:10
zxmpibut also raises the question, who goes off spec? colour blind? an idiot? :-P12:40
daftykinsa colour blind sparky definitely made for an interesting job a couple of years ago, somehow the PoE cables would work for a bit but then fail a day or so after, despite the wrong order12:42
daftykinsonce i put one on spec it was nice and reliable12:42
penguin42huh that's interesting behaviour12:55
daftykinsyeah i don't get how it could even begin to work once12:56
penguin42https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_over_Ethernet#Standard_implementation  says it's commoned across the pairs; and then through a diode bridge to cope with crossover cables; so hmm13:02

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