guilllI try to install 22.04, it has been detecting filesystem for more than 2 hours.02:14
guilllI did a fresh install of xubuntu 22.04, I have a grub error 15 after the install.04:36
JackFrostnicoz: For 32bit I would have said the same thing you did, fwiw.  And I don't usually keep an archive of the past releases.04:54
gnrpguilll: If it is trying to detect a filesystem, it should throw you to a rescue shell at some point though if it is nto the root filesystem or the initrd (whatever the exact message was)07:51
gnrpguilll: Is maybe the hard drive having trouble?07:51
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josh_i am some what new to linux09:10
josh_but i would like some help to make a two pc streaming setup with the two pcs i have09:10
josh_one linux one windows 1109:10
josh_so is their some one that would help me09:11
josh_i am tryin to find nditex some thing or other for my pc streaming setup09:12
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:15
gnrpjosh_: People  here are generally helping, but you have to stay a bit and wait09:15
gnrpand ask for your questions directly09:15
josh_i do mean i am sorry09:16
josh_i have obs installed on this linux box and my windows pc what do i need to do for nditex09:17
gnrpwhat is nditex?09:18
josh_its a tool09:18
gnrphm. google doesn't turn up with anything for me09:18
josh_it might be under nditool or plugin for obs09:19
josh_i was watching a video on it but he had two windows pcs09:20
josh_not the linux and windows i am using09:20
gnrpmaybe describe your streaming setup and what you want to achieve first09:26
josh_well i have 3 pcs two are windows one is older one with linx that i am using now09:29
josh_i stream game play to twitch09:29
josh_i don't have a capture card09:29
josh_thats why i wanted to use ndi thingy09:30
josh_so i guess theirs no help with that09:34
josh_or is their?09:34
gnrpI think this is pretty specific and not really the genreal topic of this channel, so you won't find too much help here09:35
gnrpbut doesn't OBS already have a diret interface to twitch?09:35
josh_well ok09:35
josh_i will try a different place for help sorry to have bothered u guys/gals09:36
gnrpit's ok09:36
gnrpjust hang around, maybe somebody knows09:36
gnrpI didn't mean to say that this is off-topic, just that you might not find the help you want here09:37
gnrpdamn, he's gone.09:37
josh_i am tryin to make my xubuntu not go to sleep or whatever its doing to make the screen blank after 5 mins or so10:22
josh_i am on an nvidia card10:24
josh_cuz i thought i turned off all my screen savers and power stuff to make it not do that10:26
slashfantasticHello, I've logged onto Xubuntu this morning and it's not booted into XFCE, instead it looks more like normal ubuntu - how do I get back to XFCE?10:30
slashfantastic(all my applications are still here, i just need to launch them under "Activities"10:31
josh_i think thats done with your session manager10:31
josh_like before u log in10:31
slashfantasticmy desktop is still running in gnome shell, how do i get it back to XFCE? i've tried reinstalling xfce410:50
gtumminiaWhat is this?14:00
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geisonhello, how can I istall the openssh-server on xubuntu?16:53
gnrpgeison: You open the package manager and install it there16:59
gnrpor you open a terminal and enter `sudo apt install openssh-server`16:59

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