arraybolt3Looks like we had the same idea :P17:28
arraybolt3There's no -devel channel though, we'll probably want that.17:29
Eickmeyerogra still has ops here.17:29
ograhah ... a "crowd"17:34
arraybolt3How to resurrect an IRC channel in one step. 1: Mention it to the community. 2: Profit.17:35
arraybolt3*two steps17:35
EickmeyerChanserv isn't here.17:39
arraybolt3Is ogra still able to op up then?17:39
* arraybolt3 forgot the IRC command for checking that17:40
* ogra always forgets the command to op himself 😛17:41
ograChansevr - #edubuntu is not registered.17:42
ograbah 17:43
ograwhy are the bots in here then ? 17:43
ograso i'm not able to op currently 17:43
EickmeyerSo, it probably needs to be registered, which means we need to go to the IRCC.17:46
Eickmeyerogra: We have ChanServ.20:51
ograwhee 20:55
arraybolt3Eickmeyer: Sounds like you found the right people to talk to?20:55
Eickmeyerarraybolt3: Yeah, turns out Unit193 was smart enough to grab it during the move from Freenode.20:56
EickmeyerSo, he just did a little bit of ACL magic.20:56
arraybolt3Nice to have someone in Ubuntu development *and* IRCC *and* Libera.Chat staff around to help with stuff like that.20:57

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