valorieyikes, I use flatpaks!00:27
valoriesnaps have been a disaster for me and I've purged it00:28
yofelI've made my peace with snaps ever since they got the message that forcing application upgrades while an app is in use might not be such a great idea. These days there's not too much difference between either one looking from a user perspective.12:52
yofelI do prefer flatpaks, but that's more because of "project background", than technical reasons.12:52
valorieyofel: the snaps were causing extreme system load21:13
valoriethey might have improved it, but I've already moved on21:13
valorieI don't see Debian picking 'em up21:14
valorienot that I'm religious about debs or anything21:14
mparilloSetting aside the religious debate, if you have loads of memory and a big, fast SSD, snaps are not so bad. But if one of your use cases is running the live USB to (say) access your banking website, the difference between the FF Snap versus non-snap is huge. Maybe 15-30 seconds to load the snap from a live USB.21:22
valorieand I have the loads of memory and storage21:41
valorieif the name is snap, I expect it to snap21:41
valorienot drag like lead wieghts21:42

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