arraybolt3Would love input on this: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/lubuntu-and-the-flutter-based-subiquity-installer-personal-concerns-and-thoughts/3358600:25
guivercwe used calamares since 18.10 (first lxqt release)00:27
arraybolt3Thanks, will correct that.00:28
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> From the first meeting; TPM backed FDE is a high priority for 24.0400:30
guivercI've noted some graphic glitches on old hardware with the newer installer; but I've not tested it much  this cycle  (I may have also swapped out the nvidia card where I saw it most; I forget)00:30
arraybolt3@kc2bex: As I understood it, that was only for Ubuntu Core Desktop and variants, right?00:32
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> I don't think anyone was suggesting we switch to the new installer today. It was implied that it would be over the next cycle or so and small issues would be fixed along the way, hopefully with a few more community contributors.00:32
guivercfyi:   as an installer is (ideally) only run once; the Qt/GTK mismatch doesn't worry me ; primarily a concern in regards requirements for installer to run (is the mismatch significant and thus a problem for lower-resource end-users?)00:32
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> It was thought we could all benefit from that.00:32
guivercarraybolt3, it was how it was stressed as I understood it (ubuntu core desktop), what my notes reflect anyway00:33
arraybolt3I figured as much, it's just probably something we'd want to get out of the way now while we're in the early stages, rather than finding out when there's a push to switch (if there's a push to switch). I *think* I was supposed to mention stuff on Discourse if it would take to long during the meeting?00:33
arraybolt3kc2bez: re the installer ^00:33
guivercusing the new installer is our choice (my understanding), no requirement to use it.00:33
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Correct00:34
guiverc(if there was a push, it was for those using `ubiquity` they want not to support; thus we're not impacted by that at all!)00:35
arraybolt3OK, that's good. Personally I think it would be *great* if we all used the same installer, and I know Simon said that yes, we would be interested in it.00:35
guiverc(and that push ^ does not impact 23.04)00:35
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> It was encouraged that we all try to use the same installer if it would work for us.00:36
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Correct not 23.04, maybe not even 23.1000:36
arraybolt3OK. I may have misunderstood some things then. I took stuff about "blocker" out of the post since if it's optional, there's not really anything that's being blocked.00:37
arraybolt3Glad I put the note that this was only my thoughts at the top :P00:37
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Currently there are no flavors set to use the new installer only a very basic POC for Mate00:37
guivercarraybolt3, re: wallpaper images, given my recent reply on discourse to a thread; ... were you going to publish screenshots of lunar greeter & wallpaper? (sorry I forget)   OR want me or someone else to?  (given your our source).  I suggested waiting until they were on ISO & I think; ISOs are all good now re UID999 issue etc..) I believe00:51
arraybolt3guiverc: I intended to and then just forgot :P00:53
arraybolt3I'll get that done real quick. Desktop screenshot thread, right?00:53
guivercyep.  greeter & wallpaper please :)    No hurry though; just when you can etc. 00:54
arraybolt3guiverc: Done, thanks for the reminder!01:04
guivercThank you arraybolt3 :)01:06
kgiiiSpeaking of installer, there was a PPA for a bit, is there any planned movement to a minimum install option? I see interest in such a thing fairly regularly, but not like so regularly that I'd call it a major priority...02:50
arraybolt3kgiii: At one point we were working on that and *just about* had it made, though this was way before I came on. I added it to the list here: https://notes.lubuntu.me/huOk59_iRSaAMZDl_my8bw?edit03:08
arraybolt3I apologize in advance if I'm not around a whole lot tomorrow. My dad managed to get his laptop hacked and so a lot of my time (and probably most of my Internet bandwidth during that time) is going to be spent on a Windows reinstall complete with Windows Update chaos and driver installation madness. :-/06:48
guivercoh what fun arraybolt3 :(06:51
arraybolt3Thankfully I have the ISO downloaded and a Linux drive for recovering files already built, so it's possible that most of the work will just be waiting for the system to do its thing while I do other stuff. And I've been getting 2 and 4 MiB/s speeds so it might not be all that horrible. I guess we'll find out tomorrow after file recovery is complete.06:52
arraybolt3*speeds for my Internet06:52
arraybolt3Submitted a request for xdg-desktop-portal-lxqt to be added to the Lubuntu packageset, hopefully that will result in less overhead next time it needs an update or NCR.08:00
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arraybolt3I assume the problem with PyQt5 causing regressions and *still* blocking qtbase-opensource-src is known?17:47
arraybolt3I think I saw something about that.17:47
arraybolt3What I'm not sure is how it would be fixed :P I don't know enough to know if this is a real, honest-to-goodness regression in PyQt or what.17:47
arraybolt3Where on earth even is PyQt's homepage?!17:49
arraybolt3Ah, found it. Finally.17:49
arraybolt3They seem to have only added a few missing components, so this is weird.17:51
arraybolt3Oh, because the news has an *incomplete* changelog looks like.17:52
arraybolt3Where on earth are l-u-n's autopkgtest rules even coming from?17:58
arraybolt3nvm, found them, I was on the Focal branch rather than Lunar :P17:59
arraybolt3Alright, looks like maybe the failed autopkgtests are a fluke? I can't reproduce them on my end.18:12
arraybolt3tsimonq2: ALright, I believe I am ready for the next level of fighting with -proposed, how to retry autopkgtests. I don't know where the docs are on that, though I think the idea is I send some links to people with the right privileges and they do it for me.18:14
kgiiiThanks for the update @arraybolt3.18:21
tsimonq2arraybolt3 @arraybolt3:libera.chat: https://autopkgtest-cloud.readthedocs.io/en/latest/architecture.html#test-request-format18:47
arraybolt3tsimonq2: all-proposed! Perfect, thanks.19:04
arraybolt3Might let us help get PyQt5 a bit more unstuck.19:05
tsimonq2Don't use all-proposed unless you have to heh19:10
arraybolt3tsimonq2: I could see that it had failed multiple times with only picking and choosing stuff and I had done a local test with "autopkgtest --apt-pocket=proposed=* -- schroot lunar-amd64-shm" which passed, so I thought it would make it unstick.19:11
arraybolt3"This is sometimes necessary when several packages need to land in lockstep but don’t declare versioned Depends:/Breaks: to each other, but might cause mis-blaming if some other package than the trigger got broken in -proposed." I think that's what's happening possibly, and I just tested locally so I don't think the mis-blame will happen. Still, I will keep that in mind for next time.19:14
tsimonq2What differences are there in packages being pulled in?19:17
* arraybolt3 looks19:17
arraybolt3I can see that when pyqt/5.15.8 is added to the mix (with or without python3-defaults/3.11.1-0ubuntu1), the test borks. But when I did the above autopkgtest command, everything Just Worked, so... I assume what I probably should have done is figured out what packages needed to be in there too.19:18
arraybolt3(But vorlon already kicked off the test for me and I didn't realize that --all-proposed was an extreme measure so...)19:18
arraybolt3Ah, and it looks like the other thing that was part of the setup when it worked was... *drumroll* Qt 5.15.8. Shocker.19:20
arraybolt3And I see that at no point was the combo of PyQt 5.15.8 + Python 3.11 + Qt 5.15.8 was tried.19:21
arraybolt3OK so... somehow kde-config-updates is still getting in?19:41
arraybolt3No, it's not, but systemsettings still is!...19:41
arraybolt3Gah. Guess what recommends systemsettings. Bluedevil.19:42
arraybolt3So... our Bluetooth stack is the next offender in the list.19:45
arraybolt3tsimonq2: ^19:45
arraybolt3My thoughts on this may be drastic, but I'm thinking we replace Bluedevil with Blueman. (Reasoning coming soon, but I have to go afk...)19:50
arraybolt31. At least one user on Discourse wanted a Bluetooth tray icon, which Bluedevil doesn't provide, but Blueman does.19:51
arraybolt32. We aren't all that thrilled with our current Bluetooth stack anyway.19:51
arraybolt33. We already have networking components in Lubuntu that are GNOME-based (the NetworkManager configuration thingy, I believe), and Bluetooth is networking-related, so this isn't that big of a change.19:52
arraybolt34. My previous experience with using Bluedevil on Lubuntu is bad - whereas I can usually do cool things like link two computers so I can play audio from one out the other, Lubuntu wouldn't do that. I suspect Blueman may fix that.19:52
arraybolt35. I hate Bluedevil's name. :P19:53
arraybolt3Also, 6. Bluedevil looks like it legitimately recommends systemsettings as it uses it as part of how you configure Bluetooth. Trying to demote systemsettings to a Suggests there may be detrimental.19:54
arraybolt3XScreenSaver in Debian is rescued! \o/20:40
arraybolt3New todo list option - write a version of apt-cacher-ng that actually works.21:05
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lubot[telegram] <kc2bez> Bluedevil shines with the plasma plasmoid which we don't have. Blueman is great but is GTK. Debian and LXQt recommend conman which is gross and problematic.22:50
arraybolt3Hmm... Blueman wants to remove pipewire-alsa for goodness-knows-why.23:07
arraybolt3Which we know breaks audio in weird ways since we had to put it there in the first place to get audio working right.23:08
arraybolt3Oh, lol, because it Depends on Pulseaudio.23:08
arraybolt3Er, no, it Recommends pulseaudio-module-bluetooth.23:08
arraybolt3If I skip the recommends, it's compatible.23:09
arraybolt3I'll test it out on a system with Bluetooth, it actually doesn't look that out-of-place in my initial testing.23:11

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