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* ogra tickles Eickmeyer[m] 17:25
* arraybolt3 summons te_ward17:26
ograEickmeyer[m], LP sent me mail today that made me think of you ...17:26
Eickmeyer[m]ogra: Oh?17:27
ograEickmeyer[m], about my renewal of my edubuntu-irc-ops membership ... 17:27
ograwhich made me check the #edubuntu channel ... seems that still exists because there hang two bots out 17:27
Eickmeyer[m]Oh! I didn't know that, I didn't even know it was a thing here!17:28
ograi was wondering if you'd want to re-vive it or rather do edubuntu suppot thrugh other channels17:28
ograyeah, i was surprised too ... i thought it died with freenode17:28
Eickmeyer[m]We should probably revive it, but I'll probably do like Ubuntu Studio and bridge it with Matrix since low barrier-to-entry.17:29
Eickmeyer[m]Requires IRCC approval.17:30
ograwow, you are fast clicking links on the internets 🙂17:30
* ogra sees you applied already17:30
arraybolt3Eickmeyer's fast at everything.17:31
Eickmeyer[m]Yeah, I surprise people.17:31
leftyfbI thought I heard inklings of edubuntu making a comeback recently 17:31
ograarraybolt3, nw you sacred me ... s i have to play music Eickmeyer[m] makes at half speed ? 17:31
ogra*scared 17:31
ogra*sigh* ... 17:31
Eickmeyer[m]leftyfb: Yep, just got the go-ahead from the TB, but we've got some things to wrap-up internally before approaching the release team.17:31
arraybolt3ogra: Heh, depending on the sample rate the file he sends you...17:32
Eickmeyer[m]HAHAHAHA ogra 17:32
arraybolt3*of the file17:32
leftyfbEickmeyer[m]: will there still be a focus on the thin-client route?17:32
Eickmeyer[m]Rumors that I'm a hummingbird have been greatly exaggerated.17:33
Eickmeyer[m]leftyfb: That's secondary.17:33
arraybolt3lol @ hummingbird17:33
ograyeah, LTSP went off on its own anyway, you can just use it with any linux nowadays17:33
arraybolt3(Hopefully there will still be the IRC channel and not just the Matrix room, I've given Matrix a fair shot and IRC is superior for me.)17:34
ogranot really tied to education anymore17:34
* leftyfb REALLY hates Matrix17:34
ograarraybolt3, /join #edubuntu 🙂 still there 17:34
arraybolt3ogra: Just did :)17:34
charafau[m]I should post image here to really trigger irc people :P19:57
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