seb128goood morning desktopers!07:14
KGB-0gnome-initial-setup tags b8c2141 Sebastien Bacher ubuntu/42.0.1-1ubuntu2.2 * https://deb.li/O5uN08:13
seb128ricotz, hey, how are you? Sorry to bother you again with that, but do you have any idea what the next steps could be for the thunderbird translations issue or of a workaround we could use to be about to roll out 102.7.1? It's a stuggle atm, since Olivier left I've to step up for now but life + work are just mad atm, I'm busy most of the weeks in Canonical mid cycle reviews and dealing with other fires12:28
seb128which means I'm not managing to find any time to try to understand thunderbird and how the l10n works there, but I feel bad that i'm blocking the update, I'm just unsure if there is any temporary action I could take to get a least that one out12:29
ricotzseb128, hello, I assume Amin has started to look into it12:51
ricotzseb128, afaics the proposed build1.2 repack has little issues, I haven't spotted any obvious problems here in German (compared to older versions)12:52
ricotzI would suggest using this tarball while the fixed security issues are way more important!12:53
ricotzthunderbird is still stuck at 102.4.2 :(, so I would not worry about translations at this point12:54
seb128ricotz, Amin started poking at it didn't get much result yet13:01
seb128ricotz, in french the left pane icons tooltips are untranslated but also import menu items like the Settings entry, or the zoom and font ones, or even 'To' in the composer13:02
seb128ricotz, it's not the end of the world but quite visible to a french eye, also the snap doesn't have that issue so the translations exist upstream in a way that is compatible with 102.7.113:03
ricotzseb128, yeah, upstream seems to be doing quite some fiddling to merge those multiple translation sources :(13:08
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KGB-0gdm ubuntu/master 5cee7eb Simon McVittie debian/ control control.in * d/control.in: Drop dependency on lsb-base * https://deb.li/3Mzr117:17
KGB-0gdm ubuntu/master d9f3cdd Simon McVittie debian/ gdm3.install gdm3.maintscript * Move dbus-daemon security policy from /etc to /usr/share * https://deb.li/Iz8h17:17
KGB-0gdm ubuntu/master ea24adf Simon McVittie debian/ control control.in * d/control.in: Remove Multi-Arch: same from gir1.2-gdm-1.0 * https://deb.li/3e6tc17:18
KGB-0gdm signed tags 01ea333 Marco Trevisan ubuntu/43.0-3ubuntu1 * gdm3 Debian release 43.0-3ubuntu1 * https://deb.li/UkYy17:18
Trevinhoseb128: that's good to go to lunar... ^^17:18
waveformjbicha, hi! I'm just prepping an update to ubuntu-settings to move some horrid hacks from livecd-rootfs over into the ubuntu-raspi-settings-* packages and wanted to check if you've got anything pending for ubuntu-settings?17:21
jbichawaveform: no, go ahead17:23
waveformexcellent, thanks!17:23
jbichawaveform: but debian/control says we use https://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-settings so could you ping one of us to push your changes there?17:25
waveformjbicha, certainly!17:26
waveformjbicha, if it's easier I can just open a merge request against that? (none of this is urgent -- it just needs to go in before the release as the livecd-rootfs hacks have to disappear for the new ubuntu-image method)17:29
jbichamerge request is fine17:30
jbichaperhaps we should use git-ubuntu instead which would probably have better permissions. It's just that so much of the ubuntu-desktop stuff is maintained in Salsa that we don't have much experience with git-ubuntu17:31
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