vpa1977bdmurray: java-common migrated, thanks again !!!!!04:30
Skuggenmdeslaur: Hi! Sorry, I hadn't seen that before. I'll ask09:02
Skuggencoreycb: Great work on the router issue. The full revert should be reasonably safe as the router code is quite independent of server. Dev may have found the underlying issue, so we might also be able to get a targeted patch out09:04
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slyonjuliank: is there any way to use 'apt search ..' to only search for packages in the 'main' component?10:07
juliankslyon: You can use apt list with patterns perhaps10:09
juliankslyon: but you can't search descriptions in there10:09
slyonok.. I'd like to search descriptions from 'main'10:10
juliankTo find all packages in main, you could use ?not(?section(/))10:10
slyonsearching just package names should already help, though.10:10
slyonlet me try that10:10
juliankI need to implement ?description10:11
juliankWhy is there no component pattern too10:13
juliankI want to search ?component(main), not ?not(?section(/))10:13
juliankor ?component(restricted) instead of ?section(restricted/.*)10:13
juliankI know I know we should just implement sql on top of the apt cache10:14
slyonright, a component pattern would be nice and searching the description, too.10:14
slyonbut I think the ?not(?section(/)) does the trick for me now. thanks a lot!10:14
slyonmy output is relatively small, to I can filter the rest manually10:15
juliankCan also use apt-cache show ?not(?section(/)) | grep-dctrl -rFDescription regex10:16
juliankok there is a bug *somewhere*10:19
juliankoh yeah apt show splits on / first and hence parses ?not(?section( as the pattern, and )) as the release.10:20
mdeslaurSkuggen: thanks!11:49
Skuggenmdeslaur: coreycb: I have another patch for the router bug (basically, it couldn't handle 20+ long passwords over unencrypted channels). Just checking the build, and I can upload to the bug (Jan was able to reproduce the issue in the bug and tested against that)11:58
mdeslaurSkuggen: great!12:06
coreycbSkuggen: great, thank you13:39
coreycbSkuggen: that would probably be worth cutting a new patch release to include the bug fix13:41
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arraybolt3Could I ask for some autopkgtest retries for lubuntu-update-notifier? I see it's stuck in PyQt5, but when I do an autopkgtest locally with all of -proposed in use, the test passes. List of URLs: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/dzVYBFB5Br/19:07
arraybolt3(I added the "&all-proposed=1" to the end of each one, I think that's the way to do that but I don't know for sure, so please review and tell me if I messed that up.)19:08
vorlonarraybolt3: running19:10
vorlonfwiw I'm just running the following pipeline rather than copying the above pastebin: retry-autopkgtest-regressions --blocks pyqt5 --all-proposed | xargs -rn1 -P10 curl --cookie ~/.cache/autopkgtest.cookie -o /dev/null --silent --head --write-out '%{url_effective}: %{http_code}\n'19:10
arraybolt3Wow, that looks complicated :P19:12
arraybolt3I think I can see the general idea of how that works, though. Thanks for sharing!19:12
vorlonthe bit after the pipe is documented in the help output of retry-autopkgtest-regressions19:13
arraybolt3That's part of ubuntu-archive-tools (or something similarly named, can't remember it rn), right?19:14
arraybolt3Nevermind, found it.19:15
MacSlowGreetings everybody!19:20
sarnoldwb MacSlow19:21
MacSlowhey sarnold19:21
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