ph88hi all ! i accidentally removed libgcr-base-3-1  when it was uninstalling my graphical session crashed. I rebooted into terminal mode and reinstalled libgcr-base-3-1. Now when i reboot again it keeps going to terminal. How can i get my desktop back ?00:20
esvwhat does sudo systemctl get-default ?00:22
remexrehey, should installing libc6-{dev,dbg} be sufficient to get a _statically linked_ binary to have debug info in 18.04? in the ubuntu:latest it seems to work, but dwarfdump isn't seeing anything in 18.0400:22
esvph88, what does "sudo systemctl get-default" give?00:23
ph88esv, graphical-target00:24
ph88gdm3 is not installed anymore for some reason00:26
esvremoving the library must have removed the rest of the graphical environment00:26
ph88how do i reinstall the graphical environment i had before ?00:27
ph88like the default ubuntu deskopt ... not the vanilla gnome00:27
esvtry: sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop00:27
jilocasinevening everyone00:28
jilocasindoes anyone know how to find the config file netplan is *actually* using?00:28
Roeyjilocasin: I mis-read your nickname as a drug, jilocaine00:28
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Roeyjilocasin: hello o/00:28
esvwhat do you have in /etc/netplan ?00:29
ph88thank you esv  you saved me <300:29
esvphew, it worked!!00:29
jilocasinjust a mishmash, same nameserver a dozen times, same two search domain repeated a half dozen times that's it.00:30
jilocasinesv: was looking to revert MTU form 9000 back to 1500, but there's no MTU value in this at all.00:30
esvmy desktop is running NetworkManager ... interesting00:31
jilocasinesv: normally it would be set in the netplan yaml file, which means someone thought they were being clever. :/00:33
jilocasinesv: running server here00:33
esvdo you have NM up? does "nmcli con show" give you anything interesting00:34
jilocasinesv: found it, it's in the interfaces file00:34
esvin /etc/netplan ?00:36
esvit amuses me the multiple ways a distro behaves00:38
esvfor example, my Ubuntu 22.04 is running NM. why? don't recall ever dealing with NM in Ubuntu.00:39
gogofc_Gnome comes with network manager it get's installed. But if you installed a ubuntu server then in the upper right corner the network will say unmanaged00:40
ph88How can i fix this during apt update?   N: Skipping acquisition of configured file 'main/binary-i386/Packages', as repository 'https://mkvtoolnix.download/ubuntu jammy InRelease' doesn't support architecture 'i386'00:40
gogofc_I meant if you installed Ubuntu server then installed gnome, your default network will not be managed by network manager.00:41
ph88that's for 32 bits processors right ?00:41
esvgogofc_, thx00:41
* esv really needs to brush up on Ubuntu support. I suck @ it. 00:42
sarnoldph88: you can edit the 'deb' line for that repo to use 'deb [ arch=amd64 ]' .. https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/272916/706400:43
esvph88, do you have any references for it in /etc/apt/sources.list or /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* ?00:43
ph88esv, yes mkvtoolnix.download.list00:44
ph88sarnold, thx ill have a look00:44
ph88great that worked00:46
ph88What about this ? https://debian.neo4j.com/dists/stable/InRelease: Key is stored in legacy trusted.gpg keyring (/etc/apt/trusted.gpg), see the DEPRECATION section in apt-key(8) for details.    Neo4j database ubuntu installation still mentions apt-key00:46
sarnoldugh. untangling that is a pain.00:46
ph88ok no worries00:47
ph88ill figure it out00:47
ph88thanks for all the help guys00:47
ph88see ya !00:47
sarnoldph88: best of luck :)00:47
multifractalIs there any way to downgrade from 22.04 to 20.04 without losing all my files? I have a 20.04 USB stick.00:59
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.01:00
gogofc_Don't downgrade. Do backup your files to another disk if you have one01:05
aditHello bro01:15
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pycurious1Why is ubuntu 20.04lts apt upgrade showing me a bunch of packages with the title string: The following security updates require Ubuntu Pro with 'esm-apps' enabled:02:45
pycurious1Can i ignore it? Can I supress it?02:45
marcopolo1Is there a window manager that displays previews of other desktop environments on the side02:47
marcopolo1Like in permanence02:47
sarnoldpycurious1: you can get a free token on https://ubuntu.com/pro that'll give you free universe updates on up to five machines02:50
pycurious1sarnold: If I dont get that free token - ubuntu 20.04LTS is no longer safe? supported for security updates?02:51
sarnoldpycurious1: "no longer safe" isn't quite right -- ubuntu pro is universe updates02:53
sarnoldpycurious1: universe was always community supported, which didn't work great. mariadb was kept in pretty good shape by otto, but beyond that it was pretty poor02:53
sarnoldpycurious1: now there's updates for universe available through ubuntu pro02:53
pycurious1sarnold: I see the page you linked, I cant seem to get free anything there - what combination of selections get free tokens? I seem to get either $2500 or $1125 pricing?02:55
sarnoldpycurious1: there are two free tiers02:55
sarnoldpycurious1: one free tier, available to all, is five machines; the second free tier is open to ubuntu members, that's fifty machines02:55
pycurious1I'm selecting "Physical servers" for Q1. 5 for question 2,  20.04lts for question 3. - no free tiers shown here - or I am missing something02:57
pycurious1I only see "Free trial avaiable"02:57
sarnoldsince I've already got ubuntu pro on my ubuntu one account I can't follow along very far; but from https://ubuntu.com/pro you should be able to click the "register" button next to the "Free for personal use" line, and get from there to a screen that kind of looks like the screenshot I added to https://github.com/canonical/ubuntu.com/issues/1245302:59
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 12453 in canonical/ubuntu.com "Free Pro personal token incorrect count for community members" [Open]02:59
guivercmultifractal; you can re-install another release over a newer one.. and not impact your data files, but there can be consequences to this meaning a fair amount of homework is required if you value your data & go backwards... (the older apps may not be able to deal correctly with data modified by newer versions of the apps; this isn't release specific but application/package specific)03:02
arraybolt3pycurious1: I just got there a bit ago, it's not quite that intuitive though it's easy once you know where to click.03:09
arraybolt3pycurious1: You don't even have to sign up if you already have an Ubuntu One account (their single-sign-on service for most Ubuntu websites).03:09
arraybolt3The button is on ubuntu.com/pro - click the "Your subscriptions" button.03:09
arraybolt3Which links to this if you just want a one-click solution: https://ubuntu.com/pro/dashboard03:10
arraybolt3It should show you the free personal token for 5 machines by default.03:10
arraybolt3(At least it does for me.)03:10
pycurious1How do i fix this apt update problem: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY B53DC80D13EDEF0503:25
pycurious1coming from: https://packages.cloud.google.com/apt cloud-sdk InRelease03:25
pycurious1apt-key adv  .. —recv-keys doesnt work for this one03:26
sarnoldhopefully google publishes their key someplace for users to download it and save it in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/03:29
pycurious1sarnold: found it —> curl https://packages.cloud.google.com/apt/doc/apt-key.gpg | sudo apt-key --keyring /usr/share/keyrings/cloud.google.gpg add -03:31
pycurious1sarnold: what happens if one doesnt upgrade from LTS to PRO - the universe packages have less security?03:40
sarnoldpycurious1: yes03:41
pycurious1sarnold: where is a good place to install nvidia drivers from on LTS machines? (20.04 in particular)03:42
sarnoldpycurious1: 'ubuntu-drivers install' should know how to get the supported nvidia drivers03:43
sarnoldpycurious1: i'm headed out for the night :) have a good night, day, etc :)03:44
eawfawhow to troubleshoot that my ethernet adapter is disabled when I start my VM, and even if I enable it with ifconfig <eth> up internet doesn't work.  ip r returns nothing... the adapter has only an ipv6 ip but not an ipv4 one04:51
solifugusIs there a better file manager for Ubuntu--the default one is useless for so many reasons.04:56
solifugusWhat do people use?  It can't be that thing.04:57
eawfawsolifugus: I share your pain...04:58
solifugusunclear how to sort by a column... it's not be clicking on the top... unclear if there is any way to create a new folder.... these things are so basic and yet... how/where??  the obvious ways are not there.05:01
solifugusThere is a checkbox selector when right-clicking that looks like it wants to be sorting by... but.. not sure what it's doing, actually05:02
solifugusoh, i c... selecting the attributes to show05:02
solifugusAlso... how to refresh...  pretty sure I added more files I am not seeing.... being able to sort by time would help there..05:04
NickHF5 to reload05:11
NickHRight click "Modified" to sort by file modification time.05:12
NickHSorry, left click.05:12
NickHRight click will let you choose which columns to display.05:12
NickHAre you using Nautilus file manager?05:14
NickHA.K.A "Files", "Simple file manager for GNOME"05:45
Guest55anyone knows any linux gui app that shows total internet data usage and other related stuff?05:54
eawfawIn a very weird turn out of events, I found a post that suggested suspending and resume the VM, and that actually did fix the internet O_O....05:58
darth_tuxi was going to say Stacer to guest but he left05:58
Neal87hello, looking for help with pam.d modules in 22.0406:39
Neal87i guess a follow up question is, for the manual here06:44
Neal87how do i better navigate, is there any follow up materials to the manuals? reading the manuals is like not the easiest thing in the world...06:44
floownHello. I have join the Ubuntu pro program when I have seen the message that I should join it to use PhpMyAdmin. I have made the upgrade, and now PhpMyAdmin display a lot of warnings. I can not use it because they always display again. Someone here to copy these line in a private message?06:48
darth_tuxNeal87: Libraries have tons of books on Linux paper and E-Books06:49
Neal87anything online?06:51
darth_tuxexcuse me for being old and still enjoying books to read. As for online goolge or duckduckgo what you want to know06:51
Neal87ok well im here06:52
Neal87when i su, it seems to not be locking out06:52
Neal87im trying to find more information on how to make sense of common-auth, common-account06:54
jimfloown, (I like to use postgres, but that's another story), are you trying to add tables and such to mysql?06:54
Neal87the manual doesnt seem very clear06:54
floownjim, no, I just had yesterday control if all works well after the installation06:54
Neal87like even now im trying to find the man pages for the other parts for common-auth/common-account06:55
Neal87i found it earlier but cant find it now ughh06:55
darth_tuxNeal87: duckduckgo this common-auth, common-account in ubuntu    tons of hits06:55
NickHflown: I suggest you copy and paste the errors you are seeing into a pastebin.06:55
Neal87ok ill try...  my initial results on google are like older versions of ubuntu06:56
darth_tuxtry duckduckgo its been good to me for a while now06:57
Neal87actually this guy had a good quesiton thats pretty much the question i have06:58
Neal87 have successfully been modifying the above file appending auth  required      pam_exec.so expose_authtok /path/to/some/script06:58
Neal87I'm reviewing whether the above is the recommended way of modifying PAM or if I should be creating a PAM-config in /usr/share/pam-configs/my-custom-thing.06:58
Neal87Is creating a PAM-config the proper way to make my required change to PAM?06:58
alkisgEh, faillock was indeed problematic; I had to create 3 separate pam config files to make it work properly with pam-auth-update; and that information was nowhere in the internet06:59
floownhere is the pastebin for my PhpMyAdmin warnings: https://pastebin.com/APZeQkS506:59
Neal87alkisg THANK YOU FOR THE VALIDATION ughh, im in the same boat right now06:59
alkisgNeal87: yes, but faillock would require 3 files there; unfortunately I didn't spend any time documenting it06:59
* darth_tux knows nothing about PAM just knows some SQL06:59
Neal87we are getting ready to migrate to 22.04 and pam_tally is one of the tings that are deprecated06:59
Neal87darth_tux well thanks for the duckduckgo suggesiton.. looks like the google results werent as good as the duckduckgo ones07:00
arraybolt3floown: That sorta looks like maybe a configuration file is set up incorrectly.07:01
darth_tuxno problem Neal8707:01
Neal87alkisg where did u go? i feel like im just typing random things into common-auth, common-account, and the /etc/ and then blindly seeing if it works or not07:01
Neal87a few times i had to restart the VM in recovery mode and reset the file to original backup07:01
arraybolt3floown: do you have a configuration file that sets or changes things related to open_basedir?07:01
alkisgNeal87: faillock-authfail:Auth-Type: Primary, faillock-authsucc:Auth-Type: Additional, faillock-preauth:Auth-Type: Primary07:02
arraybolt3(I've only barely used phpMyAdmin once a looooong time ago so I probably won't be a lot of help here, but I can try to help based on what I'm reading at least.)07:02
alkisgNeal87: I had to create these 3 files. Unfortunately they're part of a production setup, I can't take them out and give them to you without proper review07:02
alkisgAfter creating 3 files in pam-configs, you run pam-auth-update and it updates /etc/pam.d; you're not supposed to touch pam.d manually07:03
Neal87your good, do you remember what you googled or searched to find more information on this07:03
Neal87i see07:03
Neal87yes i know the manual says its preferred to create a profile07:03
floownarraybolt3, how can I know it? I use HestiaCP (a opensource CP)07:03
alkisgNeal87: that information was nowhere on the internet, I had previous experience with programming pam07:03
Neal87but the manual doesnt really give good examples on how to do this07:03
floownarraybolt3, I think it's a stantard installation07:04
Neal87i see07:05
Neal87alkisg yeah, it seems like you are correct, someone posted a question on askubuntu, but no answers sadly07:06
alkisgI think it took me more than 10 hours to do all that, both the failed searching and the implementation/testing afterwards07:07
Neal87i see... well thank you for sort of poiting me in the correct direction07:07
Neal87in the common-* files in the pam.d directory it implies it needs to be added to another block elsewhere07:08
Neal87but its as clear as mud07:08
floownarraybolt3, do you have any idea of the problem?07:25
arraybolt3floown: I'm sorry, I don't know enough to know what to do at this point.07:28
Neal87ok i found the pam page07:32
floownOk, thanks07:32
Neal87i understand the faillock.conf file example07:32
Neal87how do i make a config file in pam.d?07:33
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noelgrandinI have just updated to 22.10, and I can no longer VNC into my machine?08:05
arraybolt3noelgrandin: Do you still have a way to SSH in? Also, what VNC server are you using?08:25
noelgrandinarraybolt3, I'm enabling screen sharing, so as used to work in 22.0408:36
noelgrandinsame as used to work in 22.0408:36
LopeI'm considering moving back to Ubuntu because Ubuntu officially supports ZFS.09:08
LopeSo I'm guessing that Ubuntu won't ever ship a kernel that doesn't work with the current latest ZFS package?09:09
LopeAssuming that I want to run interim releases.09:11
LopeI'm looking at the Ubuntu releases chart https://ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle09:12
LopeIt shows that Imperish Indri support ends before Kinetic Kudu support starts?09:12
LopeSo there's a period between interim releases where the Interim release isn't supported?09:13
alkisgYou're supposed to jump to lts in the meantime09:13
Lopealkisg, that means reinstalling though?09:13
alkisgThen continue normally with the next interim09:13
LopeCan you upgrade from interim release to another interim release?09:13
Lopeor upgrade from interim release to LTS release?09:13
alkisgLope: no, just do-release-upgrade09:14
alkisgYes, you can upgrade between all these,09:14
alkisgwhat you cannot do, is jump versions09:14
alkisgThe only jump allowed is from lts to lts09:14
alkisgSo e.g. 20.10 => 21.04 => 21.10 => 22.04 => 22.10 => 23.04 etc09:14
alkisgBut not 20.10 => 21.1009:14
LopeOk so this works?  20.10 => 21.04 => 21.10 => 22.04 => 22.10 => 23.04 etc09:15
LopeSo when you say you cannot jump versions, you mean you can't upgrade from one LTS to another LTS?09:16
EriC^^no, that's the only jump you can do09:16
EriC^^20.04 to 22.0409:16
Lopeohm you can't skip a version.09:16
LopeI see.09:16
LopeThat's fair, debian has the same requirement.09:16
EriC^^yeah consecutive lts releases09:16
LopeSo can I assume that Interim releases will never give me a kernel (when I apt upgrade) that is not compatible with the ZFS package offered?09:17
EriC^^i'd assume so09:18
LopeThat's the problem that I have on Debian Testing. Sometimes they give me a kernel that's incompatible with the ZFS that they give me. And then my system can't boot.09:18
LopeImagine being away and needing to work on your laptop and it doesn't boot.09:18
LopeSo much fun.09:18
EriC^^no personal experience with zfs but i dont imagine ubuntu releasing an incompatible kernel in the non-lts ones09:19
EriC^^you should be good09:19
alkisgLope: is that while using the stock https://packages.debian.org/zfs-dkms version?09:19
Lopealkisg, yes09:20
alkisgThat does sound weird, is there a bug report filed about it?09:20
Lopeyes, it's happened a few times and they've taken note a few times.09:20
LopeBut because ZFS isn't officially supported, the debian testing people don't care about ZFS09:20
alkisgWith or without backports?09:20
Lopeyou can't run backports on Debian Testing.09:21
alkisgWhat I find weird is that they upload new versions of that package09:21
Lopebackports are for stable debian releases.09:21
alkisgEh, testing isn't appropriate for production09:21
LopeAnd there are barely any backport packages.09:21
alkisgIf you run ubuntu devel, you'll have the same issues09:21
Lopealkisg, Testing is a requirement to not be in the stone age though.09:21
LopeSometimes debian releases are 2 years apart.09:21
alkisgLope: there's a bullseye backport in the page I linked09:22
alkisgSame as Ubuntu LTS releases09:22
alkisg(and non LTS Ubuntu releases aren't really server material; they're OK for homes though)09:22
Lopealkisg, Ubuntu devel isn't as stable as Debian Testing though.09:22
LopeDebian Testing is actually mature stuff.09:22
LopeDebian sid is where the unstable stuff is.09:22
alkisgOK anyway, you do know your requirements, and testing isn't guaranteed to work at all09:23
alkisgYou can use whatever you prefer, no argument there09:23
LopeDebian testing is so reliable because Debian stable is so old that so many people use testing.09:23
alkisgI just though you were talking about debian stable, that's why I found it weird that zfs wouldn't work09:23
LopeI guess that's how they encourage people to use testing.09:23
LopeLet stable rot.09:23
alkisgNo, testing is where we developers upload test packages09:23
LopeThat's not true.09:23
LopeYou're thinking of sid.09:23
LopeStuff goes into testing when it's already relatively reliable and proven.09:24
alkisgNo. We upload to unstable, they get migrated to testing, and they only reach stable after bugs are ironed out09:24
LopeSid is where the unstable software is in debian.09:24
LopeThere's also a repo called unstable in Debian as well.09:24
alkisgThe migration happens automatically if package conflicts aren't seen09:24
LopeWhich is sometimes newer than sid.09:24
LopeSo even sid isn't the most cutting edge.09:25
Lope(not always anyway)09:25
alkisgThere's no guaranteed user testing in the migration from unstable to testing09:25
Lopealkisg, no ZFS on Debian stable should be fine.09:25
LopeI'm saying ZFS on Debian testing has broken a few times.09:26
alkisgOK that's completely understandable, stuff is allowed to break on testing09:26
alkisgWe can continue the ubuntu discussion now :)09:26
LopeCan you confirm that Interim Ubuntu releases won't give updated kernels that are incompatible with ZFS?09:28
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alkisgLope: personally I can't officially confirm anything, but since interim ubuntu releases don't get newer kernel versions, I imagine that's the case09:37
alkisgThey only get security updates etc, not new major releases09:37
LopeI see the Ubuntu Kernel team have a ZFS reference guide: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Reference/ZFS09:38
LopeYes, it seems like I can rely on interim releases being able to boot reliably.09:38
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cats3dhi. Where does the list of input sources (list of languages/kb layouts)? From the language indicator I have only 2 languages, but when I switch with the keyboard shortcut it cycles through 3 of them. How can I know where the 3rd one is coming from?11:21
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Apachezany of you who noticed that the new texteditor in 22.10 always opens in small window? How to make it to always open in fullscreen just like gedit?11:57
whiledoes anyone know how nautilus decides which frames to use when generating video thumbnails?11:57
mobicompi want to install remmina in armbian OS12:21
ograso ask in an armbian forum or IRC channel then12:22
mobicomphow to configure firewall in ubuntu12:23
kjetilhohey - I'm having problem with a thirdparty repo, /usr/lib/apt/methods/gpgv says "InRelease: At least one invalid signature was encountered."12:27
kjetilhobut when I try gpg --verify manually, it is happy that InRelease is signed with the correct key.  how can I debug this better?12:28
kjetilhois the protocol to gpgv documented anywhere?12:34
FKAShinobiHas anyone encountered strange permission issues when running a VM in hyper-V?12:38
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BluesKajHi all13:31
yalebheya I am having some problems with snap13:52
yalebI had certbot installed via apt and i'm trying to switch to using snap as they recommend13:52
yalebfollowing this guide13:52
yalebanyway after removing it with apt13:53
yaleband adding with snap went ok13:53
yalebbut then when I do `certbot renew --apache` it says;13:53
yalebpermanently dropping privs did not work: File exists13:53
yalebfrom google this is apparently a snap error before certbot can even run13:54
yalebbut the fix appears unclear13:54
ioriayaleb, have you tried with 'using a standard user account with SUDO privileges' ?13:58
yalebyes that's how i'm doing it/have always used it since certbot requires root anyway13:59
yalebor, well, you know what I mean13:59
yalebim wondering what file it's even complaining about14:00
yaleblike for all I know it might be doing some low level check before it runs itself to see if there are certs or a lockfile or something?14:00
yalebi'm just trying removing snapd as I dont use it already for anything14:10
yaleband reinstalling14:10
yaleband did --purge and autoclean etc14:10
yalebok confirmed snap is working now with `sudo snap install hello-world`14:14
ograyaleb, well, did you use a proper user and sudo to run certbot ?14:14
ogra(i dont see sudo on your command above)14:14
yalebioria: yes as per ioria's comment14:14
yalebyeah I left it off in irc my mistake14:14
ograso you do not run anything as the root user14:14
yaleb"This revision of snap "certbot" was published using classic confinement and thus may perform14:15
yaleb       arbitrary system changes outside of the security sandbox that snaps are usually confined to,14:15
yaleb       which may put your system at risk."14:15
yalebI accidentally tried that time without --classic in the command heh14:15
yalebsounds dodgy as i'm on ubuntu 22 maybe?14:15
ogranah, the host OS doesnt mater14:16
ograits a snap14:16
ogra(you could even install it on gentoo ...)14:16
yalebwell it says in docs past 20 it's an integral part of the distro?14:16
yalebor atleast that its included and used14:16
ogra"it" ??14:16
ogracertbot ? snapd ? what is "it" ?14:17
yalebI was discussing this in my comments above14:17
ograsnapd is installed by default in ubuntu since 16.0414:17
yalebanyway, it's reinstalled and reinstalled it's core after purging everything14:17
ograno need to do anything about it ... just "sudo snap install certbot --classic"14:18
yaleb`mjcd@dev:~$ sudo certbot --apache`14:18
yalebpermanently dropping privs did not work: File exists14:18
yalebyes, it isn't optional to use classic but accidentally trying without gave me that error which sounds like it could be <other parts of the system config>14:18
yalebalso worth noting i've stopped apache14:19
ograclassic is never optional14:19
yalebI meant it's unrelated heh14:19
yalebjust trying to provide as much info as I can14:20
ograwell, google suggests logging ut and back in again might help14:20
yalebabove is concisely the issue copy/pasted here14:20
yalebyeah and trying with other user accounts, with/without sudo (ie as root) etc14:20
ogradont use root14:20
yalebfeels like stabbing in the dark but ill try relogging14:20
yalebill restart the whole server heh14:20
yalebapache2 stopped again...14:21
ograis that a standard ubuntu install on bare metal ? (and using a default ubuntu kernel)14:21
yalebsame result14:22
yalebit's ubuntu-server admittedly 😊 but beyond that stock u2214:22
ograwell, i wonder if certbot tries to talk to a running apache when it does what it does there14:23
yalebcould there be apt certbot apache2 modules or something14:23
ograalso the "file exists" is suspicious14:23
yalebas far as <google> says for the error ^^ it is snap giving it not certbot14:24
ograare yu sure there isnt an old cert flying around somewhere in your apache setup ?14:24
yalebthere likely is, which is why I also tried certbot with the `renew` option which would surely work14:24
yalebatleast beyond file exists14:24
ogra"file exists" doesnt sound like a snap error ...14:24
yalebwell that's what google says14:24
ogra(the text before it does, but the actual error is the last bit)14:25
yaleband why the same error comes up for a bunch of different stuff also using snap14:25
yalebbut it's far from definite14:25
yalebjust what I found14:25
yalebrenew mode shouldn't care about anything existing realistically14:25
yalebbecause that's the entirety of the job, to replace said file14:25
yalebim going to see if there's any apache integration docs for certbot14:26
ograwhats the output of "id" for your user ?14:26
yaleblike if it IS "communicating" via a module that got left behind or something14:26
yalebuid=1000(mjcd) gid=1000(mjcd) groups=1000(mjcd),4(adm),24(cdrom),27(sudo),30(dip),46(plugdev),116(lxd)14:26
ograhmm, looks all fine14:26
yalebit removed all that stuff when I removed certbot from apt14:28
yalebas far as I saw atleast14:28
yalebI installed that package14:28
yaleberror went away14:29
yaleb.... ;/14:29
yalebreplaced with actual problems lol14:29
yalebbut wonder why... shouldn't the snap package /include/ that package?14:30
yalebisn't that kinda the whole point?14:30
ograwell, the snap is for certbot, not for apache14:30
ograyou removed an apache piece14:30
yalebno it's a python lib14:30
yalebwhich apache2 doesn't explicitly require14:31
ograwell, an apache focused python lib14:31
yalebright right14:31
ogra(which likely provides the API that certbot uses to talk to apache)14:31
yalebbut then, again, shouldn't snap make sure the snap image thing has the ability to access that?14:31
yaleband if it is required for --apache to work14:31
yalebthen shouldn't it be inside the snap not manually installed at the system level as a requirement of nothing?14:32
yaleb(formerly a requirement of apt's certbot ofc)14:32
ograit should prehaps give yu a suggestion ...14:32
yalebyeah "file exists" is cryptic as heck14:32
ograbut the package you removed is clearly part of the apache side14:32
yalebbut not required, so it got removed as only certbot natively required it, but now it's natively running/installed14:33
ogracertbot cant ship that bit since it needs to be a systemwide module attached to the local apache installation14:33
yalebthis seems nightmarish14:33
yalebi've literally never used snap14:33
yalebbut it's like, blending native and containerized or something14:33
ograclassic is ... yeah14:33
ograclassic snaps are rare though14:33
yalebthat, makes a lottt of sense14:33
yalebas that error message implied14:33
ogra(because really hard to package ... you need to make sure nothing leaks into te other side)14:34
yalebputting that behind me then haha, i'll remember for next time or maybe they'll update the certbot snap14:34
ograsnaps update themselves automagically14:34
yalebyeah I mean that's what I was expecting haha14:34
ograif you are not familiar with snaps yet i recommend to at least read "snap help"14:34
yalebit's meant to make life easier not harder14:35
yalebbut now it makes sense14:35
ograit has a ton of helpful features you should know abut14:35
yalebthanks for your patience14:35
yaleboh yeah i'm sure I just tend to already use containers14:35
yalebso it's not such an issue to entirely rebuild how everything works per image14:35
yaleber container rather14:35
yalebone day I will embrace something like puppeteer but i'm ideally waiting for something with a good freeware dashboard14:36
yalebwebmin in each container does the job for now lol14:36
yalebactually surprisingly well14:36
ograuh, shudder14:37
yalebokay well now I just need to make it work properly with my current apache setup lol14:37
yalebehh it's all only available over local phys link14:37
yalebdw about it ;p14:37
ograheh, not my job to worry ... yours perhaps ... once someone hacked in though webmin 🙂14:38
yalebif people can defeat the airgap etc, they are determined enough to break anyones silly wordpress etc ;p14:38
yaleband nothing will probably stop them from their goal ;p14:38
yalebso last hiccup I think before it's working14:47
yalebit's weird that it requires --classic but describes none of this14:47
yalebbut the snap doesn't have a `/snap/certbot/current/etc/letsencrypt` folder14:48
yalebbut neither does my native system...14:48
yalebfor options-ssl-apache.conf or whatever14:48
yaleb`/etc/letsencrypt/options-ssl-apache.conf`is what it vanilla looks for14:49
yalebI guess I can copy and paste one to the local system...14:49
yalebjust again the official guide describes NONE of this14:51
yalebbut also says it was last written for ubuntu 2014:51
yalebso... I guess since then maybe this file stopped magically generating itself on a system to later be required by a snap....14:51
yalebahem. I think I will put a bug in at this point.14:51
yalebit's also totally unclear about when to use the snap paths14:52
yalebor native paths14:52
yalebie for its own log files14:52
yalebthere is no log folder in the snap or for certbot on the system lol14:53
yaleboh my god, ogra15:00
yalebI just realized why running the last command above """fixed""" it15:01
yalebit lists `certbot` as a `required` package of `python3-certbot-apache`15:01
yalebit literally just reinstalled apt certbot15:01
yaleboh. my.15:01
yalebeven more puzzling is if apt certbot IS now installed.... `/etc/letsencrypt/options...` should now exist.......15:02
yalebas it's required to function.15:02
yalebmy god.15:02
yalebi'm going to lose it.15:03
yalebthe guide literally specifically says remove apt certbot15:03
yaleblike, make sure it's gone, it's a whole step15:04
yalebi'm giving myself a time out because none of this makes any sense lol....15:06
yalebactually i'm going to be even dumber and literally just keep apt's version and just link /usr/bin to the snap lol15:08
yalebthat way it can have the best of both worlds like it's --classing arse wants15:08
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ivkgzrhello, could somebody tell me why some packages were held back this time? https://pastebin.com/2ZvqkZSC15:40
Habbieivkgzr, does this help? https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/phased-updates.html15:43
tortalIs visudo deprecated or not used in some instances? I just added a sudo user ´sudo usermod -aG sudo MYUSER´ but can't find any entry in visudo. Ubuntu 22.04.115:49
ivkgzrwhy would they integrate unstable things into lts?15:49
leftyfbtortal: visudo edits the suders file. It has nothing to do with adding users to the sudoers group15:51
ivkgzrdoes lts still mean the same like before? Or is it slowly turning into rolling release?15:51
leftyfbivkgzr: there is no ubuntu rolling release15:52
ravage!phasedupdates | ivkgzr15:52
ubottuivkgzr: Since Ubuntu 21.04, APT now implements phased updates. This can hold back updates on some systems while they are being phased in. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PhasedUpdates for more info.15:52
tortalwhat the difference between the users listed in visudo and users in sudoers group15:53
ravagemembers in the sudo group are allowed to run all commands as specified in /etc/sudoers . visudo edits that file.15:55
leftyfbtortal: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sudoers15:56
leftyfbtortal: it might be best to explain your end goal if you need help with it15:56
pycuriousMy machine says -1 device has a firmware upgrade available- fwupdmgr get-upgrades - is there an apt upgrade type firmware upgrade from cli now?16:06
Habbieyes, see fwupdmgr --help16:07
pycuriousUpgrade UEFI dbx from 77 to 217? — is this safe to do?16:08
jhutchinsIt seems like it wouldn't be too hard for the apt system to be aware of the first time it encounters a phased update and display a useful explanation of why it's not going to do what you told it to do.16:08
pycuriousOnce you have installed this dbx update, any DVD or USB installer images signed with the old signatures may not work correctly. - so i've to fiddle with the installation again then16:09
yalebnot unless you're booting off a dvd or usb16:14
yalebie a live boot disc16:15
pycurioushttps://dpaste.org/zYvsA - any ideas why keys are not updating?16:15
yalebwhat version of ubuntu16:15
yaleband what are you trying to "update" to16:16
pycuriousThis fails as well -> gpg --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80 --recv-keys 23E7166788B63E1E16:16
pycuriousyaleb: 20.04LTS - apt update complains - The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG 23E7166788B63E1E Yarn Packaging <yarn@dan.cx> - am trying to fix that16:17
yalebdid you add a ppa or similar for yarn?16:18
ravagepycurious: curl -sS https://dl.yarnpkg.com/debian/pubkey.gpg | sudo apt-key add -16:18
pycurioustrying, thanks!16:19
ravageif that doesnt work remove the old yarn.list file and follow their instructions how to add it16:20
pycuriousyaleb: that worked. Now I have Failed to fetch https://apt.releases.hashicorp.com/dists/focal/InRelease  The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY AA16FCBCA621E701 - Last night, I know this worked: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys AA16FCBCA621E701 - is keyserver down?16:20
pycuriousyaleb: any ideas on how to fix that? I cant use apt-key adv to work16:28
jhutchinspycurious: Ask hashicorp16:29
SteelRosehi all! anyone here using Bottles? I'd like to install O365 using the offline installer OfficeSetup.exe but the only extension that Bottles seem to understand is .msi ... Oo ... Thanks16:30
SteelRoseis there anyway to change it?16:30
SteelRosepycurious: what are you trying to do?16:30
ravagepycurious: https://github.com/saltstack/salt/issues/6353916:31
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 63539 in saltstack/salt "[BUG] Golden images for ARM64 have hashicorp and other issues" [Closed]16:31
jhutchinsSteelRose: You shouldn't expect Microsoft software to install automatically on a Linux system.  Sometimes it works with Wine.16:32
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu16:32
SteelRosejhutchins: I know what Wine is... I just wanted to try with Bottles16:32
ravageSteelRose: https://docs.usebottles.com/bottles/run-.exe-.msi-.bat-.lnk-files16:32
SteelRoseravage: thanks!16:33
ravagealways happy to be the resident google bot :P16:34
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yalebdoes anyone on linux use powershell lol16:43
jhutchinsyeah, people do.  Some people don't realize that Linux offers a complete working environment that extends well beyond Windows.  They think it's a utility.16:44
yalebOh I mean.... wasn't going for a debate16:48
yalebI think it's a fine thing, besides Naming-Choices16:48
yalebscriptlets are awesome etc16:49
yalebbash script is.... a pretty bad time depending on complexity16:49
yalebthough conversely i'd say powershell is somewhat overkill16:49
yalebSomeone in silicon valley going "Let's reinvent the CLI!"16:50
yalebwhich it definitively does not do16:50
geosmilehttps://dpaste.org/qe21e - My machine recently hanged. When I rebooted, I see this as the last part of the output of : journalctl -o short-precise -k -b -116:53
leftyfb!ot | yaleb16:53
ubottuyaleb: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:53
geosmileAny ideas what went wrong?16:53
yalebleftyfb: I was asking about <linux> ie ubuntu ppl if they used powershell16:53
yalebit's cross platform16:53
yalebbut apologies16:53
jhutchinsyaleb: No need to apologise.  It's come a long way from DOS scripting.16:56
jhutchinsyaleb: Bet you never used edlin.16:57
* mybalzitch raises his hand in shame16:57
jhutchinsAw, c'mon, it was a rite of passage!16:59
dTalwhy do rites of passage always suck16:59
mybalzitchand a config.sys with prompts to switch between EMS and XMS16:59
leftyfbcan we take this to #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-discuss please? This is a discussion about a 3rd party tool. Not Ubuntu support17:00
* jhutchins looks at the scrollback from this morning.17:03
arkanoidubuntu packages is down?17:03
ograarkanoid, https://status.canonical.com/17:04
yalebarkanoid: not loading for me rn17:04
ograarkanoid, packages.ubuntu.com is not a service by ubuntu/canonical ...17:04
ograit is a site run by a comunity member17:04
yalebogra: it's run by one person??17:05
arkanoidwhy is it under ubuntu domain, then?17:05
ograarkanoid, look for Rhonda in #ubuntu-motu17:05
yalebseems odd17:05
ograyaleb, yes17:05
yalebarkanoid: most of ubuntu is a community effort17:05
yaleboutside it's core17:05
arkanoidso I'm back to original quetion: ubuntu packages is down?17:05
jhutchinsDoes Canonnical have an actual office with cube farms and stuff?17:06
yalebcube farms?17:06
* yaleb ranches dem cubes17:06
ograguys, can we take that general chatter to #ubuntu-discuss ?17:06
ogra(i can tell you about offices if you want, but not here)17:06
leftyfbarkanoid: since packages.ubuntu.com is not an official ubuntu/Canonical project, it is not supported here. Please "look for Rhonda in #ubuntu-motu"17:06
yalebwe did but it's a consistent effort given new people come/go17:06
yaleband topics17:06
leftyfbyaleb: this is a support channel for Ubuntu support issues. General chat belongs in #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic17:07
jhutchinsp.u.c doesn't even ping.17:07
yalebleftyfb: I was commenting to them directly on and about ubuntu17:08
yalebwe're having our offtopic in there now!17:08
ograyaleb, well, please dont ...17:08
FKAShinobiIt seems that there is a difference in behavior when using an account at the console vs logging in via ssh, rdp, etc. E.g. reboot requires authentication. If user and perms are the same what other security mechanism(s) is being used to enforce this new behavior?17:11
yalebFKAShinobi: there's a difference between the user you execute a thing as and the user(s) it operates using sometimes17:11
yalebnever seen it require a reboot17:12
yalebnot sure why it would17:12
arkanoidnp, thanks for the answers. In my opinion, non-ubuntu/canonical stuff should live outside ubuntu.com domain directly. Maybe somewhere like packages.community.ubuntu.com17:12
ograFKAShinobi, thats not "new behavior" ...17:12
leftyfbFKAShinobi: are you referring to requiring a password for "sudo reboot" in a terminal as opposed to selecting "restart" from the GUI menu?17:12
ograFKAShinobi, some commands in a desktop session are triggered via dbus calls (i.e. reboot)17:12
FKAShinobiHere's where I'm going with this: I have a stock Ubuntu 22.04 image installed in a VM in hyper V. It works fine, until I work through RDP and then I get permissions errors for no explainable reason.17:14
FKAShinobiI'm just trying to track down the cause17:14
ograFKAShinobi, desktop security management is done underneath your desktp, initially via a tool called consolekit, nowadays via systemd-logind ... these tools manage permissions for things like dbus calls17:14
FKAShinobiI noticed this other behavior such as needing to authenticate to reboot in the rdp session and realized there must be some other factors to consider beside user and perms17:15
ogracli commands are usually "the old way" ... like, reboot actually links to "shutdown -r -now"17:15
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FKAShinobiAre file permissions handled the same way?17:16
ograremote sessions are another completely different thing and depend on the remote session tool in use, how it is integrated with the server and also if you run x11 or wayland17:16
ograno, file permissions are handled by the filesystem17:16
ogra(there might be ways an app accesses these through dbus in a gui app though)17:16
yalebalso pretty sure there's a way to restrict reboots?17:16
yaleblike only sudoers can reboot?17:16
yalebeven via gui17:16
ogra(there are also other layers involved, i simplified the above a lot)17:17
FKAShinobiI am getting permission dendied on mkdir when another directory with the same owner, growner, and perms works.17:17
atomlaw_Greetings, May I ask if this is the right channel to ask about dpkg issues?17:17
ograatomlaw_, if they hapen on ubuntu ...17:18
atomlaw_Ubuntu Derivative, Linux Mint.17:20
ograthen please ask in a mint forum/IRC channel17:21
lotuspsychj3!mint | atomlaw_ here please17:21
ubottuatomlaw_ here please: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official !flavors. Derivatives and other distributions use different software repositories and other software. Please use their dedicated support venues, such as: Linux Mint: #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org, Pop!_OS: https://support.system76.com/ , Kali Linux: #kali-linux on irc.oftc.net, LXLE: https://lxle.net/support-options/17:21
atomlaw_I did, the issue stems form how the package may involve a recently introduced protocol...17:23
ograwell, that is still up to the mint devs to solve ... we have no knowledge or control over their modifications17:23
atomlaw_zst compression protocol has been recently introduced. So I would like to know how to get around that?17:24
ogra(or non-modifications they missed out on that causes breakage for you)17:24
leftyfbatomlaw_: please seek support from Mint as directed. We cannot support it here.17:25
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flataerthanyone familiar with Kadu IM?17:41
ravageflataerth: what is your actual Ubuntu related support question?17:43
leftyfbflataerth: that is a 3rd party tool that is not available in the official Ubuntu repositories and therefore cannot be supported here. You should seek support with it from the github project page https://github.com/vogel/kadu17:44
ravagelast commit was 6 years ago. but good luck anyway :)17:44
atomlaw_But if I may ask, when will the zst protocol be supported in the dpkg package manager in general/17:47
happymealanyone have a deluge plugin that tracks lifetime stats?17:47
=== arif-ali_ is now known as arif-ali
flataerthmy question is i need help with Kadu for ubuntu17:50
ravageatomlaw_: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=89266417:51
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Debian bug 892664 in dpkg "dpkg: Please add decompression support for zstd" [Wishlist, Open]17:51
ograflataerth, it is not a package in ubuntu, not even in the snap store ... you really need to ask the kadu folks17:51
ogra(and it seems kadu is dead since years)17:52
flataerthok does anyone recomend an IM that works that i can use on ubuntu?17:54
flataerthlike how AIM used to be etc17:54
flataerthor is IRC the only option?17:54
ograi use telegram ... have not used any actual IM in ages17:54
ravageflataerth: https://xmpp.org/software/clients/17:54
flataertheveryone uses snapchat on phones, there has to be one for desktops no?17:55
flataerthor is it a konspirasi? lol17:55
ravagepopular xmpp clients are gajim or pidgin17:55
ravageif you want to discuss the pros and cons plese use #ubuntu-discuss17:55
ograoh, right, i used gajim a decade ago or so17:55
flataerthpidgin is just a program that lets yu use ims or emails yu already have17:55
flataerthbut i'm talking about an IM like kadu that lots of people use17:56
flataerthor AIM17:56
flataerthhas to be lots of them still online?17:56
flataerthfor linux?17:56
* darth_tux uses Telegram (flatpak) and Skype (Snap)17:57
flataerthtelegram is for IM?17:57
flataerthskype works i guess, i can't get snapchat on linux?17:57
darth_tuxyes an IM that was on my phone first17:58
flataerthi dont use sell phones anymore bro18:00
flataerththis is why i'm asking for komputer18:00
ravage!ot | flataerth18:00
ubottuflataerth: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:00
lenovoHi all, anybody with Squid proxy expertise?18:01
flataerththis is for ubuntu lol18:02
flataerthisn't this ubuntu support chat?18:02
flataerthis telegram like pidjin darth?18:03
flataerthyu need an account with the seperate programs to message people?18:03
=== paradox is now known as Guest7371
ogralenovo, i'D try asking in #ubuntu-server ... more likely to find someone there who knows squid18:08
tomreynor possibly in #squid18:09
hw64Certificate verification failed: The certificate is NOT trusted. The certificate chain uses expired certificate.  https://deb.nodesource.com/node_12.x18:13
hw64Does anyone know how to get around this expired certificate on nodesource?18:15
ravagehw64: https://packages.ubuntu.com/jammy/nodejs18:17
ravagewhy use external sources for a version that is in the ubuntu archives?18:17
hw64that's a great question and suggestion thank you18:18
flataerthi just need to know an IM program like snapchat or skype that works for linux lol18:24
flataerthtoo much to ask in any channel?18:24
hw64flataerth skype should work https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/how-to-install-skype-on-ubuntu/18:28
flataerthso that's the only one? already have it but was looking for a non microsoft IM18:29
hw64flataerth signal, discord, telegram, slack, gnu talk18:31
arraybolt3That's one I've used in the past.18:32
flataerthok thanks18:33
flataerthya telegram only works with sell phone so no good for mi18:33
lotuspsychj3flataerth: the ubuntu support channel is usualy used for ubuntu related problems, maybe try #ubuntu-discuss to discuss software & packages18:34
flataerthsignal needs to be first installed on phone?  seriously?  lol.  are they trying to put everything on sell phones?  not gona work with mi18:36
jhutchinsflataerth: BTW it's "cell" phone, not "sell" (although that's appropriate).  Cell derives from cellular, which describes the structure of the radio network.18:43
ogracan you guys pretty please take it elsewhere ?18:43
ograi really dont want to have to look up my op commands and ban anyone here ...18:44
Guest42Hi everyone, can you please help me?18:44
UnivrslSuprBoxWhile doing some digging, I've found an interesting package. Its source is in multiverse, but its binary in universe. https://packages.ubuntu.com/source/jammy/node-postcss-value-parser18:44
Guest42where can I see the users in ubuntu?18:45
jhutchinsGuest42: Do you mean the users in the channel?18:45
ograGuest42, in a terminal you can type "who"18:45
Guest42no, in the OS18:45
Guest42ok, I'll try, thx18:45
jhutchinsGuest42: You don't know who's using your own computer?18:45
Guest42it's not that simple18:46
ograUnivrslSuprBox, sources often build multiple binary packages ... might be that only one of the resulting binary packages needs to be in the restricted archive18:46
Guest42I'm trying to set disk quotas but my only user seems to have used 0 blocks, which is not true18:46
UnivrslSuprBoxogra: True, but that source only builds one binary (with the same name). The source package in Debian appears to be in main, too.18:47
ograUnivrslSuprBox, you could ask the archive admins in #ubuntu-release ... there is surely a reason18:47
Guest42how is that possible?18:49
tomreynGuest42: this should list existing "normal" (non system) users:  getent passwd | awk -F: '/:[0-9]{4}:/ {print $1}'18:49
tomreynGuest42: if you'd like support with unexpected command output, or can descibe the situation you're in with command outputs, i suggest using a pastebin to share that here.18:52
tomreynGuest42: no one here can watch over your shoulder so without more context, supporting you will be rather difficult.18:53
Guest42for sure, thanks18:53
jhutchinstomreyn: I get no return on that command.18:53
tomreynjhutchins: do your human users not have a 4 digit uid?18:54
tomreyn(that's how adduser would add them)18:54
jhutchinstomreyn: Yeah, 1000.  On my old multi-user system I get a list of names.18:55
jhutchinsThe user is in /etc/passwd.18:55
Guest42yeah, I'm positive that I only have one 'normal' user18:57
Guest42when I use edquota -u [user]18:58
Guest42it says that I use 0 blocks18:58
Guest42on that disk18:58
tomreynjhutchins: maybe your NSS is condifured not to query passwd?18:59
tomreyn* configured :)18:59
Guest42I don't understand18:59
tomreynGuest42: i was talking to jhutchins there. i'll mention your name when talking to you (as i did on this line)19:00
Guest42oh, sorry19:00
tomreynno worries ;)19:01
tomreynjhutchins: hmm this awk script doesn't seem to match on 22.04, i'm trying to understand why19:04
=== paradox is now known as Guest7733
tomreynjhutchins: this is just as error prone but seems to work on either: getent passwd | egrep ':[0-9]{4}:' | cut -d: -f119:06
tomreyni bet there's a much better and easier way to do the same19:07
Guest42$ edquota -u usuario19:24
Guest42Cuotas de disco para user usuario (uid 1000):19:24
Guest42  Sist. arch.                  bloques     blando       duro     inodos   blando     duro19:24
Guest42  /dev/sdb1                         0          0          0          0        0        019:24
Guest42I don't understand why this user has no blocks used19:25
candlejackI'm pretty new to SBCs: how can I determine whether Ubuntu will run on a Pine A64-lts?  Is there a config file I have to look for on the iso that will tell me?19:26
candlejackI never thought I'd miss BIOS19:26
sarnoldGuest42: if i recall correctly you have to enable quota when mounting the filesystem; did you configure that?19:28
sarnoldcandlejack: ugh, right? I think in the arm world your best bet is to ask whoever sells it to provide an URL to an image that's known to work19:29
Guest42sarnold: yes, I did that already in /etc/fstab19:30
tomreynGuest42: and "mount" reflects this change?19:31
Guest42mount cast no errors, I tought that was a triumph19:32
Guest42sarnold: /dev/sdb1       /media/usuario/CopiaSeg ext4    defaults,usrquota,grpquota      0       219:32
tomreynwhich file system is it? does /media/usuario/CopiaSeg/*quota.user exist?19:33
Guest42after mounted I created a .odt with my only user. However, edquota says that I didn't use any space19:33
Guest42tomreyn: it does exists. it's ext419:34
Guest42it's making me crazy19:35
tomreyndon't you also need to load the module?19:36
Guest42before that, it wouldn't let me write on the disk but I changed the ownership19:37
Guest42tomreyn:  sudo apt-get install quota quota-tool. like that. yes19:37
tomreynIIRC you need to modprobe quota or something19:38
Guest42tomreyn: I mean, I installed the packages, no modules19:38
tomreynlsmod | grep quota19:39
tomreynmodprobe -v quota_v219:40
Guest42tomreyn: modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'quota_v2': Operation not permitted19:41
tomreynuse sudo, it's a kernel module19:41
Guest42yeah, sorry19:41
Guest42tomreyn: insmod /lib/modules/5.15.0-58-generic/kernel/fs/quota/quota_tree.ko19:41
Guest42insmod /lib/modules/5.15.0-58-generic/kernel/fs/quota/quota_v2.ko19:41
Guest42I have no idea what I am doing19:42
tomreynyou loaded a kernel module, so that your kernel provides quota support19:42
Guest42but thank you ;D19:42
tomreynmodinfo quota_v2     will provide more info19:42
tomreynwell, not that much really ;)19:43
tomreynfor checking quotas, there's "quotacheck"19:44
tomreyndea__: please fix your client19:44
SuperLagWhy would a disk say it was mounted when it's not?19:45
SuperLagI'm trying to run an fsck on a volume, and then resize it.19:45
tomreynhow do you know it's not mounted?19:46
SuperLagwhen I run mount | grep sda... nothing shows up. Plain "mount" with no args shows nothing bout this drive in the list.19:46
tomreynand it says it is already mounted when you do what?19:47
SuperLagVM template, for which I'm trying to expand the drive. Made the adjustment in vCenter. Then did the pvresize --> vgextend --> lvextend, and those were successful, but the drive still shows 100% on / and the expanded drive isn't showing up in df output19:48
SuperLagtomreyn: was trying to do an e2fsck, prior to resize2fs19:48
Guest42quotacheck -um /media/usuario/CopiaSeg19:48
Guest42quotacheck: error (13) mientras se abría /dev/sdb1       *error while opening19:48
SuperLagtomreyn: e2fsck -f /dev/sda3 --> "/dev/sda3 is in use"19:49
tomreynGuest42: sudo?19:49
tomreynSuperLag: better do that from recovery19:50
SuperLagand I've even tried booting from media (another Ubuntu ISO) and it _still_ says it's mounted 🤬19:50
Guest42tomreyn: with sudo it doesn't return a thing19:51
tomreynGuest42: generally, no output means "success"19:52
tomreynthere is --verbose19:53
Guest42tomreyn: It works now. Apparently I didn't enter those commands in order. Thanks so much. I'll try to change these quotas and see if they work19:53
tomreynGuest42: i had misunderstood the impact of running quotacheck, though, it's not just a test / debugging tool, please read its man page19:54
yalebfix your connection.19:54
tomreynyaleb: who?19:55
yalebwhoever was banned with ##fix_your_connection lol19:56
tomreynSuperLag: is /dev/sda3 actually of type "block special" when you run stat or ll against it??19:56
tomreynSuperLag: lvresize does not resize the file system unless you pass --resizefs19:58
tomreynand you should not manipulate properties of lower block device layers while a file system is mounted from those19:59
tomreyn(nor the file system itself)19:59
SuperLagI didn't do lvresize, I did lvextend19:59
tomreynSuperLag: the same applies there20:00
SuperLagYou sure? I thought that's what +100%FREE was supposed to do??20:01
tomreynDESCRIPTION       lvresize resizes an LV in the same way as lvextend and lvreduce. See lvextend(8) and lvreduce(8) for more information.20:01
tomreyn+100%FREE extends the size of the logical volume to the maximum available extents in its VG20:01
tomreynit does not manipulate a file system that's on top of it20:02
tomreynresizing the online file system can work, but be careful there20:05
isa3hello, anyone speaksGREEK?20:09
arraybolt3!gr | isa320:09
ubottuisa3: #ubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes20:09
isa3nobody there20:10
isa3(5 people)20:10
arraybolt3Hmm. Yeah, it looks pretty empty.20:10
isa3here 1150 people20:12
isa3therefore at least 1 who speaks greek20:12
arraybolt3isa3: alkisg might be able to help, though I don't know if he's around currently.20:13
isa3thank you20:13
alkisgisa3: join this channel: /j #ts.sch.gr20:14
alkisgWe can speak in Greek there20:14
SuperLagtomreyn: that extra --resizefs was what fixed me up. Thank you.20:19
tomreynyou're welcome20:21
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geosmileis there a howto somewhere that helps me debug why my machine hanged last time, and i had to power cyckle the machine?22:26
sarnoldnothing that I know off off the top of my head that's perfect ..22:29
geosmilesarnold, any suggestions? This is a 20.04LTS box with nvidia cards. I was running some experiments overnight, and the machine froze. No video output. I'd like to find out what is causing it22:29
sarnoldit helps a lot ot have some data about what's going on, like storing some vmstat 1 output, while it's running, you can watch ram, swap, etc use.. see if it responds to eg the numlock key or pings, etc22:30
geosmilesarnold, when i connected the keyboard - the keyboard wont even see power on the usb22:30
geosmilenothing else i could do apart from power off/on22:31
sarnoldgeosmile: bummer about the lost video :( leaving dmesg -w running is one of my favourites..22:31
gogofc_so what programm did you leave running?22:31
=== guiverc is now known as guiverc_2
geosmilegogofc_, my own that does the GPU cooking in user space.22:32
jhutchinsgeosmile: Unfortunately a hard freeze like that tends to take the logging with it.  You can look at journalctl or the files in /var/log.23:03
jhutchinsgeosmile: I would suggest you build some non-buffered logging into your program, and run something like sysstat to track use.23:04
jhutchinsgeosmile: You don't suppose it froze because you cooked the GPU?23:04
=== Deep3D{ is now known as Deep3D
geosmile jhutchins Thanks. The GPUs come back right up, when they reboot - am not sure what is causing the issue.23:35
Roeyhello all o/23:37

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