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minimalholmanb: starting to wonder if it was a bad idea for me to do the RHEL/Fedora and FreeBSD changes in my PR, wondering whether to remove them and just stick with the other Alpine/Debian/Ubuntu related changes15:47
meenaminimal: +1 from me; I'll happily put the FreeBSD back in instead of you15:57
meenasomebody here will have to explain to me net.get_ib_interface_hwaddr() and net.get_ib_interface_hwaddr()22:20
meenaThose to functions feel… intertwined in the wrongest possible way22:21
meenaAlso, I need to make them understand duplicate mac addresses…22:21
meenaWhat, exactly, is /sys/net/<blah>/type and where is that documented?22:23
falcojr /sys/class/net is part of sysfs. https://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man5/sysfs.5.html22:25
falcojrdid you post the same function above? I see net.get_ib_interface_hwaddr() twice (or can't tell the difference :P )22:25
meenafalcojr: i… did22:33
meenacalls     for name, _, _, _ in get_interfaces(): and then gets upset if there's duplicate nics22:34
meenabut it also calls         ib_mac = get_ib_interface_hwaddr(name, False)22:34
meenawhich calls         mac = get_interface_mac(ifname)22:34
meenaand i just don't understand why we're not calling get_interfaces_by_mac() to begin with!?22:34
falcojrI'm guessing that infiniband devices present differently, so they need a different code path22:38
meenafalcojr: whether they are present or not is checked by name, which get_interfaces_by_mac() also returns, IIRC22:42
meenabasically, this is just very inefficient from an algorithmic point of view, given that these two functions very often interact.22:43
meenaeither way, I need to find/fake infiniband hardware, to find out what the FreeBSD equivalent of  /sys/class/net/<net-dev>/type is22:44
meenaor I'll be eating my words about how cool BSD's ifconfig(8) is…22:45
falcojrI mean in a different location in sysfs, so they won't get returned in the normal get_interfaces_by_mac() call. Just guessing though...haven't looked deep enough yet22:46
minimalinfiniband devices tend to be able to operate in either ethernet or IB mode. I think IB MAC addresses are longer than ethernet MAC addresses22:48
meenahrm, we have laggtype ethernet / infiniband22:50
minimalmeena: What:/sys/class/net/<iface>/type22:56
minimalDate:April 200522:56
minimalIndicates the interface protocol type as a decimal value. See22:56
minimalinclude/uapi/linux/if_arp.h for all possible values.22:56
meenai'm guessing anything with media-type 10GBase will probably be infiniband, eh?22:57
minimalthat include file shows infiniband as 32 and ethernet as 122:57
meenaor is there regular ethernet that can do 40G, or 100G?22:57
meenameena: and that's it?22:58
minimalmeena: did you mean to ask yourself or to ask me? lol22:59
meenaminimal: it's time to ask: why is meena not in bed yet22:59
minimalit's time for me to ask you if you asked yourself that yet?23:00
minimalas for those defs, there's plenty of other types defined there, e.g. PPP, AX25, Appletalk, etc23:00
meenaminimal: how many of your cloud-servers speak Appletalk, tho?23:02
minimalit's not a cloud file though, it's a Linux kernel header file23:04
minimalheck there's Econet defined there which I don't think anyone has used since about 1986-ish lol23:06
meenaevery two weeks or so, I feel like I've started this all wrong, and should've began by adding libxo support to ifconfig23:07
meenai… might just do that, tho that still won't give me access to infiniband hardware… hrm…23:08
meenaanyway, sleep time, I can read code in bed, too23:08
holmanbminimal: +1 if that's what you want to do23:16
holmanbmeena: 10G, 40G, 100G, 400G ethernet also exist23:19
minimalholmanb: well FreeBSD seems to have different behaviour/layouts for <14.0 and 14.0+, and on the RHEL/Fedora size there seems to be no clear information on how to delete system CAs23:20
minimalholmanb: you forgot 2.5G ;-)23:20
holmanbmeena:  If you're looking for IB hardware, you should be able to find it pretty cheap secondhand. ConnectX 4 and 5 is probably not hard to find, it might be too early for ConnectX 6 on the secondary market23:20
holmanbminimal: I don't think I've ever bothered with 2.5G, but I've tested gear with all the other numbers I mentioned ;)23:21
minimalold IB tends to be cheap if you directly connect machine to machine, IB switches tend to be still relatively expensive23:21
holmanbif the card(s) you get are in ethernet mode, the tool to reflash the cards is called mstflint23:24
holmanbat least on mellanox anyways23:26

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