EickmeyerOk, so the first .iso image (made from the 20221209 ubuntu desktop image, updated, ubuntu-desktop deps/recommends removed with edubuntu-desktop intalled) weighs in at 5.75GB. It was bigger but I made the call to remove supertuxkart despite the request in the d.u.c thread.00:33
EickmeyerThis is, of course, subject to change once official images get spinning.00:34
EickmeyerI just wanted to build a canary before emailing the release team.00:35
arraybolt3Link? :D00:46
arraybolt3Eickmeyer: 00:46
Eickmeyerarraybolt3: Local, not sure where I'd host it without costing a fortune.00:47
arraybolt3Hmm, valid point. :(00:47
arraybolt3(Personally when I have to host huge files, I split them into 1.8 GB chunks and push them to a GitHub Release, like I do here: https://github.com/ArrayBolt3/kforge Not that you need to do that, your data is metered so you probably don't want to spend that much on it.)00:48
arraybolt3Speaking of which, I should make another build of that and upload it.00:50
arraybolt3Though, *sigh*, that will have to wait until after I finish reinstalling my dad's computer to erase whatever malware he managed to catch. (Tried to sign into his laptop, it wouldn't take his password and the password hint disappeared.d)D00:52
EickmeyerISO boots with the Ubuntu plymouth theme. Comes up with Edubuntu background and Ubiquity says Edubuntu in it. After installation, Edubuntu plymouth theme. Unfortunately, that's just the way it is.01:03
EickmeyerOf course, this would be different once official iso images are built.01:05

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