guivercI justed jammy daily has 5.19 kernel  (not sure I checked yesterday; so may not be the first...).   Thanks @Leokolb as I note you've already run a test with it..04:36
guiverc^ nah I think I was looking at lunar & was wrong..05:23
* arraybolt3 sets up a Lunar Chromebook so I can start using Lubuntu regularly again07:49
guivercthanks for writing up & sharing that "Lubuntu Upgrader" post on discourse arraybolt3 21:44
guiverc(power off using power-off?   Didn't want to suggest SysRq-REISUB?21:46
arraybolt3guiverc: REISUB doesn't work by default in Ubuntu.21:47
arraybolt3You have to purposefully enable it.21:47
guiverc?  I use it regularly; there was one release only where it was disabled (by default)21:48
guivercnah; disabled too in lunar I see.... (on this new install box)  ; sorry I was wrong21:50
arraybolt3I've never seen it work without specifically enabling it, dunno.21:50
guiverci booted a 22.04 install; sysrq+reisub rebooted; booted a 22.10 install & sysrq-disabled message at term..  (BIOS box)22:05
guiverctechnically only some functions are disabled; not everything...22:07
guivercat least we can sync/flush buffers to disk :)22:07
arraybolt3Just did an XScreenSaver upload that should fix the Kinetic bug in XScreenSaver for everything other than Lubuntu (we took care of Lubuntu separately).23:36
-queuebot:#lubuntu-devel- Unapproved: xscreensaver (kinetic-proposed/universe) [6.02+dfsg1-2ubuntu1 => 6.02+dfsg1-2ubuntu1.1] (lubuntu)23:36

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