guivercproviding your Ubuntu_MATE release maybe help (I don't recall the MATE versions for each Ubuntu MATE release for example) ; MATE 1.26 appears to be from Ubuntu MATE 21.10 which is now EOL00:11
Ark74guiverc: is an LTS00:40
guivercMATE 1.26.1 then if you check00:42
Ark74sorry, I might skipped the .101:05
alkisgArk74: run it from a terminal and see if it produces any error messages06:06
Ark74alkisg: (mate-time-admin:1387): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 00:10:21.282: gtk_lock_button_set_permission: assertion 'GTK_IS_LOCK_BUTTON (button)' failed06:10
alkisgArk74: I get that here too, even though it works fine, so that's not it06:11
alkisgWell next, try to run it with sudo in front06:11
alkisgBefore doing that:06:11
alkisgTry: find ~ -uid 006:11
alkisgTo see if you have any root-owned files, e.g. dconf06:11
Ark74one sec06:12
Ark74find ~ -uid 0 return empty06:12
alkisgOK then try sudo mate-time-admin06:13
Ark74can't create pid file06:13
Ark74(as superuser) on the title label06:13
alkisgAnd when you run a plain `mate-time-admin`, the "Edit" button is greyed out?06:14
Ark74maybe I have some service down?06:15
Ark74everything is greyed out06:15
Ark74ntp seems enabled06:15
alkisgThe NTP syn and Edit buttons are supposed to be usable; the rest are supposed to be greyed out if you have ntp on06:15
alkisgSo if you have ntp on, you can only change the timezone, not the time, as it's synced from the internet06:16
Ark74yeah no I can't change the timezone06:16
alkisgAnd that's what you want to change?06:17
alkisgIf so, you can change it from /etc/timezone06:17
alkisgsystemd-wide, for all users06:17
Ark74well, yeah I guess that's possible06:20
* alkisg uploaded an image: (39KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/taJgjqJJFvTbceQjWwcCgCIe/mate-time-admin.png >06:20
alkisgThat's what I see, which I consider is "normal"06:20
alkisgYou might be missing some dbus service; does the problem still happen after a reboot?06:21
alkisgAnd you're logged in locally, not over VNC etc, right?06:21
Ark74you are running too, systemd-timesyncd, right?06:22
alkisgYes, as part of the default installation, I didn't touch anything related to time06:22
alkisgUbuntu MATE 22.0406:23
Ark74I was looking at ntp, thinking that could solve it but no06:23
Ark74I'll make a diff on my instalation and the livecd06:23
alkisgdpkg -l | grep ntp ==> empty06:23
Ark74maybe I removed something needed :P06:23
alkisgAlso try creating a new user, to see if the problem is in /home/username or in /etc06:23
Ark74yeah, I'll try that too06:24
Ark74the other user can't open mate-time-admin06:27
Ark74can't create pid file06:27
alkisgEven after rebooting and logging in with the new user, without running anything as the old one?06:29
alkisgAlso add them to the sudo group06:30
Ark74alkisg: somehow I managed to remove policykit-desktop-privileges06:52
Ark74that was my issue06:52
Ark74thank you very much for walking me through06:53

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