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smoseranyone know if we should expect newly published docker images soon that would address https://github.com/docker-library/official-images/issues/13983 ? 11:09
-ubottu:#ubuntu-server- Issue 13983 in docker-library/official-images "Problems with today's ubuntu containers on dockerhub" [Open]11:09
athossmoser: there is a LP bug for that and we are already adressing this one.11:15
athoslet me fetch the bug11:15
-ubottu:#ubuntu-server- Launchpad bug 2004425 in cloud-images "ubuntu:lunar-20230124.1 not OCi compatible, while ubuntu:lunar-20221216 is" [Undecided, New]11:16
baldpopeis it the correct way to set the domain name in etc/hosts as part of the hostname22:15
baldpopethere's not another place to set it, didn't it used to be in etc/net as part of the nameserver search path?22:16
sdezielbaldpope: I don't know how correct that is but I always put ` $fqdn $shortname` in /etc/hosts. This ensures that `hostname` `-s`, `-d` and `-f` work22:17
baldpopesdeziel, yea - that's what I was reading, does that account for the search path as well? so if I ping host instead of host.example.com it'll find it my the default domain associated with the fqdn value in /etc/hosts?22:18
sdezielbaldpope: with the entry I suggested, both `ping host` and `ping host.fully.qualified.domain` will work, irrespective of the search domain(s)22:20
baldpopeincluding host2.example.com ?22:21
baldpope-- assuming it's NOT in etc/host22:21
baldpopeah - that's under netplan search: [domains.com]22:23
baldpopesorry - coming from a gentoo background these are all newb questions22:23

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