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konradHey, I've just installed Ubuntu v. 22.04 - I noticed, that Firefox is installed via Snap - I'm a bit lost, is this something new, or I missed something before? Why is that so? BTW, I don't even have Firefox in the Application Launcher. It's KDE (Kubuntu) if this matters.01:39
sarnoldwith snaps, eventually there'll be one version of firefox compiled per architecture, and mozilla can update them when they want01:42
sarnoldwith debs we had five or six packages built per architecture and there might be differences in performance, behaviour, bugs, etc01:43
sarnoldand providing updates was getting harder as it meant bringing back new versions of the rust compiler to old releases01:43
konradok, I think I got it, thanks sarnold !01:47
sarnoldyay :D01:49
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pycurioushow do i log cpu/gpu temps in a file in ubuntu 20.04lts?02:03
sarnoldheya pycurious :)02:05
pycurioushope you had a good day sarnold?02:06
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sarnoldpycurious: yeah, not bad :)02:07
pycuriousStill trying to figure out why my GPU desktop crashes at a certain point in time - I was thinking of recording the temps - perhaps they could give a blue02:08
sarnoldpycurious: there's a bunch of temp files in /sys/devices/ that have temperatures, here's my thinkpad https://termbin.com/g1x002:10
sarnoldpycurious: ugh :( that's frustrating :(02:10
pycurioussarnold: I want to record those temps so that i can look at them at the time of freeze02:11
sarnoldpycurious: I got those paths by looking through find /sys/devices -name '*temp*' -- your system will probably have some similar, some different, etc02:12
sarnoldpycurious: once you've found them, you can do something like: while true ; do sleep 10 ; grep . /sys/devices/....  >> ~/temps ; done02:13
pycurioussarnold: will give that a try, thanks02:13
pycurioussarnold: was also looking at telegraf/grafana/promethius - they look painful to setup02:22
sarnoldpycurious: yeah02:22
sarnoldpycurious: this thing is packaged in the archives and people who run it seem to really like it, but i've never set it up myself :( https://github.com/netdata/netdata02:22
pycurioussarnold: looking - looks promising so far02:24
squarecircleqemu-nbd: Disconnect client, due to: Failed to read request: Unexpected end-of-file before all bytes were read03:00
squarecircleqemu-nbd: Disconnect client, due to: Failed to read request: Unexpected end-of-file before all bytes were read03:00
squarecircleqemu-nbd: Disconnect client, due to: Failed to read request: Unexpected end-of-file before all bytes were read03:03
squarecircleheyo. Anyone had this stupid error with qemu-nbd?03:03
squarecircleoh yeah, not being stupid03:18
squarecirclehelps a lot with debugging. There was an old modified image still connected and could not be disconnected because it contained a mounted crypt volume.03:19
pycurioussarnold: how do i fix this - The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY AA16FCBCA621E701 - and i do have another one of these having issues03:23
pycurioussarnold: And I tried to do netdata - and i got into this one : GPG error: http://repo.netdata.cloud/repos/edge/ubuntu focal/ Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG F9177B5265F56346 Netdata03:23
pycurioussudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys AA16FCBCA621E701 - not sure why this is failing03:26
arraybolt3pycurious: What repository is failing?03:26
arraybolt3Oh, wait, I see it.03:27
pycuriousarraybolt3: I've two failing at this point. No matter what i try - cant fix those03:27
arraybolt3pycurious: apt will look in two places for keys - a trusted.gpg.d folder, which are keys that are trusted for any repo (these are being deprecated). Then there are repo-specific keys that I believe are stored under /etc/apt/keyrings and that are assigned to particular repos. The trick is finding the right key and putting it in the right place.03:28
arraybolt3Usually the repo setup directions for each third-party repo you set up have the key setup as part of the instructions, though.03:29
pycuriousarraybolt3: what i dont understand is - one one system - this command "sudo apt-key adv --keyserver http://keyserver.ubuntu.com/ --recv-keys AA16FCBCA621E701" fixed the issue. On another one - it wont. Says: gpg: keyserver receive failed: No such file or directory03:29
arraybolt3THat key appears to be in the Ubuntu keyserver.03:30
arraybolt3So, perhaps there's a different way you can do this, one moment while I do some experimenting...03:30
arraybolt3pycurious: Really, though, the right way to do this isn't to just blindly accept whatever key the package claims it needs, the right way would be to figure out the key from the distributor and import that key. Otherwise you defeat the security of the key setup and risk installing malicious packages.03:31
pycuriousarraybolt3: how do i do it the right way - I dont even know what package is being installed using that key03:32
arraybolt3pycurious: I think I can see the key here: http://repo.netdata.cloud/repos/repoconfig/ubuntu/focal/03:32
arraybolt3It's probably the Release.gpg file.03:32
arraybolt3Though... there's .deb files in there that look like they'll probably automate the process.03:33
arraybolt3And I'm realizing that file might not be the right file after all.03:33
arraybolt3pycurious: Yep, just found out by digging through the .apt package in that folder.03:35
arraybolt3pycurious: Download this: http://repo.netdata.cloud/repos/repoconfig/ubuntu/focal/netdata-repo_2-1+ubuntu20.04_all.deb and install it with "sudo apt install ./netdata-repo_2-1+ubuntu20.04_all.deb".03:35
arraybolt3That will install the keys.03:35
arraybolt3(I checked inside the file, it contains the keys and puts them under trusted.gpg.d.)03:35
pycuriousarraybolt3: The following packages will be REMOVED:03:36
pycurious  netdata-repo-edge03:36
pycuriousThe following NEW packages will be installed:03:36
pycurious  netdata-repo03:36
pycuriousthat probably was not the correct deb?03:36
arraybolt3You already have the edge repo isntalled then.03:37
arraybolt3What's "ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d" show? Pastebin, please.03:37
pycuriousAfter that deb install - I still get - W: GPG error: http://repo.netdata.cloud/repos/edge/ubuntu focal/ Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG F9177B5265F56346 Netdatabot <bot@netdata.cloud>03:37
arraybolt3BADSIG means that the signature the package has and the signature provided by the distributor are mismatched. That either means that something on either your end or their end is misconfigured, or you have an attempted man in the middle attack on your hands.03:38
pycuriousarraybolt3: https://dpaste.org/wX4WN03:38
arraybolt3I see you have netdata-edge and netdata repos both installed... that might be our fault from what we just did just now, but that may be the problem.03:39
arraybolt3I'd unstainll both netdata-repo and netdata-repo-edge, then remove both of their .list files from /etc/apt/sources.list.d, then install only the repo package for the version you actually want.03:39
pycuriouslet me try03:40
arraybolt3Also, do you have a proxy server involved?03:40
* arraybolt3 has to go afk suddenly, sorry and good luck!03:41
arraybolt3OK, here's a silly question for you. Is there a way to get Linux to make /dev/mmcblk0 actually be named /dev/sda, in such a way that the partitions behave the same, i.e. /dev/mmcblk0p1 becomes /dev/sda1?04:58
arraybolt3(Background - I'm trying to use WoeUSB to make a Windows installation drive... BUT... I'm trying to flash the Windows ISO to an SD card reader. Apparently the way that Linux presents an SD card to the system is confusing WoeUSB.)04:59
arraybolt3I suspect this is probably futile, and I need to just find a USB SD card reader rather than using the SD card slot in the side of my laptop.04:59
arraybolt3(And if you're wondering why I'm trying to make a Windows installation drive, it's not for me - my dad got himself hacked and needs his laptop reinstalled.)05:01
darth_tuxarraybolt3: its ok I am getting a win laptop just to game and nothing else. I wont do a thing on it off gaming because I hate windows with a seething passion but it is good for games05:03
arraybolt3Gah, cheap USB SD card reader died on me. The card itself is still OK though :P05:05
arraybolt3Anyway, I'm realizing I can use a VM to do this if I get desperate, and also I have other USB card readers, so nevermind about the above question.05:05
cats3dmorning! I have a problem that I don't know how to describe well: sometimes some applications lose connection with their window. The visual part of the window stops responding, but the application is still running05:22
cats3dit happens only to windows on my 2nd monitor05:23
cats3dIs there anything I can do about it, other than not using a 2nd monitor?05:23
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blahboybazI see this message when updating my system `The following security updates require Ubuntu Pro with 'esm-apps' enabled:` What, are security updates being held back unless you pay?06:58
lotuspsychje!ubuntupro | blahboybaz06:59
ubottublahboybaz: Ubuntu Pro is a service offered by Canonical for expanded CVE patching, ten-years security maintenance and optional support. Anyone can use Ubuntu Pro for free for personal use on up to 5 machines. For details please see https://ubuntu.com/pro and https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/3101806:59
blahboybazlotuspsychje: What is the difference if you use it or don't use it? You still will get the updates listed in that section but not until later?07:02
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blahboybazAm I accepting a security deficiency by not doing it?07:03
Apachezany of you who noticed that the new texteditor in 22.10 always opens in small window? How to make it to always open in fullscreen just like gedit?07:08
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brkcoreI have installed libcab-dev:amd64, can I safelly remove 'libcab-dev'? also removing 'libssl-dev:amd64' ? anything I should be aware of before removing these?10:24
brkcoreapt-cache rdepends libcab-dev doesnt show any10:26
m15kI'm looking for a ui where I can backup my home folder but deselect some folders from these backups.11:17
lotuspsychje!backup | m15k11:19
ubottum15k: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup, !borg, and !cloning11:19
m15kWhen I'm using rsync in archive mode and want to move it to an ssh location I need to be root in the remote location?11:21
ravagem15k: simple answer is yes. details: https://superuser.com/questions/605425/rsync-root-files-between-systems-without-specifying-password/889313#88931311:30
ravageif you want to preserve all rights11:30
m15kravage: I see. Damn.11:34
RaimondRaji been faceing this problem since a long. could anyone help me on this ( https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/xS76pMfSVm/ )12:52
BluesKajHi all13:12
RaimondRajplease help me to fix my postfix / sendmail issue13:12
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jhutchinsRaimondRaj: What guide did you use to set it up?15:00
Guest639Hi. I'm trying to install Ubuntu 22.04.1  on my Asus R500 laptop, and I just get a black screen after booting the USB stick... there are a bunch of text messages first, but then it just goes black. I'm not sure where to go from here. Any suggestions?15:20
furyproposal: never show the user a button called "Partial Upgrade", ever, it seems far more likely to break stuff than not15:47
furyask me how i know :D15:47
furysitting here wiping and reinstalling as we speak15:48
leftyfb!bug | fury15:48
ubottufury: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.15:48
furyi'll try to keep that in mind next time i run into that :D though i don't know which package it came down to. all i know is this morning i clicked "partial upgrade", and then the system ceased to be able to boot15:49
furyit's already wiped now tho15:49
Guest34https://dpaste.org/VYgn8 what am I doing wrong? I want to set my tablet's tracking mode to relative. Now it's absolute.15:58
dsc_fury: having to reinstall Ubuntu every $X months is part of the linux experience, altho must say that since a few years things have improved (Linux has truly come to the desktop ;))16:03
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furyfunny thing is i had just wiped and installed a fresh copy of 22.04.1 within the last week :D so i'm not sure what there was to upgrade to16:04
ArmouredHeartHello, I have just freshly installed ubuntu to my N550Jx laptop and seem to be having difficulty with the wifi suddenly being disabled a few minutes after boot. I am a gentoo user so I am used to just using ifconfig to bring up my network interfaces, however it seems ifconfig is depreciated in ubuntu? Also, I have no idea what is default in ubuntu so I also don't know where to start looking to diagnose the wifi adapter being randomly turned off. Any16:07
ArmouredHearthelp would be greatly appreciated16:07
ograArmouredHeart, on non desktop systems ubuntu uses netplan by default ... documentation is at netplan.io ... (FWIW, ifconfig was deprecated in debian, ubuntu just had to follow suit here, if you need a commandline tool to i.e. look up addresses use "ip")16:10
ograArmouredHeart, "a few minutes after boot" sounds like your WIFI device goes into some power saving mode, there might be a driver option you need to set or some such16:17
dakotakaeHey all! I'm looking for a little help with `landscape-config`. Just signed up for Ubuntu Pro Desktop and it included Landscape. Trying to configure with `sudo landscape-config --computer-title "name" --account-name my-name` gives me the following Python error: `AttributeError: module 'lib' has no attribute 'OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms'`. I use PyEnv, so I thought it may have been an issue with my custom version of Python3 and16:49
dakotakaeI switched my global interpreter to the system one, still no luck.16:49
Guest9185hello all17:07
lotuspsychjewelcome Guest918517:08
Guest9185I'm currently running Ubuntu Server 21.04 as a file-/media server at home. As there is no longer any support on 21.04 I want to upgrade to 22.04 LTS. However, this is the first time I am upgrading Ubuntu on a system that is not "vanilla" and I could use some input on the process and things I should consider (if I have understood correctly I need to17:09
Guest9185upgrade first to 21.10?)17:09
Guest9185Зараз я використовую Ubuntu Server 21.04 як файловий/медійний сервер вдома. Оскільки 21.04 більше не підтримується, я хочу оновити до 22.04 LTS. Однак це перший раз, коли я оновлю Ubuntu на системі, яка не є17:10
Guest9185"ванільною", і я міг би використати деяку інформацію щодо процесу та речей, які я повинен розглянути (якщо я правильно зрозумів, мені потрібно спочатку оновити до 21.10?)17:10
lotuspsychjeGuest9185: if your server is connected to the internet, i would for for a fresh install 22.0417:11
Guest9185yes but wont that corrupt the EFI bootloader17:12
Guest9185так, але це не пошкодить завантажувач EFI17:12
lotuspsychjeenglish only here in this channel Guest918517:13
Guest9185I was told there would be Ukraine to assist17:13
lotuspsychje!ru | Guest9185 see also17:15
ubottuGuest9185 see also: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.17:15
pi_hi chat17:19
pi_anyone here17:20
pi_in 202317:20
lotuspsychjepi_: do you have an ubuntu support question?17:21
pi_yes , is there a way to customize ubuntu17:22
lotuspsychjepi_: can you elaborate, what would you like to customize exactly?17:23
ArmouredHeartogra: The ip command fails to bring up my wifi interface. The "nmcli d" command still shows its status as "down" and "dormant"17:24
pi_i want to customize it to run windows softwares flawlessly?17:24
pi_is there any methods other than wine17:28
pi_wine is not even working for that software17:28
pi_i want to install robo analyzer17:28
tomreynpi_: you can run any windows software in a windows VM17:29
ArmouredHeartpi_: Windows software will rarely work flawlessly on linux because it depends on windows-only libraries. The WINE system can provide "hooks" and a C drive where windows programs can be installed, and many windows programs run decently well using it. WINE itself is highly customizable, but takes a lot of work and understanding to get a profile set up for a specific program. There is the PROTON versoin of WINE which is tailored to games, for example. It17:30
ArmouredHeartcan also run other graphically intensive software.17:30
pi_PROTON , ill check it ! ArmouredHeart  thanks , is it easy to use17:32
pi_i used wine. but it was hard to use , i mean to customize17:33
lotuspsychjepi_: there's playonlinux too if you want it easier17:33
ArmouredHeartpi_: A really cheap trick you could use is to install Steam, add your program to steam library, and then enable "forced windows compatability" in the management menu, and try running it as if it were a game. I know I managed to get things to work that way back when I still used windows stuff17:36
lotuspsychjepi_: there are also a few snaps available for robot software on ubuntu17:36
pi_lotuspsychje, Thanks17:43
pi_ArmouredHeart, wow man that genius17:44
pi_ill install steam17:44
tomreynor you could use ROS, if you don't depend on the specific software17:45
ArmouredHeartYeah, the "sudo ip link set [interface] up" command doesn't bring the wifi backup. What is the package called so I can rip out the default networking and install something that works?17:45
tomreynare you asking "which package provides the 'ip' command"?17:46
pi_tomreyn, have you used ros17:47
tomreynpi_: no. i bet alis can help you find a channel where there are folks who did, though17:47
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»17:47
pi_tomreyn, Thanks for the suggestion;17:48
pi_ubottu, you tooo!17:48
ograArmouredHeart, ip alone can not handle wifi ... if you want to configure it with NM anyway (sorry, i thought you'd run a server install) just use the "nmtui" command17:49
ArmouredHearttomreyn: Ah, yes. Sorry. Frustration has eroded my manners17:49
ogranmtui gives you an easy to mnager commandline UI17:50
ArmouredHeartYes, but it can't turn on the interfaces17:50
tomreynArmouredHeart: dpkg -S $(which ip)    # but i very much doubt this is going to make anything better17:51
ArmouredHeartThe problem is not the connection, it is that the network device has been turned off and I can't get it to turn back on17:51
ograwell, did you check if your driver has a power management feature  ?17:51
tomreynand did you check rfkill17:51
ArmouredHeartAh! No I did not. I have never needed before. Thank you17:52
ograArmouredHeart, try: "iw dev wlan0 get power_save"17:52
ogra(or however your network card is named indeed)17:53
pconst167hi all17:53
pconst167why is gnome so good?17:53
ograbecause it removed all evil17:53
pconst167why is gnome so good indeed?17:53
pconst167what evil17:53
ograno idea17:54
ograbu if it is good there must be less evil17:54
pconst167you better explain yourself boy17:54
lotuspsychje!discuss | pconst16717:54
ubottupconst167: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!17:54
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com17:55
ubottulubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.17:55
pconst167I want GUBUNTU17:55
ArmouredHeartI used iwconfig [interface] power off to turn off the power management. However, using ip to try and bring up the interface throws "RTNETLINK answers: Input/output error". The driver in use is iwlwifi18:34
ArmouredHeartrecovery mode the wifi works fine18:40
ArmouredHeartit is only in "normal" mode that there are problems18:40
ArmouredHeartUbuntu LTS 22.0418:41
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tortalanybody running wsl noticing strange copy-paste behavior between host-OS and ubuntu (running in terminal)18:59
leftyfb!wsl | tortal19:00
ubottutortal: Windows 10 and newer have a feature called "Windows Subsystem for Linux", which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide19:00
leftyfbthat needs to be fixed19:01
leftyfbtortal: /join #windows-wsl for support with WSL19:02
tortalah, thanks leftyfb19:02
tortallooked at #wsl first was empty19:02
fooman2011Hello, is there a way to use apt to install deb files from a local repository located on my HD ? I'm looking for a way without adding my local repository in /etc/apt/source.list19:06
leftyfbfooman2011: you can use dpkg to install the .deb files. Otherwise, if you want your repository to be referred to as a repository, you need to add it to the repository lists in /etc/apt/sources.list or /apt/sources.list.d/*19:09
tortalare there any demands for a deb repo to have http links or can they have file uri _19:12
peirikAnyone know how to sort the output from "ag -c"?19:12
fooman2011thanks you leftyfb. For instance in RedHat you can passe a repo file to yum using the -c option. There is no option like that for apt ?19:12
leftyfbpeirik: pipe to sort?19:13
tortalwhat's ag19:24
tortalah, grep like19:24
jhutchinsfooman2011: Pretty sure you can pass a URL to dpkg.  Clean up missing dependencies with apt -f install.19:28
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robottidudeHello there21:29
sarnoldhi robottidude21:29
robottidudeI have problem with my keyboard. when I press my cursor keys. it will send different key press. Meaning that they are mapped to different keys21:30
robottidudelike left cursor key is working like Home21:31
robottidudeand right is End21:31
robottidudehow I can configure my keyboard layout? like reconfigure?21:31
robottidudemy cursor keys are behind fn+wsad21:32
robottidudethose work fine on grub and windows21:32
sarnoldit might be worth looking around a little bit to see if your keyboard has a fn button or something similar that changes the meanings of the keys; i've seen more than one person try to change in software something that could be fixed by pushing a button21:32
robottidudehow about those work fine on grub?21:33
robottidudeKeyCode: =/+/ 0x73  115 016321:34
robottidudeKeySym: End NoSymbol End21:34
robottidudeit should be left. but sends end21:34
robottidudeso it might be right21:34
robottidudebut I dont know what to do.21:35
sarnoldoh heh, so it's not just an easy button somewhere :(21:35
robottidudeyeah. it just works on grub and windows. but after booted it is borked :D21:36
ograhow about in the terminal21:36
robottidudeI did try it also in virtual consoles ctrl+alt+f221:37
robottidudeand it is same there.21:37
ograokay ... then you might need a different keyboard layout ... assuming that is a laptop, did you google for it yet21:37
robottidudeI did try to use history by cursor keys. but they work like end21:37
robottidudethis is desktop21:37
ograwith Fn key ?21:38
robottidudethis is usb keyboard with bluetooth too.21:38
robottidudeproblem is same with bluetooth21:38
ogrado you know the brand/model of the keyboard ?21:39
robottidudeit is this21:40
robottidudethere is also picture of that keyboard21:40
robottidudeI have pink one21:40
robottidudeBlackstorm RGB Mech 2021 60% Dual Mode21:42
sarnoldit has 'end' and 'hm' printed on the right side of the keyboard21:44
ogravery finnish ...21:44
sarnoldso much for my guess that maybe you needed to hold down two keys or something..21:44
* ogra is overwhelmed by all the vowels in his face21:44
sarnoldyes it's very finnish :)21:44
ograwhat does "dual mode" mean and did you try switching modes ?21:45
ograperhaps it is in the wrong "mode"21:45
sarnoldmy guess is usb and bluetooth21:45
robottidudeyeah. usb and bluetooth21:45
ogranot any "extra layer of mappings" mode21:46
* ogra has a few 60% kbds, but there are self-built so i have ful control over the firmware and keymapping in them21:46
ogra*they are21:46
robottidudeI dont know if there is something like that.21:46
robottidudeit is quite basic in Windows21:47
robottidudeand on Grub21:47
robottidudeyes. this normally costs 60€. but I got this for 15€21:47
sarnoldI wonder if there's windows drivers to configure things?21:47
robottidudeso that why I have this. but I did desided today use it linux and noticed that no cursor keys.21:48
robottidudeI dont know. It just works on WIndows21:48
robottidudeafter boot21:48
robottidudenormal keyboard drivers21:48
ograwell, i'm pretty sure you'd need a custom keymap for it ... but no clue how one does that nowadays (i tink i did that the last time around 2012 and the whole kbd handing has changed since21:49
robottidudeeverything else works here. but not this21:49
robottidudemaybe there is some odd fn-mode21:49
sarnoldsetxkbmap  /usr/share/X11/xkb/  stuff is the newer Xorg keyboard map things, but it's not very fun21:49
robottidudethat changes those cursor keys to end, home and other keys21:49
ograis xmodmap still a thing ?21:49
sarnoldI'm not sure which one is easier to work with21:50
sarnoldmy old four-line ~/.Xmodmap can be replaced by this one line though setxkbmap -option caps:escape21:50
ograi think xmodmap is great for ad-hoc stuff but not so much for permanent21:50
sarnoldso I've vastly preferred setxkbmap for a while :)21:50
robottidudeI did install xkeycaps21:51
robottidudeand it seems old21:51
ograyeah, thats ancient21:51
ograhere is a description of the old way https://superuser.com/questions/2194/remap-keys-in-linux ...21:51
robottidudeI am using 22.04 and I think I am using Wayland.21:52
ograso you'd grab "showkey" to actually find the keycode the kbd sends when you press the desired button ... and then use xmodmap to point that keycode to the resulting action you want21:53
sarnoldI can't find any buttons on that thing for controlling numlock21:54
robottidudeI think I am going to try that.21:54
sarnoldI wonder if numlock is turned on ..21:54
ograoh !21:54
ograi think sarnold is onto something21:54
ograrobottidude, can you try toggling numlock ?21:55
robottidudeit is off now21:55
robottidudeno difference21:55
sarnolddang :( I really liked that idea21:55
robottidudeI did have secondary keyboard connected to my computer21:57
robottidudeand it did have numlock on21:57
robottidudeI just turned it off.21:57
robottidudecan secondary keyboard break things?21:58
ogranah, they are separate things21:58
ogra(at least normally 😛 )21:58
robottidudeis there possiblity that keyboard works better with other computer?21:58
ograhard to tell21:59
robottidudeI have raspberry pi with raspbian os21:59
robottidudeshould I test this?21:59
sarnoldhmm, there's one numlock setting at any given moment, I've heard of folks having a second keyboard plugged in just to have the numlock key once in a while21:59
sarnoldso if the other keyboard showed numlock on, it would have been on for all the keyboards at once21:59
ograh, yu mean on a kernel level on boot ?22:00
ograrobottidude, wel, why not ...22:01
ogradamn ... my laptop kbd is slowly giving up 😞22:01
robottidudeI must try something soon22:01
robottidudelike when I am ready22:01
sarnoldogra: I know where you can get a good deal on neat looking finnish keyboards :)22:02
ograsarnold, lol, for my XPS1322:03
sarnoldogra: it's not quite per-kernel sort of thing, each virtual console has its own numlock setting; but there's one per context22:04
ograwell, i remember there was a numlock=on kernel cmdline once in the past22:05
sarnoldxkbvleds can show the status of the leds graphically, holy cow that's ugly looking today :)22:05
ograwe'Re just old farts ...22:05
* sarnold nods22:05
robottidudeI am going to try it first for my laptop22:05
robottidudeafter that with my raspberry pi22:05
nothingmanhi. i have ubuntu server, i want buy a new domain, but i dont have a fix ip.22:08
nothingmanhow can i do it right?22:09
ograyou will need to buy an IP at your internet provider22:10
ogra(or change to a provider that offers one along with the access)22:10
nothingmanyes i want but the provider say they cant give me a fix ip22:10
toddcnothingman: or use a dynamic dns that is availible free and for a small price fron a lot of places22:11
sarnoldthere's a bunch of different things interacting at once; domain names are separate from dns names. you can buy domain names from registrars such as gandi or namecheap. ips can often be leased from cloud providers, or other isps22:11
sarnoldsigh I hate being stupid22:11
nothingmannow i use a dynamic dns, but i want build a mail server22:11
sarnolddomain names are separate from ip addresses  <<--- fixed22:11
nothingmanmaybe i change the provider22:13
ograor buy a cloud instance and do it there ...22:13
sarnoldthat'll definitelygive far better results22:14
nothingmannope. i want my home server, easier.22:14
nothingmani work with too much data.22:14
sarnoldmost mail servers drop email from residential networks22:14
nothingmanim a photographer, i give the photos the cotumers from my home server. this is safety.22:15
robottidudesame problem with raspberry pi22:16
robottidudeno cursor keys on command line22:16
robottidudeand nowhere else22:16
nothingmanapt-get install cursor22:16
nothingmanreboot, reinstall?22:16
nothingmannot possible?22:16
robottidudecan I globally new keyboard layout? for my system? for that keyboard?22:16
ograwell, try the xkbmap or setxkbmap way22:17
robottidudedoes xkbmap work also on framebuffer console and wayland?22:17
sarnoldno and unknown22:17
sarnoldwell, someone knows, I don't know ;( heh22:17
BertHi guys, I'm running 18.04 which is afaik still supported until april 2023, however I'm already getting "The following security updates require Ubuntu Pro with 'esm-apps' enabled:". Did I miss something and was the EOL date moved up?22:18
sarnoldBert: missed something, yeah, but not eol; we're now offering securiity updates for universe packages, too22:19
ograrobottidude, yu can also first try: sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration22:19
sarnoldhttps://ubuntu.com/pro has some more details22:19
sarnoldogra: OH!22:19
ograand hope that you find a layout that matches your kbd somehow22:19
sarnoldogra: nice idea. I'm not sure what I'd recommend once running, but that's a good start :)22:19
ograwell, it comes up wih 100 layouts or so22:20
ograbut it is like gambling to find one that works i guess22:20
robottidudehttps://cdn-a.verkkokauppa.com/files/608fc/ee13c/bfb64/7757f/19d3.pdf <-- I did find manual.22:21
Bertsarnold: oh ok, so this is marketing injection into apt? :/22:21
ograBert, it is canonical security team now maintaining 23000 packages in universe ... which did not happen until last week22:22
sarnoldBert: more or less; not everybody reads UWN or ubuntu blogs22:22
BertI see, just feels a bit scummy to be honest. The way it's phrased looks more like you're missing out on something that's now been turned into a paid service, instead of something being added (even though it seems to be the latter)22:23
robottidudeogra, I am little bit sceptic. I did try most finnish layouts.22:23
robottidudeI think there is just something nasty with this keyboard22:23
ograrobottidude, well, the first page is for the model22:23
ograi meant you should play with the different models and find one that is close to yours22:24
ravageBert: that discussion already happened in #ubuntu-discuss and I'm sure not for the last time22:24
ravageBut there is where it should stay :)22:24
Bertravage: I have nothing more to discuss, no worries, I was just honestly thinking I basically lost support due to EOL 3 months earlier than expected :P22:25
ravageOk. You did not lose anything:)22:25
BertI'll disable the ESM stuff and get on with things :)22:25
ograBert, well, where else would you expect security updates to be shown if not in apt 🙂22:25
sarnoldBert: nope! :) just that you could be getting a bunch more security updates with a few commands22:25
ogra... for free ...22:25
BertI use EOL as a reason to force myself to upgrade22:26
Bertotherwise I would still be on 14.0422:26
BertI miss 14.04 totem though :(22:26
sarnoldlol, I know how that goes22:26
sarnoldRelease:        16.0422:26
sarnoldirssi host ..22:26
sarnoldrobottidude: well dang, I was hoping that manual would be twice as long. instead, it's in two languages!22:26
ravageAnd for my fellow volunteers there is !ubuntupro now too. Tom approved it :)22:26
sarnoldrobottidude: I can't read either one! but it doesn't look like it has answers :(22:27
ubottuUbuntu Pro is a service offered by Canonical for expanded CVE patching, ten-years security maintenance and optional support. Anyone can use Ubuntu Pro for free for personal use on up to 5 machines. For details please see https://ubuntu.com/pro and https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/3101822:27
robottidudesarnold, I suppose that firmware is just broken with this keyboard on linux.22:27
=== Guest857 is now known as Sauvin
robottidudesomething is fishy with this keyboard.22:28
robottidudeBus 001 Device 006: ID 05ac:024f Apple, Inc. Aluminium Keyboard (ANSI)22:28
robottidudelike this22:28
nothingmansarnold: tehat leteznek meg kockak akik folyamat gep elott ulnek :D22:29
sarnoldbuuuuuut maybe that's a hint on how to try to fix it? maybe select a finnish *apple* keyboard?22:29
emz229not to totally derail the conversation but does anyone know if the "BindsTo" property in a systemd service can have an XOR operation?22:29
ografull encryption !22:29
robottidudeis there possiblity that linux does have different layout because it believes it is apple keyboard?22:29
robottidudeand it is broken because of that?22:29
sarnoldnothingman: I *also* don't speak hungarian (but it's a nice place to visit :)22:29
ravagefull bit encryption!22:30
robottidudesarnold, I did try that also. no difference22:30
sarnoldrobottidude: yeah, I use an apple aluminum keyboard on a server system somewhere, and when it was new it was very very annoying22:30
ograrobottidude, it is likely broken because the kernel detects it wrongly, yes22:30
nothingmanoh, i just see whois you logged in from budapest.22:30
robottidudeogra, can I just fake this device?22:31
ograi dont think so, since the kernel will likely not know your device at all22:31
robottidudehid                   151552  5 usbhid,hid_apple,hid_generic,hid_logitech_dj,hid_logitech_hidpp22:31
ograthe issue is "ID 05ac:024f" ...22:32
ograthat is what yur kbd reports to the kernel22:32
sarnoldnothingman: weird. This is a VM in us-west-1 or us-west-2, I forget..22:32
ograand the kernel has that ID mapped to apple kbds22:32
Bertogra sarnold: thx for your help guys! good luck with many people asking this same question, and in case you are going: have fun at FOSDEM :)22:32
ograi wont 😞22:33
sarnoldbye Bert :)22:33
ravageWhy not ogra?22:33
sarnoldalas, I've never even seen fosdem :(22:33
ograravage, business sprint ... i'll be in denmark22:33
robottidudewould it help if blacklist that apple hid module?22:33
robottidudeIf I22:33
ravageI will be there Friday evening in case someone needs a beer buddy22:33
M9nx[m]In layout **PT** the **Keyboard Shortcut** for "**€**" is "**Altgr + E**".22:33
M9nx[m]Anyone knows what's the keyboard shortcut in US layout?22:33
M9nx[m]Tried many ways as recommended in google searches but so far just can't get it to work!22:33
ravage:( ogra22:34
Bertsarnold ogra: I live in Brussels, so I'm cheating :P22:34
ograBert, hah !22:34
ravageSee you there then Bert22:34
ograM9nx[m], i suspect american keyboards simply dont have a € key ..22:34
robottidudeogra, should I blacklist that apple_hid module?22:34
robottidudeit might fix it?22:34
Bertravage: will be hard to find each other with 5-6k people participating xD22:34
ograrobottidude, you can try22:35
ravagePing me here ;)22:35
sarnoldBert: oo you've reminded me of frites and beer :) enjoy :)22:35
* ogra has some delirium tremens "non memories" of brussels and fosdem 🙂22:36
FKAShinobido you really need to add x-gvfs-show to show a file system in Gnome files?  / does not have it specified, but I can view it in Gnome Files.22:36
M9nx[m]ogra: Yes. But there must be a way to map it!22:36
M9nx[m]I can do it with the layout in Portuguese!22:36
M9nx[m]It's algr + E22:36
sarnoldyou can use xmodmap to add new bindings if you wish; it might be possible to configure deadkeys to let you type it, I never understood that one22:37
ograM9nx[m], like in german (or oher european kbds) ... you might need a compose key to write it on a US ANSI kbd22:37
ogra.oO( seems it is keyboard day today )22:38
M9nx[m]ogra: 😂22:38
M9nx[m]ogra: let me google compose key 😁22:38
ravageThe instructions for 20.04 should still work for 22.0422:40
M9nx[m]ravage: i ma checking for kde plasma22:41
M9nx[m]> <@ravage:libera.chat> The instructions for 20.04 should still work for 22.0422:41
M9nx[m] * i ma checking for kde plasma22:41
robottidudeogra, damn. now keyboard dont work on boot :D22:42
ravageI think my last kubuntu release was 16.04 or so. Sorry :)22:42
robottidudebut it works fine with bluetooth22:42
robottidudecursor keys works fine22:42
robottidudebut I think it is because that driver :D22:42
ograoh, so now they work ?22:42
robottidudekeyboard does not work with usb now22:43
robottidudewith module blaclistted22:43
ogradid the cursor keys work with bluetooth before ?22:43
M9nx[m]ravage: it comes down to kde version. but should be similar...22:43
robottidudeogra, I am not sure anymore.22:44
robottidudeogra, but this keyboard is absolutely badly designed22:45
M9nx[m]ravage: ogra... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/4d6c2b28b28fcacf514181cbda62a24ce5842b52>)22:46
M9nx[m] * ravage: ogra... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/ae364c815f572fb65c46b50e42dead6c0ed03a6f>)22:46
ograrobottidude, i have a fre vortex pok3r 60% ones that work really well22:46
robottidudeogra, is there anyway to load some other usb hid module for this device?22:47
robottidudeany way22:47
ograi doubt it since everything will be tied to the USB ID22:47
ograand that reports as apple22:48
robottidudeI am going to visit tomorrow that store and ask them what they are thinking :D22:48
robottidudeit is their own brand22:48
ograperhaps they can actually help you then22:48
ograif they designed it ...22:49
nothingmani just ask... anybody know what does the fix say?22:49
robottidudeI think they just ordered this from china with some asked specs and manufacturer did make many stupid shortcuts.22:49
robottidudeand they printed stores own branding.22:50
robottidudeI am totally mad because of this keyboard :D22:51
robottidudecould I make this work with some other usb hid or is there any way to hack it work with different driver?22:54
nothingmanrobottidude: use mouse for everything. put your kexboard to trash22:54
ograwell, use it with bluetooth ...22:54
robottidudenothingman, great idea.22:55
nothingmanyes i know :D22:55
nothingmanrobottidude: you tried reconfigure?22:57
nothingmandpkg-reconfigure locales22:58
ogranothingman, what would that help ?22:59
=== ste is now known as splinter
ograsudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration23:00
=== splinter is now known as Splinter
ograthat is what might help ... if he finds a atching kbd in the ist23:00
nothingmanthats generate local settings, maybe fix the problem23:01
=== Splinter is now known as splinter
ograthat wont change the keyboard mapping23:01
ograonly the system language23:01
nothingmanokay. i agree.23:02
nothingmanand what are you see on your /etc/default/keyboard ?23:04
=== re101-moose-9782 is now known as aaaaaacc
=== splinter is now known as xantrex
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robottidudeactually. Can I really map those hardware keys to different mappings?23:19
robottidudedoes it mean that I cannot use anymore my end and other keys on my keyboard23:21
=== root is now known as Guest5680
minthello, what can I do? https://i.postimg.cc/C1kf3wqz/SSD.png23:44
bankai_use words23:46
neilbagsHi, I'm on Xubuntu 22.10. I installed plex-desktop from the snap store, but my screen turns off while watching a movie. Not an issue with Chrome or VLC, which were installed via apt, so guessing its a snap problem. Can anyone help me debug this?23:46
mintI am trying to install linux, I get this error: "Partition(s) 2, 4 on /dev/sda have been written, but we have been unable to inform the kernel of the change, probably because it/they are in use. As a result, the old partition(s) will remain in use. You should reboot now before making further changes." What can I do, I already tried reboot...?23:49
leftyfbmint: what version of linux are you trying to install?23:50
mintLinux Mint 21.1 "Vera" Cinnamon Edition23:51
leftyfb!mint | mint23:51
ubottumint: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official !flavors. Derivatives and other distributions use different software repositories and other software. Please use their dedicated support venues, such as: Linux Mint: #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org, Pop!_OS: https://support.system76.com/ , Kali Linux: #kali-linux on irc.oftc.net, LXLE: https://lxle.net/support-options/23:51
mintI did, nobody can help me out23:52
leftyfbmint: We cannot help with installing Linux Mint here.23:52

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