EickmeyerUnkleBonehead[m]: OBS 29 isn't in the Ubuntu repositories and neither is that plugin, so neither are supported.02:45
UnkleBonehead[m]OBS 29 is what installed from Discover. I have not added any ppa's. Discover says its in Universal.02:47
UnkleBonehead[m]NM. Somehow I have the flatpak installed as well. One in universal is 28. This may be the problem.02:49
nklmnorhello there, before i have use carla host for windows dll  aka vst/vsti and now i am on ubunut studio16:19
nklmnormy question is: how can i run windows vst/vsti16:19
nklmnorwhat is the best/light option to run dll file under ubuntustudio?16:20
nklmnorbefore i have run vst/vsti with command: carla-single vst... .dll16:21
Eickmeyernklmnor: You should still be able to run those same windows vst/vsti plugins under Carla if you install carla-bridge-win64 and carla-bridge-wine64.16:23
nklmnorEickmeyer, ah, i see. so that is the only options?16:24
EickmeyerYep, otherwise find linux replacements for those vst plugins, as they are numerous.16:25
nklmnori was like... maybe ubuntu-studio has it is own way to do that job16:25
nklmnor*sorry for my eng.16:25
EickmeyerUbuntu Studio comes with hundreds of plugins that might be able to replace the ones you had.16:25
EickmeyerAnd there are more out there.16:25
nklmnorEickmeyer, btw how you run some plugins wia daw or solo?16:26
nklmnori alwasy need solo plugins 16:26
nklmnorbecause of that i was like that option of carla "carla-single" you dont need the whole gui host 'carla' to bring only one plugin/vst, vsti..etc16:27
EickmeyerSolo plugins can be hosted in Carla just like you always have.16:27
EickmeyerSome plugins self-host.16:27
nklmnorEickmeyer, yes, i just wrote that16:27
EickmeyerDepends on the plugin.16:27
* Eickmeyer has to go afk16:28
nklmnori only have "issue" with windows plugins, i run linux plugins via jalv.selec it is the same principle like carla-sigle16:28
nklmnorEickmeyer, anyway, thanks!16:29
nklmnori will install now carla host16:29

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