LeoNerdEver since a recent(ish?) apt update, I notice that `bzr` is slower to start now. Every command, regardless of what it is.. even `bzr help`, spins a bunch of CPU time for about a second before it does anything15:28
LeoNerdIt's not huuugely problematic but it is a bit annoying, because it didn't used to do that15:29
jelmerLeoNerd: interesting18:29
jelmerbetween what versions is this?18:29
LeoNerdAh unsure what it used to be but I can report what it is now19:10
LeoNerdBreezy (brz) 3.3.119:11
LeoNerd(even running  bzr --version  took a while)19:11
jelmerwhat's a while?19:12
jelmerhere (3.3.2) I get:19:12
jelmer/usr/bin/brz version  0.11s user 0.01s system 99% cpu 0.126 total19:12
jelmerOther things that might be helpful is if you have any plugins installed19:16
jelmerI'm not aware of anything we've changed that could have triggered a performance regression; if anything, the opposite21:07
jelmerbut it's possible we inadvertently broke something21:07
LeoNerduser    0m0.860s21:07
LeoNerdIt might have been an overall python update21:07

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