Roeyarraybolt3: o/02:12
Roeyhey all, is Ubiquity only for UEFI-enabled platforms?02:12
Roeyif I try to install it on my BIOS laptop (circa 2012), then BIOS says "No operating system found".02:13
Roeyand i see that the Kubuntu installer has indeed made an EFI partition (for what purpose, I dunno.  Is this a bug on the part of Ubiquity?)02:13
RoeyI asked this in #kubuntu as well if any of you wish to answer there02:14
Roey<arraybolt3> Roey: So if I just use the encrypted LVM option when Kubuntu's installer is asking how I want to setup the disks, everything Just Works. On a BIOS system.02:28
Roey<arraybolt3> Sadly that's without BTRFS, though.02:28
Roey<arraybolt3> I assume this is a Ubiquity bug, or perhaps my modifications to mmikowski's script was incorrect, but that's how it worked.02:28
BluesKajHi all12:46
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