Roeymmikowski: would you be willing to help me use your script?00:10
Roeyor understand your script?00:10
mmikowskiHi Roey. I am very busy launching a new product :\00:10
mmikowskiActually, we have 3 launches in the next two months. So time is limited00:11
mmikowskiI can give you the overview though :)00:11
mmikowskiIs that ok?00:12
Roeymmikowski: oh wow00:15
Roeymmikowski: in a bit? I'm in a meeting at the moment00:15
Roeytha just popped up00:16
Roeythank you00:16
mmikowskiHi Roey, sorry, I got pulled away into a meeting.00:42
mmikowskiSo here's the lowdown on the scripts:00:43
mmikowski1. Run the kubuntu installer in 'Try kubuntu mode'00:43
mmikowski2. Run the first script to set up the disks00:43
mmikowski3. Then run the installer by double clicking on the install now icon00:43
mmikowski4. After install, run the second script00:44
mmikowskiI haven't tested this for a long time, so I'm not certain if everything is completely in order.00:44
mmikowskiI *do* know that I got the whole thing working00:44
RoeyI mean I'm studying it to see what it does exactly00:44
mmikowskiWhat you could do is run the script bit-by-bit.00:45
mmikowskiNow one thing to remember, the recovery partition is not needed.00:45
mmikowskiSo you could modify pre-install script to remove it.00:45
mmikowskiIn summary: 1. Try Kubuntu; 2. Run pre-install script; 3. Install using disks setup in 1 (select existing partitions!); 4. Run post-install script to clean up.00:46
mmikowski5. Reboot and profit.00:46
mmikowskiWe were pretty close to shipping systems with BTRFS + LUKS, but support issues, performance, and BTRFS eating disks killed it :)00:47
Roeyso this idea has been thoguht about, good00:48
mmikowskiThe last one is just me having fun; BTRFS ran well for 4 months before getting weird.00:48
Roeyweird how so00:48
mmikowskiIt just stopped booting one day. Turned out, it wasn't a disk failure though, and I was able to recover.00:48
mmikowskiHowever, the other issues killed the initiative.00:48
mmikowskihi xtra00100:49
xtra001im new00:49
xtra001what is thi channel about00:49
mmikowskikubuntu use and support00:50
xtra001how can i join other channels00:50
mmikowskixtra001, I've gotta get back to some work, but welcome!00:50
mmikowskiYou should be able to add '#kubuntu-devel' and '#plasma' through your IRC tool. Depending on what that is, the method will be different.00:51
mmikowskiThere's probably a shortcut, but I'm pretty lame about those sorts of things :P00:51
mmikowskikk, gotta run00:51
mmikowskiRoey: good luck. xtra001: nice to meet you. See you soon.00:51
mmikowskiRoey: fwiw, this looks better: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/tvC6xhxr8g/00:57
Roeymmikowski: hmm what about systems w/out UEFI00:58
Roeyso no need for EFI partition00:58
mmikowskiYou should be able to remove that too.00:59
Roeyand what is "recovery" partition for??00:59
mmikowskiAlthough its so small, it hardly matters.00:59
Roeyis this a new ubuntu thing?00:59
mmikowskiWe were exploring using a partition to hold a recovery image. However, we discarded it as not very useful.00:59
mmikowskiNo, it's not a new Ubuntu think AFAIK.01:01
Roeyhrm ok01:06
mmikowskihttps://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/sWHWcmx24w/ <= Pre-script, with directions01:07
mmikowskihttps://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/6VffbKkmgt/ <= post-script01:10
Roeyok os these are all different scripts01:11
Roeyi was getting confused01:11
mmikowskiThere are just two01:11
mmikowskiThe first is the "pre-script"01:11
mmikowskiThe second is the "post-script"01:11
mmikowskiInstructions are in the "pre-script"01:12
mmikowskiThey are as I typed them earlier.01:12
Roeywhat is the differnece between https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/sWHWcmx24w/  and https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/tvC6xhxr8g/01:12
mmikowskiUse the first one.01:12
Roeyhttps://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/sWHWcmx24w/, ok01:12
mmikowskiThey are probably identical except for the comments.01:13
mmikowskiAgain, that's the pre-script.01:13
Roeyahhh ok01:13
Roeyok I like how they are clearly labeled pre- and post-.01:14
mmikowskiAnd yeah, post script again: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/6VffbKkmgt/01:14
Roeyso right now01:15
RoeyI have two weeks to set this laptop up01:15
Roeyless than two weeks01:15
RoeyI just want to get it going01:15
mmikowskiHonestly, that's what its there for.01:15
mmikowski22.04 LTS, encryption, backups ready out of the box.01:16
Roeywhy 22.04 will it not work on 22.10?01:16
Roeywill it work on systems that don't hve UEFI?01:16
mmikowskiWe don't support 22.10 because it's an interim release which goes out of support in 5 months!01:17
mmikowskiThe 22.10 has newer software, newer fixes, and newer bugs.01:17
mmikowskiSo we stick with LTS only to minimize work disruptions.01:17
mmikowskiSome folks swear interim releases are just fine, but LTS is LTS.01:18
mmikowskiYou can install on a system without UEFI. The install is stock kubuntu.01:18
mmikowskiIt just has configs and apps set up so you are ready to run ASAP.01:18
mmikowskiWe just install repos, apps, and capabilities on top of stock Kubuntu. It's not a separate distro. The ISO is provided as a convenience.01:19
Roeyi just want this to work01:19
Roeytried installing kubuntu 22.1001:20
Roeyit doesn't even boot for me01:20
Roeyb/c it assumes UEFI01:20
Roeyand my ancient laptop doesn't have UEFI01:20
mmikowskiYou can add all the stuff to stock kubuntu to get the exact same capabilities, but we do tons of stuff that can take weeks or months to research and implement.01:20
Roeycan I upgrade focus 22.04 to stock kubuntu 22.1001:21
mmikowskiI don't recommend it.01:22
mmikowskiIf you want to run 22.10, I suggest at least starting in a VM first.01:22
mmikowskiMake sure everything works for you.01:22
mmikowskiNot all third-party apps support interim releases.01:22
mmikowskiUsually they still work, but if they don't, it can get painful.01:23
mmikowskiSo I really gotta get back to this launch. I think what you are looking for is two different things though.01:23
mmikowskiOne is a reliable daily driver. The other is a tech-hobbiest-hacker box.01:24
mmikowskiUnfortunately, getting one in both is pretty much impossible. The bleeding edge is where you bleed.01:24
mmikowskiI suggest you get a single NVMe for a rock-solid, reliable daily driver. Then consider getting a separate driver for cutting edge testing.01:25
mmikowskiOr playing.01:25
mmikowskiYou can also run 22.04 LTS and try distros and new software in  VBox.01:26
mmikowskikk Roey, I really gotta get back to work. Give it some thought. Of course, you can use any solid distro you like. I mention the kfocus image because I know it solves a lot of things and is focused on "just-works" without reinventing the wheel.01:27
mmikowskiHi arraybolt3!01:27
mmikowskikk, peace out for a bit.01:27
arraybolt3mmikowski: I can pick up where you're leaving off :)01:27
mmikowskikk :)01:28
arraybolt3Roey: o/ Lemme try out those scripts mmikowski sent you and make sure that they still work (and that they work on 22.10) and see if that gives us a quicker path than the manual mess I was trying to do01:28
* arraybolt3 boots Kubuntu 22.10 VM01:28
arraybolt3Or are you installing 22.0401:29
Roeyarraybolt3: herro o/ :)01:32
RoeyI would /like/ to install 22.101:32
Roey<arraybolt3> Roey: o/ Lemme try out those scripts mmikowski sent you and make sure that they still work (and that they work on 22.10) and see if that gives us a quicker path than the manual mess I was trying to do <=- sure, thanks :)01:32
arraybolt3OK, lemme try the scripts.01:32
Roeymmikowski: thanks for your help!01:32
Roeyremember, my system doesn't have uefi01:32
Roeyso I'd be modifying the script to not maket he uefi partition01:33
Roey*to not make the uefi01:33
arraybolt3OK, I know Bash scripting so I may be able to make that happen too. I'm using a BIOS VM.01:33
Roeyah ok cool01:34
arraybolt3Alright, the preinst script seems to have worked smoothly, now the install...01:41
arraybolt3Hmm, the script appears to make an unencrypted swap partition, so you'll probably want to edit that out too so you can use an encrypted swapfile.01:43
arraybolt3The script is remarkably straightforward and easy to read though, so it was very easy to mod. My scripts are... D: so I should probably learn how to make nice, readable scripts at some point.01:49
Roeyok :)01:50
Roeythis is all so /much/ for me01:50
Roeyso I appreciate that you'r elooking at it :)01:50
arraybolt3Thanks for your patience with me, I had a *lot* to do, I'm glad we're getting somewhere again now.01:50
Roey:D :D :D01:53
RoeyI go on a tip in a couple of weeks so I wan to get that laptop set up the right way01:53
Roeyi.e. encrypted /boot if possible01:53
Roeyeven if it's not btrfs01:53
Roeythe point ist hat there should be no key or anything in plaintext01:53
Roey*the point is that01:53
arraybolt3Hrm... so the bootloader installation crashed.01:55
arraybolt3OK, lemme test a different way...01:56
arraybolt3While this is a BIOS system, I'm wondering if perhaps Ubiquity requires that an EFI partition be present in order for bootloader installation to work? What's weird is I'm pretty sure that BIOS installations usually work, maybe this is a bug in Ubiquity.02:03
arraybolt3Anyway, second install in progress, let's see what happens.02:03
Roeyyeah maybe we hsould take that up with #kubuntu-devel02:12
Roeythe ubiquity thing02:12
arraybolt3Roey: I'm certain it works on BIOS, but maybe not with this advanced setup. Manual partitioning on Ubiquity is hit-and-miss.02:13
arraybolt3Lemme just try a default out-of-the-box encrypted installation.02:13
arraybolt3(No BTRFS, sadly.)02:13
arraybolt3Roey: FWIW developers generally are in here too and can see what you say.02:14
Roeyoh ok02:14
arraybolt3Though the -devel channel is an easier way to get their attention, so probably asking about the bug there with the UEFI partition is good.02:14
arraybolt3One more test...02:14
Roeyok col thanks02:14
arraybolt3Roey: So if I just use the encrypted LVM option when Kubuntu's installer is asking how I want to setup the disks, everything Just Works. On a BIOS system.02:27
arraybolt3Sadly that's without BTRFS, though.02:27
arraybolt3I assume this is a Ubiquity bug, or perhaps my modifications to mmikowski's script was incorrect, but that's how it worked.02:27
Roeycan I copy your three lines above to #kubuntu-devel02:28
* Roey assumes yes02:28
Roeythanks :)02:28
arraybolt3It's not like there's a copyright on words said here :P02:29
arraybolt3(If there was, that would put all of us in a rather interesting legal situation /o\)02:29
RoeyI'm very very glad to see you tlaking here again, btw!!02:29
arraybolt3Glad to help! :)02:29
RoeyI had gotten the impression when you first said that you have to go, that you were like, "ok, this guy's too far gone, can't help him past this point"02:30
arraybolt3No, I had a small emergency happen out of nowhere and had to leave right then.02:30
arraybolt3Thankfully things are better at this point.02:30
arraybolt3At this point, we have two options.02:31
arraybolt31: Install with LVM+encryption using the automated option in the installer and call it good enough. I think this is our best bet.02:31
arraybolt32: Try to do manual partitioning, but then rather than using the installer, use debootstrap to install *manually*. I don't know if I know everything needed to do that, and it would almost certainly be unbelievably complicated.02:32
RoeyLVM+encryption would mean no btrfs, correct?02:32
Roeythe automated option didn't work b/c Ubiquity assumed my laptop was a UEFI platform02:32
Roeyso it created EFI partition02:33
arraybolt3It works on BIOS for me.02:33
arraybolt3It created the EFI partition, yes, but it installed a BIOS bootloader.02:33
RoeyI mean that'st he whole reason I came to here is b02:33
arraybolt3(Why it creates an EFI partition, I have no clue. :P)02:33
Roeyso how about this.....02:33
Roeyafter it finishes installing02:33
RoeyI can drop to a Konsole shell, and verify that it installd the bootloader.02:33
RoeyI mean, what else could be the problem??02:33
RoeyI try to boot he laptop and it says "no operating system found".02:34
arraybolt3A bad flash drive, perhaps? Or maybe something weird with your BIOS settings?02:34
RoeyI try to boot he laptop fater installation* and it says "no operating system found".02:34
Roeynot that I can see02:34
RoeyI hadn't changed bios settings since the previous operatnig systme, at least (also kubuntu)02:34
arraybolt3...are you sure you installed everything to the right drive then? Does you rcomputer have mutliple hard drives?02:34
arraybolt3(wow typos)02:35
Roeyjust an SSD02:35
Roeyone SSD drive02:35
Roey1 TB02:35
arraybolt3Well... hmm. OK, try this. Install Kubuntu using LVM+encryption and see if it boots, and if it doesn't, we'll install the bootloader manually. That, AFAIK, is a piece of cake.02:35
arraybolt3(I've done it a few times before and it was easy.)02:35
Roeyok so now..... it'll take like 10 minutes to boot from dvd for some reason02:38
Roeymaybe the lens is dusty or something02:39
arraybolt3Meh, DVDs are slow.02:39
Roeybut once it does that I'll just do an automated installation.02:39
mmikowskiHey guys, the pre-script creates a 512 MB partition for efi02:39
Roeymmikowski: yeah it does.02:39
arraybolt3Also, if you're stuck at a black screen for that long, that's a known bug that only affects the installer media on certain BIOS systems.02:39
arraybolt3mmikowski: Sadly the installer just kept crashing while trying to install the bootloader :( so now we're just trying to get a normal non-BTRFS encrypted installation to work.02:40
mmikowskiReading the script, it's creating p1 (512MB Fat), p2 (6GB recovery), p3 (swap; that's encrypted later), p4 (/boot), and p5 (luks)02:40
mmikowskiSo you should be able to remove p1 and p2.02:40
mmikowskijust shift the partitions up.02:40
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mmikowskiThe boot partition needs to be unencrypted or the plymouth decrypt screen doesn't work. Grub also wants LUKS 1 if the boot partition is encrypted.02:42
mmikowskiSo I do not recommend that; LUKS1 is less secure, and the UX sucks.02:43
mmikowskiBasically with encrypted /boot, you get a flashing cursor on boot to blindly type your password.02:43
mmikowskiOf course, I could have missed something and capabilities change, but that's what I recall from April 2022.02:44
mmikowskiAh, arraybolt3, there is an interesting issue with the installer --02:44
mmikowskiif you click on 'Continue' on the final screen, it crashes the installer. Always.02:45
mmikowskiKnown bug.02:45
mmikowskiMaybe that is what you are seeing?02:45
mmikowskiRoey: ^^^ Does that sound familiar?02:45
arraybolt3mmikowski: Hmm, no, I'm seeing a bug where it says something like 'FATAL: grub-install /dev/vda failed.'02:45
mmikowskiHmmm, well that sucks.02:46
arraybolt3But that doesn't happen when doing a usual installation. I'm guessing Ubiquity is just not able to handle the manual partition selection.02:46
* arraybolt3 would love if all of Ubuntu just used Calamares, the installer Lubuntu uses :P02:46
mmikowskiarraybolt3: It did with our work.02:46
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arraybolt3Maybe 22.04 and 22.10 are different in that regard.02:46
mmikowskiYeah, Ubiquity has loads of issues.02:46
mmikowskiBut, ubiquity has some features that calamares doesn't have. Like OEM install, IIRC.02:47
mmikowskikk, bb02:47
Roey<mmikowski> Known bug.03:02
Roey<mmikowski> Maybe that is what you are seeing?03:02
Roey<mmikowski> Roey: ^^^ Does that sound familiar?03:02
RoeyI rebooted and now I get "[FAILED] Failed to start Ubuntu live cd installer".  Looked this issue up and several others have had this issue as well.  The DVD drive is still trying to read though03:03
Roeylike or hte past 15 minutes03:03
Roeyoh now it finally got a mouse cursor up on the screen \o/03:08
mmikowskiRoey: Is this an old machine you are using for work? Or as a hobbyist machine? It sounded like you needed it for work in a few days.03:10
Roeyold mahcine03:13
Roeyold laptop03:13
Roeydell inspiron 14 nv11 w/ 8 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD03:13
RoeyI upgraded the ram on it03:13
Roeyfrom 4GB -> 8 GB03:13
Roeyand the 500 GB HDD -> 1000 GB SSD03:13
Roeyok it has a screen up now.03:14
Roeyto be fair it was slow to load form the HD too when it had an OS installed03:14
Roeyon its HDD03:14
Roeymaybeok so at this point I am re-installing it03:26
Roeyusing Guided - use entire disk and set up encrypted LVM03:26
Roeyto the 1 TB SSD device03:26
Roeyonce it finishes..I'll ?????03:26
RoeyImean drop to a Konsole shell and inspect the disk?03:26
Roeyto see if it has the bootloader installed to the right partition?03:26
Roeyit's installign now03:27
arraybolt3Roey: o/03:31
arraybolt3Sorry, had stuff to do, back again now.03:31
arraybolt3Roey: Once it's finished, you'll drop to Konsole and then execute a series of commands to manually install the bootloader, that will make good and sure that it's installed.03:32
Roey24% done copying the files03:35
mmikowskiRoey: I highly recommend a SATA SSD if you can afford it.  $60 gets you a decent 1 TB storage.03:39
mmikowskiAh, sorry, I think you already got that :)03:39
Roeymmikowski: that's what I got yes03:40
RoeyI replaced the 500GB HDD from 2012 with a 1TB SSD :)03:40
RoeyI'm baiscally refurbishing this old laptop03:40
RoeyI have a new del inspiron 16 that I installed kubuntu 22.10 to absolutely fine03:40
mmikowskiRoey: Inspirons generally work pretty well. I had one running Kubuntu around 2009.03:46
Roeyok this is...92% done installing / updating over the network03:49
Roeyarraybolt3, mmikowski: ok, installation finished.  I opened up a Konsole.03:53
arraybolt3Roey: o/03:53
arraybolt3OK, so next, run "sudo su -" so we can run commands as root.03:53
Roeyk one moment.. waiting for it to open up.03:53
Roeyit's loading it from dvd, jeez.03:53
arraybolt3Yeah DVDs are slooooow.              ooow.03:54
Roeyok, udo su - executed.03:54
Roey*sudo su -03:54
Roeywhat next, lsblk?03:54
arraybolt3Next, do "lsblk" and make sure that your disk is "sda".03:54
arraybolt3Also, all of the partitions are unmounted, yes?03:54
Roeythere is sda03:54
arraybolt3What does "ls /dev/mapper" show?03:55
Roeywher eis that site i can upload this to for you03:55
Roeythat you all asked me last time03:55
Roeyto post03:55
arraybolt3You can pipe stuff to termbin.com like so:03:55
arraybolt3"lsblk | nc termbin.com 9999"03:55
Roeyahhh thanks!03:55
arraybolt3or "ls /dev/mapper | nc termbin.com 9999"03:55
Roeyoh. rad :)  https://termbin.com/nads03:56
arraybolt3OK, so next, "mount /dev/mapper/vgkubuntu-root /mnt"03:56
Roeydid that03:57
Roeyarraybolt3: ^03:57
arraybolt3Roey: Next, "mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/boot"03:58
Roeyok did that03:59
arraybolt3"mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/boot/efi" (yes I know this isn't an EFI system but lets do it just to make sure all the pieces are in place)04:00
Roeyok, did that04:00
arraybolt3OK, next four commands incoming, I'll send them all at once for the sake of speed.04:00
arraybolt3mount --bind /proc /mnt/proc04:00
arraybolt3mount --bind /sys /mnt/sys04:00
arraybolt3mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev04:00
arraybolt3mount --bind /dev/pts /mnt/dev/pts04:01
Roeyok did that04:01
arraybolt3chroot /mnt04:02
arraybolt3grub-install /dev/sda04:03
Roeyok it installed.  "Installation finished.  No error reported."04:04
Roeyinstalling for i386-pc platform.04:04
arraybolt3Now you can just type "exit" twice and then reboot and see if it works@04:06
Roeyooh ok04:06
Roeylright, rebooting now.04:06
Roeyis there any last thing to check??04:06
Roeyat all?04:06
RoeyI should have an MBR on the disk right?04:07
Roeymaib boot record04:07
Roey??shrug?? dunno how old-school that is, lol04:07
arraybolt3Yeah, it should be good.04:07
Roeyrebooting now..04:07
arraybolt3I'd try just going for it.04:07
Roeyahhhh fuck it04:08
RoeyOperating System not found04:08
Roeyarraybolt3: ^04:08
Roeyarraybolt3: it says "operatnig system not found"04:09
Roeysouleven: o/04:09
arraybolt3Roey: Tar. Then it's not Linux's fault.04:12
arraybolt3(At least not likely.)04:12
arraybolt3Roey: Are you sure that the BIOS has hard drive boot even enabled? I know you didn't change anything, but at least check.04:13
Roeycan't imagine why it's effing up.04:13
arraybolt3(Sometimes a BIOS can just lose its settings.)04:13
Roeyit worked with the previous os installed on the hdd.04:13
arraybolt3(If the battery runs out.)04:13
Roeythe battery's connected to power04:13
Roeyoh I see what you're saying04:13
Roeyyeah mebbe.04:13
Roeyit's doing this dell epsa pre-boot test now04:13
Roeydoing a check on the memory04:13
Roeysigh I'll just be really sad that this laptop doesn't work04:14
Roeyi mean it's worth like $100.04:14
Roeyit's from 2012.04:14
RoeyI did spend like $200 on it for the 8 GB RAM, 1TB SSD and new battery, though04:15
Roeyand the diagnostics finished.04:16
RoeyOperation Systenot found.04:16
Roeyfirst time i noticed it says Operation and not Operating04:16
Roeyfuck it.04:17
RoeyI'll close it for now.04:17
Roeyargh old hardware04:17
Roeyarraybolt3: thnaks for your patience :)04:17
Roeyg'night :) o/04:18
BluesKajHi all12:46
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adamssGood morning12:52
adamssHows everyone12:54
BluesKajok here, and you?12:55
adamssI'm well, thank you for asking12:56
adamssDidn't sleep well unfortunately12:57
BluesKajsame, was up early13:02
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