kgiiiFWIW, the ISO testing tracker is slowing down again. It's about 1m 15s for a report page to load and save. It was much worse for a few months, about a 2m load time per page, but then it improved. It's now slowing down again. I suppose that's outside the scope of the Lubuntu team, but I figured I'd mention it. It's darned annoying, is what it is.01:05
arraybolt3Heh, I've seen it be pretty slow too. Guess it gives you time to go get some coffee or something :)01:11
kgiiiThey fixed it once. 01:13
arrayboltCBookWell, currently I'm split between continuing to work on the KDE System Settings thing by testing out a new Bluetooth stack, or getting lubuntu-installer-prompt working and shipped. Which one sounds better?01:13
kgiiiProbably the settings thing - as more folks will be interested in that then BT. (That's my guess, anyway.)01:14
kgiiiI so misread that...01:14
arrayboltCBookWell the Bluetooth and the settings thing are intertwined, as KDE System Settings is still getting installed on the Lubuntu ISOs since the KDE Bluetooth stuff recommends it.01:14
kgiiiThe installer prompt. Now that I actually read what you wrote. (I'm multitasking and NOT doing well with it!)01:15
arrayboltCBookHeh, no problem. Sounds good. My Bluetooth earbuds that I'd use for testing need recharged anyway.01:16
arrayboltCBookAnd the charging case needs charged too...01:16
kgiiiLOL It's amazing how many things we recharge these days. I'm pretty old and that'd be one of the things I've seen change over time. Battery tech is pretty amazing.01:26
arraybolt3Personally I think wired is actually more convenient. Laptops are cool, but a desktop won't run out of juice, has more power, and generally is easier to use. But laptops are what I have and I'm mobile enough around my house that having one is very handy, so... sigh.01:27
guivercre: iso.qa tracker & slow.. I made RT ticket [67219; 18-Jan] & they responded due hardware failure.. will be fixed when ordered hardware arrives (they closed ticket)02:27
tsimonq2arraybolt3: l-u-n autopkgtest> How exactly are you going about reproducing it?16:49
tsimonq2arraybolt3: Usually, uploads to increase verbosity should be done locally/in a PPA :P (and you can trigger autopkgtests against PPAs ;) )16:50
arraybolt3tsimonq2: I just used "autopkgtest --apt-pocket=proposed=* -- schroot lunar-amd64-shm" to try and reproduce.16:55
arraybolt3tsimonq2: Also, I didn't know there was any particular policy around making uploads to increase verbosity.16:55
arraybolt3I did use the verbosity-increase locally and it gave me pretty much what I expected.16:55
arraybolt3(i.e., a successful result that didn't appear to tell me anything more about what the problem might be)16:56
arraybolt3(I also tried without the "--apt-pocket=proposed=*" and it behaved the same.)16:57
tsimonq2arraybolt3: How about just using the triggers specified in the autopkgtest?17:16
tsimonq2arraybolt3: Also meh, I guess it's not against policy, but an upload to just debug is kinda discouraged17:17
arraybolt3tsimonq2: Makes sense. And with the upload, I'll avoid doing debugging uploads in the future. (Though really we probably want this one since our previous autopkgtest was *pathetic* in how much info it gave, and now it's not \o/)17:22
arraybolt3wrt lubuntu-installer-prompt, it looks like SDDM is auto-logging into the Lubuntu user upon start. I think all we need to do is change whatever's setting /etc/sddm to boot into a Lubuntu.desktop session, and make it boot into a installer-prompt.desktop session or something.20:48
arraybolt3Then lubuntu-installer-prompt can exit and call startlxqt, which (I believe) gets the desktop rolling (or maybe it has to trigger Lubuntu.desktop or something).20:49
arraybolt3Or it can exit and pop up Calamares.20:49
arraybolt3Or maybe it shouldn't exit at all, if the user chooses to install Lubuntu, maybe it should just hide the buttons and leave the background there during the installation.20:54
arraybolt3OK, sooooo... trying to run the installer prompt as an application without a window manager involved (oops) sorta resulted in a mess.21:44
arraybolt3Guess I should probably rope OpenBox into the picture :P21:44
tsimonq2I mean, Calamares could run in fullscreen mode?21:45
arraybolt3That's a thought, but it looks bad in fullscreen mode currently and so we intentionally took it out of fullscreen mode.21:46
arraybolt3(We are running alpha software in production here :P)21:46
tsimonq2What looks bad, again? heh21:49
arraybolt3one moment...21:50
arraybolt3tsimonq2: OK, so...21:52
arraybolt3The real problem I was having with the installer prompt was that, when rendered without a window manager, it was using X directly, and that made it render in a tiny box in the upper-left corner of the screen with nearly none of it visible.21:53
=== guiverc2 is now known as guiverc
arraybolt3The problem with Calamares is that when in fullscreen, it displays the splash screen image way smaller than its supposed to (a regression from the older version).21:53
arraybolt3We worked around the regression by drawing Calamares in a window instead. And now I need to figure out how to get a window manager involved with lubuntu-installer-prompt, which probably means making a shell script to orchestrate things :D21:54
tsimonq2What does the regressed splash screen look like?22:04
arraybolt3(This was a problem in the Kinetic cycle, we elected to do things this way since we were short on time. We should do a Calamares update and see if the issue is solved there, and if not, write a bug report.)22:07
arraybolt3(This is if I'm remembering correctly, that is.)22:07
tsimonq2I wonder how big that source image file is, if we have the source for it, and if it will scale22:43
arraybolt3It's supposed to scale automatically, I believe.22:44
tsimonq2No, I mean, let's make sure it's not a small image in and of itself23:01
lubot[telegram] <teward001> *rescales simon's brain to be smaller*23:29
lubot[telegram] <teward001> :P23:29
* arrayboltCBook pipes /dev/urandom into @teward001's brain23:32

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