ahasenackvorlon: hi, didn't you encounter this openldap smbk5pwd DEP8 failure when you merged heimdal recently? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openldap/+bug/200456013:07
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Launchpad bug 2004560 in openldap (Ubuntu) "smbk5pwd test fails due to perms (FS and AppArmor)" [Undecided, New]13:07
ahasenackhttps://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/o/openldap/lunar/amd64 is all red13:07
vorlonahasenack: it doesn't sound familiar to me13:42
ahasenackI was wondering how it migrated even, given all the reds13:44
ahasenackpublishing was on 26th13:45
ahasenacktest failed on the 25th13:45
ahasenack(it == heimdal)13:45
ahasenackah, it's marked as superficial, maybe that was it13:47
vorlonsuperficial tests should still block if they fail13:48
vorlonI didn't do anything to force migration13:49
ahasenackwe should see at least one non-failed run here then, recent: https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/o/openldap/lunar/amd6413:50
ahasenacklet me check hints13:51
ahasenackno current hints13:52
ahasenackI'll fix the bug in openldap anyway in my next upload13:52
vorlonahasenack: *heimdal* migrated because it didn't regress the openldap test, which was already failing since openldap updated to 2.6.3+dfsg-1~exp1ubuntu1 in December13:54
vorlonI see no historical hints for openldap13:55
ahasenackI see, so the question becomes how did openldap migrate back then13:56
ahasenackbut that's historical now13:56
vorlonhmm no, the first test for this version of openldap passed on 2022-11-26, it only started failing on 2022-11-29; so maybe something else got hinted13:57
vorlonahasenack: it could've been the perl skiptest hint on Dec 9, if it was perl that broke it...13:59
vorlonbut anyway yes, is historical13:59
jawn-smi1#startmeeting Weekly Ubuntu Foundations team16:00
jawn-smithoops, wrong channel16:01
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jawn-smithjbicha: icu needs a merge rather than a sync. I'll work on that18:42
jbichathanks, I was just curious :)18:43
dbungertcpaelzer: dpdk passed on retrigger, so when we sort out the big_packages MP I think this will be done18:59
cpaelzerdbungert: thanks for the info19:26
bdmurraydbungert: what arch does it need adding for? I can just do it19:45
dbungertbdmurray: the proposal was dpdk/{amd64,ppc64el,s390x} to big_packages19:46
cpaelzerbdmurray: there was an mp up, did you merge or just change?19:54
cpaelzerbdmurray: in the latter case I'll remove the MP19:54
bdmurraycpaelzer: I only saw the first one which had a bad target branch19:55
cpaelzerok, I just filed it in between meetings19:55
bdmurrayTo answer your question I did not merge19:55
cpaelzerI can rmeove if you have just chanded19:55
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