lotuspsychjegood morning02:20
wezGood afternoon lotuspsychj3! How is your day so far06:31
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gonixi wonder if there is still dvd/bluray readers on current gen laptops.13:11
gonixi think they are all gone? maybe still on gamers laptop?13:12
daftykinsnah no optical drives typically these days13:12
gonixi thought it was #hardware nm.13:12
gonixok, yeah the 2 ones i checked did not.13:18
gonixso all games are dematerialized nowdays, they will stop manufacturing and selling PC games blurays and DVDs.13:19
gonixlet's say we've seen the birth of 1.4M floppy disks and we might as well see the death of the 80 GB blurays, lol.13:45
daftykinswhere once games on disc for games consoles helped avoid the problem of slow connections, in many cases they serve as only a license now... and what might be on disc is already replaced by a patched game that must be downloaded online13:48
gonixyeah, it's often the case, and the added DLC13:55
daftykinsi still have a bluray drive myself in my desktop but i like ripping my films onto network storage for discless playback 13:57
matt3arraybolt3 : is ubuntu license = gnu gpl ?15:25
ravagematt3: https://ubuntu.com/legal/intellectual-property-policy15:27
lotuspsychj3im sure matt3 already discussed that 50 times, should probably know the answer by now15:28
ravagei feel like feeding the troll a little today sorry :P15:29
ravagehttps://pod.haxxors.com/posts/1131210 in case anyone else finds this useful :)17:28
ravage(adjusting your monitor settings from Ubuntu instead of the OSD)17:29
* arraybolt3 only just now learned that was even possible17:52
ravagesame here :D17:53
leftyfbhell yeah, I've been looking for something like this20:01
leftyfbravage: thanks20:01
ducasseawesome ravage - that is pretty cool21:52
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