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chromebittindoing some more Swedish translation for the new installer02:11
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Lope2Installing Ubuntu-server 20.04. I chose the non-LVM layout option, so it has created 3 partitions instead. Likely boot, swap and rootfs, but I don't know what order it created them in.11:32
Lope2Now I'm thinking I should have chosen LVM.11:32
Lope2Oh, I see it only created a single partition and no swap.11:34
Lope2That's fine. If I want swap I can add another swap disk to the VM11:34
Lope2how is the network configured in Ubuntu-server 20.0411:41
Lope2looks like it's not network-manager or ifupdown or systemd network11:42
Lope2Okay I found it, netplan.11:42
ograubuntu uses swap files by default since a while ... this is why you dont need a swap partition by default (and allows you to dynamiclly add/remove swap space)11:49
Lope2ogra, yeah, that's more convenient for sure.11:57
Lope2I've just installed Ubuntu 20.04 and the /etc/apt/sources.list is empty...?11:58
Lope2sources.list.d is also empty.11:58
Lope2Does Ubuntu not support https for deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ focal main12:01
konstruktoidbut no, been discussed now and again and signed packages is where the security is12:09
Lope2sure, but then anyone can see what software you're running?12:12
Lope2why not have both?12:12
Lope2konstruktoid, this is weird, any idea why my new installation of ubuntu-server 20.04 is missing sources.list and then when I add it, it says it's missing public keys etc for the official ubuntu repos?12:13
Lope2seems ridiculous?12:13
konstruktoidSeems weird yeah12:21
Lope2I dunno what to do...12:21
konstruktoidwas it an official iso?12:23
Lope2ogra, konstruktoid: https://imgur.com/a/yYhkwV612:23
konstruktoidnever happened to me but you can dowload the keys12:23
Lope2I did download the keys12:24
Lope2but it didn't work.12:24
Lope2See screenshot12:24
Lope2Pretty sure this is what I downloaded... it's the same filename, and I did download it from Ubuntu's website last night. https://releases.ubuntu.com/20.04.5/ubuntu-20.04.5-live-server-amd64.iso12:26
konstruktoidah, but thats for gpg12:26
Lope2konstruktoid, oh, so how do I get the keys then?12:26
Lope2if I run `apt-key list` I've got absolutely nothing.12:27
konstruktoidcopy the .gpg into /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/12:28
Lope2where will the .gpg be?12:28
Lope2konstruktoid, https://imgur.com/a/AwYIoHZ12:30
konstruktoidon my focal12:30
Lope2yeah, it looks like they're in there already, see my last screenshot ^12:31
* konstruktoid sent a code block: https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/fb1ef9cf83f9e47015d827394e449430130f681212:31
Lope2oh shit. /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/ubuntu-keyring-2018-archive.gpg is empty12:31
Lope2what's weird is my /etc/apt/sources.list and sources.list.d was also empty.12:32
Lope2What the hell?12:32
gjollyhello, does anyone know what is the default/minimum /boot partition size set by the installer (if the user choose FDE?). 12:33
Lope2konstruktoid, I'm going to ask on #ubuntu, to see if anyone knows.12:34
konstruktoidor download https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/ubuntu-keyring12:34
Lope2konstruktoid, thank you very much. the problem is I'm wondering what else could be broken in my install, like these issues.12:37
Lope2the guys in #ubuntu think the installer fucked out cos I had no internet during installation.12:38
konstruktoidYeah there's probably others as well 12:38
Lope2konstruktoid, reinstalling with internet access from the get-go via DHCP (not manual IP entry) gave me a working installation.12:53
konstruktoidAwesome :)12:55
Lope2Thanks for your help :)13:04
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baldpopecan I set my upstream mirrors to be limited to US based ones?18:37
sdezielbaldpope: are you referring to apt mirrors? If yes, there is us.archive.ubuntu.com18:39
baldpopewould the same apply for us.security.ubuntu.com ?18:39
sdezielbaldpope: AFAIK, there is only one security.ubuntu.com, so there is no specific country version of it18:40
baldpopety sdeziel 18:40
sdezielbaldpope: security.ubuntu.com has multiple A/AAAA records which are split between the UK and the US18:42
sdezielat least, when queried from my place (North America). I see 1 UK server (A/AAAA) and 2 US servers (also with A/AAAA)18:42
baldpopeyea, I see the set, with 1 matching the same as us.archive.ubuntu.com18:44
sarnolddo note that sometimes when we do network or server maintenance that we might need to put the uk servers into the us dns entries, to keep services going. there's no *guarantee* that they're the local ones19:57
ograthere are two security servers in the us and only one in europe ? 19:59
* ogra wasnt aware !19:59
sarnoldogra: it should be balanced, two on each side, but banjo's an *extremely* unhappy machine lately :( I think the poor little guy has been half-replaced at this point and still throwing MCEs or something similar :(20:08
* ogra makes note: USA twice as vulnerable as Europe, needs two security servers ...20:09
ograprobably about time for a full-replace ...20:11
sarnoldogra: agreed on my part ;)20:15
kanashiro[m]ahasenack: now the other docker.io test is failing in bionic :/ when upgrading the system we get a snapd conffile prompt even with DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive20:36
kanashiro[m]the original failure was fixed20:36
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ahasenackkanashiro[m]: is something broken in snapd?22:05
ahasenackkanashiro[m]: alternatively, one can issue the apt install with a dpkg option to tell it to keep the old config file (or new)22:06
kanashiro[m]ahasenack: I think we need to do something like that22:42
ahasenackkanashiro[m]: is the test changing some config in snapd I wonder? It's surprising to get a conf prompt in an automated test22:47
kanashiro[m]It uses lxd, need to check if any snapd config is changed 23:03

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