daftykinsooh my, the al(e)arm clock effect post pool night woke me up early, on a whim i checked my email and saw things had shutdown at dental practice #2 due to power disruption, so i just got everything fired back up \o/07:13
daftykinssuch spidey senses...07:13
zxmpijust how long is your pointy stick to poke the on button from home? :-P07:39
daftykinshehe, island sized!07:41
zxmpiwas listening to history of computing podcast and heard of the televox a phone connected switch box that could turn on and off equipment when called. all you needed to do was whistle the right code to it08:01
zxmpinot bad for the 1930s08:01
daftykinsooh :D08:03
daftykinsnow there's a scary .com ;)08:03
zxmpiplease, humans will beat the robots to that end goal :-P08:06

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