guivercis there a xubuntu membership wiki page available somewhere?  (I've not found one yet in my searches); not urgent03:11
guiverc(reason for asking is https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/membership-application-process/33632 ; I have a link to add Lubuntu, but not for Xubuntu..)03:13
JackFrostguiverc: AFAIK we leave that up to the membership board, but we can *strongly* advocate and all.07:06
guivercI added a Lubuntu section to the discourse.wiki page ^ along lines of Kubuntu, Xubuntu hasn't been added as I don't know link07:08
JackFrostguiverc: Thanks for all the work you do on docs and stuff!08:07
JackFrostbluesabre: Sooo....We've still got that unexported issue don't we? :/08:08
bluesabreguiverc: We do have that documented in our strategy document. I've added a Xubuntu section to that page. https://docs.xubuntu.org/contributors/xsd.html#xsd-community-team-members11:52
JackFrostOh not Ubuntu membership.11:53
bluesabreJackFrost: I think the unexported issue is still present, yeah.11:53
JackFrostMaybe I should just force dbus-x11 on the ISO for now...11:54
guivercthanks bluesabre ; that'll work.  :)11:55
JackFrostguiverc: Sorry for my mistake. :311:56
guiverc& it's been added to discourse; thank you.11:56
bluesabreJackFrost: yeah, suppose so. Should we just add it to xubuntu-meta?12:08
JackFrostOh neat, I already forgot then.  I thought something else pulled it in for Desktop, and this mainly affected Core.  We need to poke harder then.12:09
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