user|44Tried to install kubuntu on my vizio desktop and getting "ubi-partman failed with exit code 141"00:50
user|44how do i fix that.00:51
arraybolt3user|44: Are you trying to install a dual-boot?00:53
arraybolt3Or are you wanting to replace the OS entirely?00:53
user|44no just want to do a complete reburn with kubuntu only. tired of windows00:53
user|44Yes. replace OS entirely00:54
arraybolt3K. Let me look up what that exit code means...00:54
arraybolt3Hmm, that actually might be difficult, ubi-partman is probably an internal component of Ubiquity, the installer Kubuntu uses.00:55
arraybolt3Let's try this. Are you able to open KDE Partition Manager?00:55
user|44how do i go about that currently back on windows. let me start kubuntu again and when i get to the error i can close screen and should be able to get to it00:55
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arraybolt3user|44: You should be able to select "Try Kubuntu".00:56
arraybolt3That will allow you to run commands and programs from the installer.00:56
user|44yes give me two seconds00:56
user|44booting up00:56
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user|44Try Kubuntu selected00:58
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user|44opened KDE partition manager00:59
arraybolt3user|44: OK, click "New Partition Table", and select "GPT" as the partition table type.00:59
arraybolt3(We're going to see if this disk can be partitioned at al, or if maybe it's failing.)00:59
arraybolt3OK, next, try to create a new partition. Select ext4 as the filesystem.01:00
user|44create a new partition with GPT or MS-DOS01:00
arraybolt3Just a new partition, not a new partition table.01:00
arraybolt3You should be able to click a "New" button in the upper-left-hand corner of the screen.01:00
arraybolt3(The new partition table that we made at first was correct, we just want to add a partition to it.)01:01
user|44new button grayed out01:01
arraybolt3Can you click on the empty space of the drive and see if that makes the button available?01:01
user|44on;y option i have is new partition table on the right of the screen01:01
arraybolt3One moment, let me boot up a Kubuntu machine so I can see what you're seeing.01:02
user|44tried.  no joy01:02
arraybolt3Is this an SSD or an HDD, do you know?01:03
user|44no idea brother01:03
arraybolt3K, no problem. OK, so click "New Partition Table", then click "GPT" (it should be selected automatically), and then click "Create New Partition Table".01:04
arraybolt3That should make your disk space show up as "unallocated".01:04
user|44yep done and shows unloccated01:04
arraybolt3(Heh, I now see I misremembered what the screen looks like, that explains what happened.)01:04
arraybolt3OK, in the table, click on the unallocated space, then right-click on it and click "New".01:05
arraybolt3Then in "File System", select "ext4".01:05
arraybolt3And now "OK".01:05
arraybolt3Now click "Apply" in the upper-left corner, and then "Apply Pending Operations".01:06
arraybolt3If this works, we can probably chalk up the earlier failure to a random installer glitch or possibly a bad USB drive or DVD.01:06
arraybolt3OK, that worked?01:06
user|44yeah i am using a USB boot up01:06
user|44it did seecting okay01:06
arraybolt3OK. As one last check, can you run "sudo dmesg | nc termbin.com 9999" and send the link that outputs? That will let me check and make sure your USB drive isn't corrupted.01:07
arraybolt3(There's a disk checker that runs when you boot the USB that will log messages if the drive is messed up.)01:07
user|44okay back on the main screenhow do i run that01:07
arraybolt3Open Konsole.01:07
arraybolt3Then type the command in, being careful not to make typos.01:08
arraybolt3(The | is a vertical bar character, it should be on the same key as the backslash.)01:08
user|44type on the search bar01:08
arraybolt3Search for "Konsole" in the search bar.01:08
arraybolt3Then click it to open it.01:08
user|44oh got it01:08
user|44stand by typing01:08
user|44does it have to be between " "01:10
user|44 and is there a space between dmesg and the vertical bar01:10
user|44okay running it01:11
user|44it says temprary failure in name resolution01:11
arraybolt3Hmm... are you able to connect the system to the Internet and then try again?01:11
arraybolt3(It needs an Internet connection to upload the log data.)01:12
user|44standby not sure why its off right now connecting01:12
arraybolt3If that's not an option, that's fine, we can search the log with commands.01:12
user|44interet connected01:13
user|44it provided me with  https://termbin.com/0ih301:14
arraybolt3Nice, looking...01:14
arraybolt3Wha...? Weird. Kubuntu appears to no longer do a disk check of the ISO at startup. I can't see it on my test machine now that I'm looking, nor do I see it in your log.01:16
arraybolt3OK, lemme search for I/O errors then...01:16
arraybolt3Everything looks good to me. I'd just try installing again and see if it works.01:17
user|44i tried like 5 times same error. should i just try again now that we have a new partition01:17
arraybolt3Oh wait, I found where the log is...01:17
arraybolt3OK, try "journalctl | nc termbin.com 9999" and send that link too.01:17
arraybolt3(I forget which log has what data sometimes...)01:18
user|44trying give me a secod so i dont make any erros01:18
arraybolt3No problem.01:18
user|44thats the link it gave me this time around01:20
arraybolt3Well there's the problem.01:20
arraybolt3"Feb 03 00:57:28 kubuntu casper-md5check[1409]: Checking ./pool/main/g/glibc/libc6-dev_2.36-0ubuntu4_amd64.deb..../pool/main/g/glibc/libc6-dev_2.36-0ubuntu4_amd64.deb: mismatch"01:20
user|44any way to correct that01:21
arraybolt3Apparently the ISO either didn't download right, or when it copied to the flash drive it got corrupted.01:21
arraybolt3So... do you happen to have a second flash drive?01:21
user|44not a new one. cant i just reformat this one01:21
user|44and down load again01:21
arraybolt3You can, if you have a second computer to do it from.01:22
arraybolt3(If you don't have a second computer, there are workarounds.)01:23
user|44i tried a few down loads. yes i can do it from the laptops i am using now. give me 2 minutes to format, download kubuntu and the rufus01:23
arraybolt3Oh hey!01:23
arraybolt3You're using Rufus?01:23
arraybolt3If so, make sure that you write the image in "DD mode".01:23
arraybolt3Not in the normal ISO writing mode.01:23
arraybolt3That might affect things.01:23
user|44okay let me look it up. thats  probably what happened i think i used it on ISO mode01:24
arraybolt3Yeah, that may cause it to get a bit scrambled.01:24
arraybolt3But yeah, download the ISO, flash it in DD mode, and try again, should work. If it still doesn't work, get a new flash drive and try using it.01:24
user|44quick format okay01:26
arraybolt3If you write the ISO in DD mode, you shouldn't even need to format, but there's no harm in doing so.01:26
user|44just did it downloading kubuntu01:26
user|44may take a few minutes01:27
user|44rufus 3.21 or 3.21 protable or does is atter01:28
arraybolt3I don't think it matters.01:28
user|44few minutes left01:30
user|44so i dont see the option of dd mode. just gives me device, boot selection (which i selected kubuntu)01:34
user|44partition schme is MBR or GPT01:34
arraybolt3user|44: Hmm, it should ask what mode to flash the ISO in at some point.01:35
user|44I am assuming GPT as I selected MBR previously01:35
arraybolt3Rufus can sometimes be a bit confusing this way. I personally prefer balenaEtcher.01:35
user|44okay let me download that instead01:35
user|44for windows or linux. assuming linux01:36
arraybolt3Depends on the OS your system is currently running.01:37
arraybolt3If you were using Rufus, you probably are running Windows on this laptop, so you want the Windows version of Etcher.01:37
user|44so balena is the USB booter right01:37
arraybolt3(There aren't separate versions of Etcher depending on the ISO you want to flash, the separate versions are for the kind of computer it runs on.)01:37
user|44i am running indows01:38
user|44so will download windows01:38
arraybolt3balenaEtcher is the thing that can write the ISO to the flash drive so you can then boot from the flash drive. It's basically like Rufus, only more intuitive in my experience, and with not as many features.01:38
user|44opening belena01:38
user|44selecting flash from drive01:39
user|44is the target the drive or kubuntu download01:41
arraybolt3The file yo uselect should be the Kubuntu download, the target would be the drive.01:41
user|44got it flashing backwords from rufus but easier01:41
user|443 minutes to completion01:42
user|44thanks for hanging in there. You are awesome01:42
arraybolt3Glad to help!01:42
user|44I would have never figured this out on my own01:42
arraybolt3:) We all start there. You should have seen my first experiments with Linux. They were... interesting. :P01:43
user|44First time with Linux01:44
user|44some learning curve there01:45
arraybolt3Once it finishes flashing, it will verify the drive to make sure it wrote correctly, which should reduce the chances that you end up with a bad drive again.01:45
user|44lets hope it works this time arouns01:46
user|44will boot up desktop now01:51
arraybolt3Nice. I'll still be here to help if anything else goes wrong (unless something important comes up elsewhere).01:51
user|44alright lets see what happens01:52
user|44This definetely different than the previous times. It is actually taking some time for the the kubutu logo to go away prior to providing me the try or install option01:56
arraybolt3Sounds hopeful!01:57
user|44no error this ime02:00
user|44selecting guided resize on disk set up02:00
user|44Which option shoudl i selected . Use entire disk02:01
arraybolt3user|44: I'd use the entire disk.02:01
user|44i want to get rid of windows completely02:01
arraybolt3Install alongside will keep Windows, using the entire disk will wipe it.02:02
user|44yep i am going to wipe it02:02
user|44alright. installing. where can i leave a great review for you02:04
arraybolt3lol, no need to (and I don't know how one would do that anyway).02:04
arraybolt3The room just has a bunch of people who like to help in their spare time.02:04
user|44Thank you so much for sticking with me. You have been of great help. Have a great weekend02:04
arraybolt3You too!02:05
arraybolt3Good luck, and if something goes awry let us know.02:05
user|44okay will do. thank you02:05
ShwiftyHi folks. I have a question about partitioning hard drives if anyone is capable of answering for me. I've checked all documentation and haven't seen the answer for it.06:19
ShwiftyMy question is when I go to partition my hard drive, should I go ahead an preset the partitions prior to installing from my usb? I already have far more partitions than Id like to have on my hard drive and I'm trying to mitigate any lasting issues.06:21
alkisgShwifty: can you rephrase the question? Do you want to reuse existing partitions? Delete? Merge?06:29
alkisgIn general, the installer has limited support for partitioning06:29
alkisgBut you can run gparted or kparted etc, and prepare stuff the way you want, and then tell the installer to use the partitions you made06:29
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BluesKajHi all13:09
MrSassyPantsis there a debug mode for dolphin ?13:56
BluesKajMrSassyPants:  have you updayed/upgraded lately, if not, do so.14:05
MrSassyPantsI'm on 22.0414:05
BluesKajupdated even14:06
BluesKajyes, run sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade to update your system/packages  within the current OS version14:09
MrSassyPantsum yeah the problem I have with dolphin has persisted through several update/upgrade cycles over the past weeks14:12
ubottuFor help debugging your program, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProcedures14:19
MrSassyPantsctrl-f dolphin -> 0 results14:20
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beastwickBesides difference in release timeline and differing base. How does Debian + KDE differ from Kubuntu? I am a fan on Debian and have some negative opinions of Ubuntu, but as I enjoy KDE I am curious about Kubuntu.19:57
Dragnslcrbeastwick- those are probably the biggest differences, but they're pretty significant differences21:38
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mmikowskibeastwick: The big difference between Debian + KDE vs. Kubuntu is that the latter benefits from Ubuntu hardware support and testing.23:06
mmikowskiAs you might gather, having multiple customers that require systems work on their hardware is a great motivator to curate things like kernels.23:07
mmikowskiWhen supporting Kubuntu Focus, we found an Intel framebuffer issue that caused screen flicker (usually after wake). Thanks to the support of Ubuntu kernel maintainers and Intel, we were able to assemble a patch that made it into the OEM kernel which fixed the issue for many device models.  While I believe that patch eventually made its way back to23:11
mmikowskithe mainline kernel, it certainly made it to Ubuntu first. I suspect that is the case for many hw fixes. I've also heard the hw support is better in Ubuntu from others. So my $0.02. I hope that is helpful.23:11
genii*buntu patches often also get pushed upstream to Debian and thgen propagated to other Debian derived distributions23:12

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