ricotzhello, I am having trouble building libreoffice for s390x which failed without a log a few times now11:47
ricotzthere are 4 builds at https://launchpad.net/~libreoffice/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+packages and https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice/1:7.4.4-0ubuntu0.22.10.2~bpo22.04.1/+build/25540613 which all show the same behaviour11:48
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cjwatsonI'm not sure what we can do about this - the error messages in our internal logs are consistently "No route to host", implying networking-level problems11:51
cjwatsonSo much looking forward to having non-x86 arches on a modern cloud once PS6 comes up11:53
ricotzcjwatson, so I can just keep retrying those builds?11:56
cjwatsonricotz: I think that may be all I've got for the moment, sorry12:17
cjwatsonPS6 is underway, at least12:17
ricotzcjwatson, thank you, hopefully those build at some point12:18
* tomwardill blinks at PS614:14
cjwatsonWe're mostly in PS5 now ...14:35
cjwatson(but it's x86-only)14:36

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