zenadm1nIs this a place for user support? How do I change the subnet my natted containers use? It's defaulting to 10.214 which would conflict with one of my local networks. 16:16
ChrisTownsendHi zenadm1n!  Yes, we can help here 🙂 What platform are you running Multipass on, ie, Windows, macOS, or Linux?16:34
ChrisTownsendHey zenadm1n_!  I see you joined again and may have missed my earlier reply.16:45
ChrisTownsend> Hi 16:45
ChrisTownsend! Yes, we can help here 🙂 What platform are you running Multipass on, ie, Windows, macOS, or Linux?16:45
zenadm1n_ChrisTownsend, Ubuntu 22.0416:52
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ChrisTownsendzenadm1n_: Ok, you can modify `/var/snap/multipass/common/data/multipassd/network/multipass_subnet` to whatever you need and then do `snap restart multipass` to pick up the change.16:55
zenadm1nChrisTownsend, Thanks. Are the settings under /var/snap/multipass/ documented somewhere that I missed?17:08
zenadm1nI mean the documentation for those settings. 17:09
ChrisTownsendzenadm1n: That is not documented nor is something that most users ever need to touch, but since you are having issues, that is the way to modify it.  That said, it's probably something that should be considered to be modifiable via `multipass set`, so I'll enter a feature request for that.17:10
ChrisTownsendzenadm1n: All the other settings are documented at https://multipass.run/docs/settings-explanation which you probably already have seen.17:12
zenadm1nOk, cool. I'll check it out anyway. I see directories for certs and ssh-keys, I'm running this in a Lab environment. Remote authenication and cert signing will be useful, I just don't want it conflicting with my prod env.17:13
ChrisTownsendzenadm1n: Ok, great.  Those certs and keys are for multipass use only, so it shouldn't conflict with anything else you have going on.17:15

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